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The Barrow-Downs Discussion Forum: Members List
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Dead Serious
3,012 Today Formendacil is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Formendacil is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Formendacil is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn. Formendacil's Avatar
King's Writer
1,552 Yesterday Findegil is a guest of Tom Bombadil.  
Feanor of Helcaraxe
Newly Deceased
1 10-06-2019 Feanor of Helcaraxe has just left Hobbiton.  
Fordim Hedgethistle
Gibbering Gibbet
1,842 08-08-2019 Fordim Hedgethistle is a guest of Tom Bombadil. Fordim Hedgethistle's Avatar
Faramir Jones
Ghost Prince of Cardolan
694 08-05-2019 Faramir Jones is a guest at the Prancing Pony.Faramir Jones is a guest at the Prancing Pony. Faramir Jones's Avatar
Newly Deceased
0 04-11-2018 Fangorn has just left Hobbiton.  
Flame of Anor
Newly Deceased
10 10-04-2017 Flame of Anor has just left Hobbiton.  
Forlong the Fat
Pile O'Bones
18 06-26-2017 Forlong the Fat has just left Hobbiton.  
Illusionary Holbytla
7,646 03-20-2017 Firefoot has been trapped in the Barrow! Firefoot's Avatar
Fingolfin II
Ghost Prince of Cardolan
1,039 11-16-2016 Fingolfin II has just left Hobbiton. Fingolfin II's Avatar
FeRaL sHaDoW
234 05-22-2016 FeRaL sHaDoW has just left Hobbiton.  
Messenger of Hope
5,228 04-30-2016 Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop. Folwren's Avatar
Newly Deceased
1 01-05-2016 Fey has just left Hobbiton. Fey's Avatar
Flame of Udn
Animated Skeleton
35 08-25-2015 Flame of Udn has just left Hobbiton. Flame of Udn's Avatar
Animated Skeleton
36 05-20-2015 Fairleaf has just left Hobbiton. Fairleaf's Avatar
Haunting Spirit
92 09-08-2014 FerniesApple has just left Hobbiton.  
Ghost Prince of Cardolan
612 08-17-2013 Finduilas is a guest of Tom Bombadil. Finduilas's Avatar
Newly Deceased
1 05-28-2013 FarmerCotton has just left Hobbiton.  
Newly Deceased
1 12-28-2012 Fang has just left Hobbiton.  
Newly Deceased
2 11-10-2012 Feanor_genious has just left Hobbiton. Feanor_genious's Avatar
Pile O'Bones
11 05-29-2012 feonor has just left Hobbiton. feonor's Avatar
Newly Deceased
2 05-16-2012 Feadhros has just left Hobbiton. Feadhros's Avatar
Newly Deceased
2 04-09-2012 FailBeast has just left Hobbiton.  
Finrod Felagund
Haunting Spirit
66 01-27-2012 Finrod Felagund has just left Hobbiton. Finrod Felagund's Avatar
Pile O'Bones
25 11-08-2011 FlimFlamSam has just left Hobbiton.  
Newly Deceased
6 04-28-2011 findorfin has just left Hobbiton.  
Pile O'Bones
11 04-20-2011 FlameofAnor has just left Hobbiton. FlameofAnor's Avatar
Newly Deceased
1 09-03-2010 fortheshire has just left Hobbiton.  
Newly Deceased
1 07-17-2010 finwesfallen has just left Hobbiton.  
Pile O'Bones
12 04-13-2010 fenris1011 has just left Hobbiton. fenris1011's Avatar
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