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Lostgaeriel 12-22-2001 01:26 AM

Copy-Cat Quotes
Quotes in this thread are phrases uttered by more than one character - let's say in any/all the books. Identify at least 2 characters who said:

But handsome is as handsome does...
Bonus points for identifying who was spoken to and the circumstances or the book(s) and chapters.


1) To make it easier to find a suitable quote, find a short phrase or even a distinctive single word that's not used too many times in the book(s). Note too, that sometimes the "copied" quote is on the same page as the original. That still fits the "rules".

2) Let's keep the thread active. If it's your turn to ask, but you can't find something, please say you pass. Then someone else can ask. Let's try to keep it to one open question at a time. (Questioners: remember to give hints if we need help!)

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Turambar 12-22-2001 12:49 PM

Good idea for a thread, Lostgariel!

I know one person who says this, but I'llwait to post it until I remember the other.

Marileangorifurnimaluim 12-22-2001 10:53 PM

Sam and the Gaffer (well, he quotes the Gaffer) annnnnnd... making a guess here - Bilbo?

Turambar 12-23-2001 08:14 AM

Yeah Sam says it to Faramir after he (Sam) stupidly reveals that Frodo has the one ring. I can't remember when Bilbo says it.

Marileangorifurnimaluim 12-24-2001 02:34 AM

Oh the other person was Pippin, regarding "Strider" when they were all suspicious of him - Pippin, and then later Sam (in Ithilien as said above).

Marileangorifurnimaluim 12-29-2001 02:33 AM

Oh drat - Lostgaeriel? Lostgaeriel - ? Turambar, I think we've lost Lostgaeriel to Christmas vacation. I'd love to know if I got it right.


[ December 29, 2001: Message edited by: Marileangorifurnimaluim ]

Lostgaeriel 12-29-2001 04:15 PM

Yes, Marileangorifurnimaluim has answered it!

Go ahead, if you have a quote that fits. (I know there's at least one more in LOTR.)

Sorry for the delay. My holiday hiatus from the computer was longer than I expected.

Marileangorifurnimaluim 12-31-2001 02:20 AM

Man... that's a tall order. I've been looking, getting a lot of near misses.

Turambar 12-31-2001 09:39 AM

It's your turn Maril, but one other quote I know of that's repeated (I think anyway) is the one about "Do not meddle in the affair of wizards, etc." Having said that, I can't remember the 2d person who says it !

Legolas 01-03-2002 12:21 AM

Hmm...well, which speaker do you remember? Gildor?

Turambar 01-03-2002 07:22 AM

Yes Gildor said it and I belive either Frodo or Sam (or Pippin?) repeat it at some point, but I can't quite remember.

HerenIstarion 01-03-2002 12:13 PM

There are even three persong saying this. First is Gildor (the Author), than comes Sam (quoting Gildor), and than Merry (quoting Sam as quoting Gildor - persuading Pippin not to look into the Palantir)

Lostgaeriel 01-08-2002 10:33 AM

Hey Maril et al! To make it easier to find a suitable quote, find a short phrase or even a distinctive single word that's not used too many times in the book(s). Note too, that sometimes the "copied" quote is on the same page as the original. That still fits the "rules". I'm finding lots of examples that way.

Elendur 01-09-2002 09:28 PM

I wish to ask a question. Because this thread is very unique in the amount of research it would take to find such quotes, can we post our findings any time we like even out of order? I know it is Maril's turn to find a quote, but it will obviously take a good deal of time to do so. And because I have one now, and I think you will have a tough time figuring the answer out, I was wondering if I can post it immediately.

I am awaiting a response. I would not think of breaking the rules like I have done in the past. But I thought this thread should be an exception.

Turambar 01-10-2002 05:35 AM

I agree, Elendur. In this thread the tough part is ASKING the qustion, not answering it.

Lostgaeriel 01-11-2002 03:50 PM

Sure, let's keep the thread active. If it's your turn to ask, but you can't find something, please say you pass. Then someone else can ask. Should we try to keep it to one open question at a time? Or should we allow up to 3 open questions if we get stumped?

So go ahead Elendur. (Maril - please ask when you've got a question.)

Lostgaeriel 01-16-2002 06:36 PM

OK, while we're waiting for Elendur and Marileangorifurnimaluim to post questions, I thought I'd ask about the "affairs of wizards" quote and post a new quote to work on.

Gildor says "Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards..." in Three is Company. And Merry says it in The Palantir - and says he is quoting Sam. But where in LOTR does Sam say this?

Try this pair:

(...) Black Riders!

