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Joy 03-15-2002 12:37 AM

Anybody???? Need a clue. It is in HoME.

Joy 03-18-2002 01:46 PM

Anyone? I know someone here can find this one!

HerenIstarion 03-19-2002 01:09 AM

That's Eriol chanting about his journey to Lonelt Isle:


In unknown days my fathers' sires
Came, and from son to son took root
Among the orchards and the river-meads
And the long grasses of the fragrant plain:
Many a summer saw they kindle yellow fires
Of flaglilies among the bowing reeds,
And many a sea of blossom turn to golden fruit
In walled gardens of the great champain.
There daffodils among the ordered trees
Did nod in spring, and men laughed deep and long
Singing as they laboured happy lays
And lighting even with a drinking-song
and so on

Joy 03-19-2002 01:10 PM

Finnaly!!! YEAH!!!! Your turn.

HerenIstarion 03-21-2002 09:16 AM

well, due to the law of undulation, next one will be easy :


Sing all ye joyful, now sing all together?
The wind's in the free-top, the wind's in the heather;
The stars are in blossom, the moon is in flower,
And bright are the windows of Night in her tower.
Dance all ye joyful, now dance all together!
Soft is the grass, and let foot be like feather!
The river is silver, the shadows are fleeting;
Merry is May-time, and merry our meeting.

Sing we now softly, and dreams let us weave him!
Wind him in slumber and there let us leave him!
The wanderer sleepeth. Now soft be his pillow!
Lullaby! Lullaby! Alder and Willow!

Sigh no more Pine, till the wind of the morn!
Fall Moon! Dark be the land!
Hush! Hush! Oak, Ash, and Thorn!
Hushed be all water, till dawn is at hand

alaklondewen 03-21-2002 09:58 AM

Is it what the Elves of Rivendell sang to BIlbo on his quest? There were singing outside of his window.

THis one will be easy:

Sing hey! for the bath at close of day
that washes the weary mud away!
A loon is he that will not sing:
O! Water Hot is a noble thing!

O! Sweet is the sound of falling rain,
and the brook that leaps from hill to plain;
but better than rain or rippling streams
is Water Hot that smokes and steams.

Lostgaeriel 03-22-2002 02:08 PM

Yeah, this one is very easy. I resisted answering for a day to let the newbies have a chance to play. But...

It was Pippin singing one of Bilbo's favourite bath-songs at the house in Crickhollow. Funny how fears of Black Riders disappear when you're splashing in the tub. "Rubber Ducky, you're the one..." [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

[ March 22, 2002: Message edited by: Lostgaeriel ]

alaklondewen 03-22-2002 05:58 PM

Good job! Got anything up your sleeve??

Lostgaeriel 03-22-2002 06:09 PM

Yeah, I hope this counts as an incantation, song or verse - it's a riddle I guess. Not too hard.


Ere iron was found or tree was hewn,
When young was mountain under moon;
Ere ring was made, or wrought was woe,
It walked the forests long ago.
[ March 22, 2002: Message edited by: Lostgaeriel ]

alaklondewen 03-22-2002 07:34 PM

THe Ents!! (Treebeard is one of my favorite ME dwellers)

Okay, who sang about who?

An Elven-maid there was of old,
A shining star by day:
Her mantle white was hemmed with gold,
Her shoes of silver-grey.

Lostgaeriel 03-22-2002 07:54 PM

Great alaklondewen! That was the easy part. But who said it (and to whom, and where and when)? The original thread, "encantations... ?" required "who + all the circumstances".

[ March 22, 2002: Message edited by: Lostgaeriel ]

Lostgaeriel 03-22-2002 08:13 PM

Hi again alaklondewen! While I'm waiting for you to answer mine, I'll answer yours! That's Legolas singing the "song of the maiden Nimrodel, who bore the same name as the stream beside which she lived long ago. ... It is long and sad, for it tells how sorrow came upon Lothlórien, Lórien of the Blossom, when the Dwarves awakened evil in the mountains."

alaklondewen 03-22-2002 08:26 PM

Please accept my apologies, Lostgaeriel! Gandalf said

Ere iron was found or tree was hewn
. He said it to King Theoden, I believe, after Helm's Deep, when the enemy was driven into the "army of trees". King Theoden thought it was some kind of "magic" of Gandalf's.

Is all of that right?

