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nine nazguls
01-31-2001, 05:20 AM
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why did turin kill himself?


01-31-2001, 09:08 AM
Mind asking something easier? ;)

Oh well, it's a kind of a problem not so easy (if at all) to solve. There are several answers popping up to mind:

1. He was unhappy and could not bear the life any longer (simple, isn't it?)
2. He was cursed by Morgoth (through his father, Hurin)
3. He was under the influence of Glaurung's spell
4. He killed himself as a weregild for the death of his kin and friends the cause of which he himself was

I deem the 'real' cause was the mixt of all those together

Personally for me, he was horribly wrong comitting suicide at all.

Hum, as an aside, I'm now Ghost-Prince! Yuppie!

01-31-2001, 11:02 AM
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Congrats! What is your title going to be?


07-13-2003, 08:47 PM
ahem. Turin again, shall we? Anyhow, Turin is Morwen and Hurin's son (note the HEREDITARY NAMING from hurin to turin, carried the urin thingie over!!!). He DIDN'T KILL HIMSELF! He died while killing Glaurung. And let's not victimize the suicidal members of society. We-errr, they- 've been victimized enough already thanks! Sorry. Anyhow, you should read that chapter of the silmarillion. it's a good one.

07-13-2003, 09:03 PM
Sillabub, [I]gwanel nin[/], perhaps you should re-read that chapter of the Silmarillion again before making such vehement assertions that are inherently untrue. Turin did indeed kill himself. After he killed Glaurung, the dying dragon told the hapless warrior everything that had happened (he married his sister, she was pregnant with his kid, etc. etc.) and promptly died. Turin felt so horrible, that he asked his sword whether it would take his life. In one of its more brilliant moments may I add, Gurthang answered, "Yea, I will drink thy blood gladly, that so I may forget the blood of Beleg my master, and the blood of Brandir slain unjustly. I will slay thee swiftly."
Turin then threw himself upon his sword, and died.

dancing spawn of ungoliant
07-14-2003, 05:00 AM
just a little thinggie that you can ignore but Glaurung told these things to Nienor/Níniel and then she killed herself. Turin heard those things from Brandir.

and about the original question, why Túrin killed himself, i would like to add that he had lost mother, father, two sisters and his child and he had killed an innocent people( =Brandir, i don't count Beleg 'cause it was an accident).
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