(...) Black Riders?
It's surprising how rarely this comes up. (You can use the Index to find these.)

[ January 16, 2002: Message edited by: Lostgaeriel ]

Marileangorifurnimaluim 01-16-2002 07:44 PM

Re: Waiting for Godot

Problem with answering is you have to come up with a question. Yeeesh. This is hard.
Go on without me guys. It's a great idea but these are tough. I'm in the middle of major end of year financials at the office so I'm not going to have time to search for one.

Turambar 01-17-2002 11:58 AM

Pippin says it when they finally meet Merry in Buckland. And Merry says it in Bree "I have seem them Frodo - Black Riders!".

Lostgaeriel 01-18-2002 12:44 AM

Yes, Merry says in Bree "I have seem them Frodo - Black Riders!". Note that Frodo comes right back at Merry with the same. [Maybe I wasn't clear with the "(...) Black Riders!" I meant that there may or may not be other words before the phrase.]

But Pippin's comment in the house in Crickhollow is a statement, not an exclamation. He says "We were all scared. You would have been, too, if you had been chased for two days by Black Riders."

And of course Frodo asks, as the conspiracy is unmasked, "But what about the Black Riders? Would it be safe to wait one day for Gandalf?"

Check out the meeting with Gildor near Woodhall. "Black Riders!" and "Black Riders?" coming out of everyone's mouths!!!

"(...) Black Riders?" doesn't turn up again until Pippin reaches Minas Tirith.

Considering how omnipresent the Ringwraiths are, it's remarkable how infrequently they are referred to as Black Riders. Or maybe not, since they stop riding horses and start riding those flying creatures.

Your turn, Turambar.

Turambar 01-20-2002 09:15 AM


"What have I said? What have I done?"
What two characters say this?

Eowyn of Ithilien 01-20-2002 03:53 PM

Boromir and Frodo

Turambar 01-20-2002 07:43 PM

Yep you got it. These copycat quotes are tough to find - good luck Eowyn.

Eowyn of Ithilien 01-24-2002 11:19 PM

sorry I haven't posted earlier; my ISP lost it [img]smilies/frown.gif[/img]
"and I will follow if I can"

Gayalondiel 01-25-2002 10:41 AM

Bilbo and Frodo, both in versions of 'The Road goes ever on and on'

i think

Eowyn of Ithilien 01-28-2002 02:51 AM

[img]smilies/smile.gif[/img] you're right

Gayalondiel 01-30-2002 07:11 AM

Oh, crumbs. these are tough to find.

Ok, this may be a bit too easy...

"Seek for the sword that was broken"

First guy's easy, second one not so, i think. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Bruce MacCulloch 01-30-2002 04:19 PM

Boromir (at the Council)and Frodo (to Faramir in Ithilien)

Bruce MacCulloch 01-30-2002 04:21 PM

What have I done? [img]smilies/eek.gif[/img] Now I have to find a question. [img]smilies/frown.gif[/img]

Gayalondiel 02-01-2002 11:30 AM

Absolutely right Bruce.

Good Luck.... [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

Bruce MacCulloch 02-01-2002 01:32 PM


harken now

Androndo the Thoughtfull 02-02-2002 02:39 PM

Tom Bombadil to the Hobbits - a "come and help us" poem:

By fire, sun and moon, harken now and hear us!

And Frodo in THE BARROW-DOWNS called Bombadil with the same poem!

Bruce MacCulloch 02-02-2002 10:27 PM

Androndo, very nice!
Your turn.
That's two questions of mine in two different topics you answered today - maybe I should make my questions harder. :P

Androndo the Thoughtfull 02-03-2002 12:09 AM

Well... isn't it beginners luck or something? [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

Easy one... come with a guess:


Hail, Lord of the Mark!
(had to change the first one... the spelling wasn't the same the second place... oops...)

[ February 03, 2002: Message edited by: Androndo the Thoughtfull ]

Eowyn of Ithilien 02-03-2002 02:40 AM

Theoden and Eomer
*guessing* lol

Androndo the Thoughtfull 02-03-2002 05:57 AM

One right, one to go...

Théoden sad Hail! King of the mark...

Eowyn of Ithilien 02-03-2002 02:56 PM

Theoden and Gandalf to Eomer????

Androndo the Thoughtfull 02-04-2002 03:53 AM


Gayalondiel 02-04-2002 07:41 AM

Eomer and Eowyn? (at a guess)

Androndo the Thoughtfull 02-04-2002 08:17 AM

Thats it! Your turn! (And send my regards to your poor little brother [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img] )

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