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  1. In Print!
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  3. "Behold your Music!", Kristine Larsen
  4. Cover illustration by Anke Eissmann
  5. "Embodying the Voices", Friedhelm Schneidewind
  6. "Bring Out the Instruments!", Heidi Steimel
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  8. 'The Harp in Middle-earth', Norbert Maier
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  15. "An Impenetrable Darkness", Michael Cunningham
  16. "Ainulindalė: Tolkien, St. Thomas and the Metaphysics of the Music" Jonathan McIntosh
  17. Book reviews
  18. German version: Musik in Mittelerde
  19. Middle-earth Music: A thank you and giving back
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  26. "The Roads Go Ever On" as sung by Brocelļande