Lostgaeriel 03-22-2002 08:30 PM

Exactly right! I knew you knew it. That scene reminds me of "The Scottish Play". A walking forest "magically" appearing at a fortress to fight the enemy.

Did I get yours right?

[ March 22, 2002: Message edited by: Lostgaeriel ]

alaklondewen 03-22-2002 08:51 PM

You answered with perfection. I'm not familiar with "The Scottish Play" (is this something that is just going over my head), but I would love to know about other "magical" trees.

I also would like another verse, if you have any.

Lostgaeriel 03-22-2002 09:17 PM

Oh, you know "The Scottish Play". It's by Shakespeare. M-a-c-b-e-t-h. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] I don't want to say it out loud in case there's an actor reading this! It's bad luck for actors to say or hear the name of the play. [img]smilies/evil.gif[/img]

OK. Here's another encantation. Who said it is easy. Where and/or when?


The cold hard lands,
they bites our hands,
they gnaws our feet.
The rocks and stones
are like old bones
all bare of meat.
But stream and pool
is wet and cool:
so nice for feet!
And now we wish ---
The difficult part of this game is finding one that hasn't already been used.

[ March 22, 2002: Message edited by: Lostgaeriel ]

alaklondewen 03-22-2002 09:26 PM

I do believe it was Gollum's 'feetses' that were cooled by the Marshes, as he lead Frodo and Sam toward Morder.

Give me a minute and I have another for you.

alaklondewen 03-22-2002 09:59 PM

I'm sure this one will be a piece of cake for you, but here it goes:


Burn, burn tree and fern!
Shrivel and scorch! A fizzling torch
To light the night for our delight,
Ya hey!

Lostgaeriel 03-22-2002 10:25 PM

Woooo! That sounds a little like "Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble." Weird.

That's from The Hobbit, Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire. (Geesh, I've read it only once, almost 30 years ago. I don't remember the story very well. I have to find the italicized bits of verse and read the context before and after!) That's the goblins singing to Gandalf (and Bilbo and the Dwarves) as they sit in the trees where they had gone to escape the wolves/wargs, while the goblins start fires at the base of the trees.

Avyniea 03-22-2002 10:25 PM

From The Hobbit, the goblins and wargs dancing around trees they had set fire to. Where Bilbo, Thorin & Co., and Gandalf were hiding.

And i needed something easy to break me back in =)

Avyniea 03-22-2002 10:28 PM

Please excuse me, Lostgaeriel posted while i was writing my own post.

Forgive me this.

Lostgaeriel 03-22-2002 10:30 PM

Please give this one to Avyniea. She's a newbie and it was a tie - same time 11:25. Besides, I don't think I have the energy to look up another quote, let alone type it.

alaklondewen 03-22-2002 10:31 PM

Great job! both of you. I must return for the evening to my melorn tree. I hope to pick up tomorrow.

Thanks for entertaining me Lostgaeriel.

Avyniea 03-22-2002 11:12 PM

That is very kind of you Lostgaeriel, but i am not new here. I quoted here alot a year ago under the nick 'as eowyn'. Please take it if you want it.

HerenIstarion 03-23-2002 04:45 AM

It's all very nice how you people managed to go on :)

Yet, alaklondewen, a bit of technical stuff: one answering usually waits for a confirmation of his right answer to continue.

alaklondewen 03-23-2002 01:58 PM

HerenIstarion, forgive me, I'm still new to all this. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

HerenIstarion 04-07-2002 03:50 AM

I was not angry at all :), just a note on rules. Go on with the new one and welcome to the BD

alaklondewen 04-07-2002 02:21 PM

Thank you very much!

I had an errand there: gathering water-lilies,
green leaves and lilies white to please my pretty lady,
the last ere the year's end to keep them from the winter,
to flower by her pretty feet till the snows are melted.

Belegfanaion 04-11-2002 08:25 PM

Hey! I know this one! It's from "In the House of Tom Bombadil" and he sings it Merry, Pippin, Frodo, and Sam as they are about to go to sleep in his house. Frodo asked, "Did you hear me calling... or was it just chance that brought you at that moment?" and Tom tells him that he was only over there because he had an errand there.

alaklondewen 04-12-2002 05:59 PM

You are right! Welcome to the 'Downs! Enjoy your time here, and post often! [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Okay, your turn. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Belegfanaion 04-12-2002 08:49 PM

Okay, here's your next encantation:


Doom drove them on. Darkness took them, horse and hoofman; hoofbeats afar sank into silence: so the songs tell us.
Good luck! [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

Mat_Heathertoes 04-15-2002 04:11 AM

That was a few staves of the Rohirrim song composed after the great events of the Lord of the Rings but included in the chapter "The Muster of Rohan".

