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08-16-2001, 05:34 PM
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Does anyone know if there's a store one can order the books offered on Tolkien.co.uk and have them shipped to a U.S. address? Tolkien.co.uk doesn't appear to allow U.S. orders.


08-17-2001, 10:34 AM
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Re: Tolkien.co.uk

Well if anyone else was wondering the same thing, I discovered, thanks to someone on theonering.net mIRC chat, that Amazon.co.uk carries the books as well, and will ship to U.S. addresses.

So my War of the Jewels in paperback is on its way for a mere 12 pounds! <img src=smile.gif ALT=":)">


GandaIf The White
08-30-2001, 03:50 PM
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Re: Tolkien.co.uk

I like the little flash into they have.. du, du, du du du, du, du, dududu. <img src=smile.gif ALT=":)">

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09-02-2001, 01:28 PM
Deadnight Chanter
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Re: Tolkien.co.uk

Consider that as an advertisement, but they are decent folk, those working for Amazon (http://www.amazon.com"). One of my shipmnents was lost in the transit, and they replaced it instantly for free, without bugging me with requests for the proof or any other choring stuff. Long live the Amazon!

09-20-2001, 08:19 AM
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Re: Tolkien.co.uk

For those of you who didn’t already know, last month saw the highly successful launch of www.tolkien.co.uk. So by way of celebration we thought we’d give all of you Tolkien fans out there the chance to watch rare archive footage of JRR Tolkien explaining how he came to write The Hobbit.

Been there, done that? Well don’t miss out on the hundreds of other great features which can be found on the site, highlights of which are detailed below:

Read the first chapter of The Fellowship of The Ring, Part 1 of The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

Enter our competition to win one of five sets of the brand new film tie-in editions of The Lord Of The Rings books

Become a member of www.tolkien.co.uk and receive advance news of forthcoming titles, an exclusive Tolkien screensaver and the chance to enter special competitions.

Buy the deluxe, limited-edition leather-bound Hobbit which features colour illustrations and endpapers, for only £49.99. There are only 2,500 copies of this beautiful collector’s item in print.

Buy the Boxed-set edition of The Lord of the Rings in hardback, featuring original Tolkien’s designs on the jackets.

All this and more at www.tolkien.co.uk.


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09-20-2001, 09:02 AM
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Re: Tolkien.co.uk

Tolkien.co.uk is not only on the BD links page, it is also represented with its own banner on the main page.
Both of the above seem a considerably better way of advertisement than spamming the forum, one would think...

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The Barrow-Wight
09-20-2001, 04:23 PM
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Re: Tolkien.co.uk

Indeed! in fact, they promised us some promotional items for our link. I shall have to remind them of their promise so that we can have a new contest!!

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