[ April 15, 2002: Message edited by: Mat_Heathertoes ]

Belegfanaion 04-15-2002 04:27 PM

Very nice - I thought it wouldn't fool all of you LOTR-obsessed-people! [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] Your go!

Samwise Greenhand 04-15-2002 09:53 PM

My own little diddy from my own mind.

The third age
was ruled by men
A time when battles
were fought ten by ten.

The fight was long
the good prevailed
when they returned
as hero's they were hailed

But was that battle
so pure and right
did they have to
go and fight?

Was their leader
courageous and strong
or did lead his men
to fight in the wrong.

this is the question
we all must ask
to know what to do when
we are called for the task

should we trust
or should we choose
is this a battle
we can afford to lose

are we right
or just crazy foes
could we see
where the battle goes

From my point of
a hobbit here
the problem is
coming very near

We need to worry
are we next
is this world
permanently hexed

we must fight back
we must defend
we must attack
from around the bend

it may be time
to use action
we are not just a
small faction

there are many
of us
we can stand
we must fuss

time to live
time to die
time for us
to show them why

why we must stand
up for ourselves
it'll be us
and the elves

Men and their kind
ruin this place
this is my time
to make our case

I leave you now
to sit and think
nudge, nudge
wink, wink

[img]smilies/wink.gif[/img] [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

alaklondewen 04-23-2002 02:43 PM

Mat? Hello?

OK, if he doesn't answer, it has been over a week, and I would like to continue. Does anyone care?

Mat_Heathertoes 04-23-2002 06:02 PM

Sorry, about that ... here's one ...


The wind wails, The wolf howls, The ravens flee, The ice mutters in the mouth of the Sea.

latando angaina 06-02-2002 05:55 AM

that must be Sauron competeng with Felagund

Mat_Heathertoes 06-05-2002 06:59 AM

Indeed it is. Please go on.

latando angaina 06-13-2002 10:24 AM

well, not so hard, yet one of my favorite poems:

Through Rohan over fen and field where the long grass grows
The West Wind comes walking, and about the walls it goes.
'What news from the West, O wandering wind, do you bring to me tonight?
Have you seen Boromir the Tall by moon or by starlight?'
'I saw him ride over seven streams, over waters wide and grey;
I saw him walk in empty lands, until he passed away
Into the shadows of the North. I saw him then no more.
The North Wind may have heard the horn of the son of Denethor.'
'O Boromir! From the high walls westward I looked afar,
But you came not from the empty lands where no men are.'

From the mouths of the Sea the South Wind flies, from the sandhills and the stones;
The wailing of the gulls it bears, and at the gate it moans.
'What news from the South, O sighing wind, do you bring to me at eve?
Where now is Boromir the Fair? He tarries and I grieve.'
'Ask not of me where he doth dwell-so many bones there lie
On the white shores and the dark shores under the stormy sky;
So many have passed down Anduin to find the flowing Sea.
Ask of the North Wind news of them the North Wind sends to me!'
'O Boromir! Beyond the gate the seaward road runs south,
But you came not with the wailing gulls from the grey sea's mouth.'

From the Gate of Kings the North Wind rides, and past the roaring falls;
And clear and cold about the tower its loud horn calls.
'What news from the North, O mighty wind, do you bring to me today?
What news of Boromir the Bold? For he is long away.'
'Beneath Amon Hen I heard his cry. There many foes he fought.
His cloven shield, his broken sword, they to the water brought.
His head so proud, his face so fair, his limbs they laid to rest;
And Rauros, golden Rauros-falls, bore him upon its breast.'
'O Boromir! The Tower of Guard shall ever northward gaze
To Rauros, golden Rauros-falls, until the end of days.'

Joy 06-13-2002 12:32 PM

That is Boromir's Death Song, from The Two Towers chapter "The Departure of Boromir." It was sung by Aragorn and Legalos. Also called "The Lament of the Winds."

[ June 13, 2002: Message edited by: Joy ]

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