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piosenniel 04-26-2007 04:27 PM

Blood Run: A Terror Returns Discussion Thread
Durelin and Firefoot, game co-facilitators, invite you to play in their game:

Blood Run: A Terror Returns

piosenniel 04-26-2007 04:28 PM

Historical Background

Around 70 F.A., about 72 years after the War of the Ring and 50 years before the death of Elessar, Sam has left Middle-earth, and Pippin and Merry have left The Shire for Gondor. The world, and particularly quiet places like Bree, is getting used to peace and a very bright future.

piosenniel 04-26-2007 04:29 PM

Basic Storyline:

Something has moved into the wilderness surrounding Bree, some kind of evil that relishes the taste of fresh meat. Livestock have been slaughtered, some eaten thoroughly. Other bodies were found simply torn apart, the pieces scattered. Sheep, pigs, and even a few cows have all been found dead, and the culprits have yet to even be seen. Recently the remains of a couple pets have been found, and the people’s fright has risen to new heights, as they fear some kind of progression. The mayor calls for a meeting in the Town Hall about the problem, and hopes that some will volunteer to discover what or who is behind the killings, and hopefully find a way to put an end to them.

Having enjoyed the peace that the end of the War of the Ring has meant for Middle-earth, the people are terrified by the prospect of a new shadow across their world, however small it is.

piosenniel 04-26-2007 04:30 PM

An Extremely Brief & Basic Outline for the game:

Day 1 - Morning – Town Meeting; opinions are expressed, characters volunteer (or are volunteered!).
Day 1 - Afternoon – The characters have their own meeting to make plans. (<--This is where the game will open up at.)
Day 2-? – The characters put their plans into action, and depending on those plans and how they are carried out, they will at least catch a glimpse of what they are up against. How long it takes before the truth is known depends on how things go.

There will likely be a few days in which the group investigates the killings, maybe possible “suspects,” perhaps the wilderness outside of Bree, etc. New clues as to who or what is behind the slaughtering of animals will be found, either during the group’s search, or when each night or morning more attacks occur or other carcasses are found.

After that – The group plans specifically how to take care of the problem, now that they know what it is. They carry out their plans, “the Problem” fights back, there is a short battle, some things might go slightly awry, but in the end the Breelanders win.

piosenniel 04-26-2007 04:31 PM

Starting Location: The Town Hall in Bree

Likely destination: This adventure might take the characters out into the wilderness surrounding Bree, maybe even as far as the Weather Hills; or the characters may stay in Bree proper the entire game.


The purpose of the story is to: Find out what is causing such problems for the village and get rid of the problem.

This means we will know the story is over when: Bree is back to its peaceful daily routine.

piosenniel 04-26-2007 04:32 PM


This game takes place in the Fourth Age at around year 70.

The storyline itself or plot covers about a week, possibly more if things go poorly, possibly less if things go incredibly well.

This game requires a time commitment of 2-3 months from me, the game owner and from the major players. Unless there are major problems, we will be sticking to 3 months at the most for this game.

piosenniel 04-26-2007 04:34 PM

* No Further Players Needed * -- Pio


Players/Characters List


For any players considering an Elven character:

About Elves in Shire RPG's:

Please use this description from Tolkien when crafting an Elf:

Return of the King – Appendix F: Tolkien’s description for the Quendi (The Speakers) – the name given to the Elves by themselves after they first awoke in Middle-earth.

“They were a race high and beautiful, the older Children of the world, and among them the Eldar were as Kings, who now are gone: the People of the Great Journey, the People of the Stars. They were tall, fair of skin and grey-eyed, though their locks were dark, save in the golden house of Finrod; and their voices had more melodies than any mortal voice that is now heard . . .

Please use this as a guideline for describing your Elven character’s appearance.

piosenniel 04-26-2007 04:34 PM

Character types which would not belong: Any Orcs, any Mary/Marty-Sues.

piosenniel 04-26-2007 04:36 PM

Firefoot’s Character

Name: Toby Mugwort

Age: 67

Race: Hobbit of Bree

Gender: Male

Weapons: A longbow and a short knife not really meant for fighting.

Appearance: Toby stands at a fair height for a hobbit at 3’5”. He is hardly thin, and he credits the extra weight about his girth to his wife’s good cooking. He has a round, kindly face that is tanned from hours in the sun watching his flocks. His eyes and curly hair are both dark brown. His clothing consists of simple, handmade trousers and shirts.

Personality: Toby is a hobbit of simple loves and values. He loves his wife and seven children, which range in age from 30 – his oldest son, whom Toby intends to have take over the farm someday - to 14 – his youngest and much doted upon daughter. Like most hobbits, he loves a good meal, and he spends as many evenings as not enjoying an ale at the Prancing Pony, and is fond of smoking. He is a cheerful fellow, quick to laugh. He is both very trusting and very loyal. Well-liked and –respected, he has friends among both the Big and Little folk of Bree, although he pays little heed to the many travelers that pass through. Much as he loves simple pleasures, however, Toby is not at all simple minded, even if he is less quick on the uptake than some. He is very opinionated and not easily cowed. With this new threat to Breeland, Toby’s foremost concern is to protect both his family and his flocks.

History: All his life, Toby has lived in Buckland, in the same house just outside Bree, never traveling even as far as Buckland. He was the youngest child but only son of his parents’ five children, so he learned his father’s trade of sheepherding, helping him to run the farm and eventually inheriting it when he died (now some fifteen years ago). Toby never desired anything more than that simple life. He married Hanna, the daughter of a local farmer, when he was 34, and children followed soon after.

piosenniel 04-26-2007 04:37 PM

Durelin’s Character

Name: Parkun Felderth

Age: 25

Race: Man of Bree

Gender: Male

Weapons: A longbow and hunting knife, both of simple make.

Appearance: At just under six feet in height he is moderately tall; he has thin strawberry blonde hair that he keeps cut just above his shoulders, so he has just enough to pull back out of his way. His pale skin is covered in light freckles. He has hazel eyes and a delicate, slightly pointed and turned up nose. He is fairly skinny, though he has a little bit of extra weight at his gut. He is built lightly – the most strength appears to be in his shoulders.

Personality: Parkun is the shy, clumsy type. He seems constantly awkward in his own skin, and is especially awkward around women. He is not married and does not seem to want to be, but he is far from plainly not interested in the ladies. He is a very secretive person. Though he is native born to Bree and the son of the innkeeper of the Prancing Pony, no one in town knows much about him. He is a very dispassionate person, and doesn’t seem interested in much of anything. And though he is well into manhood, he still lives in a room in the Pony and works there, though he has expressed no desire for eventually taking over the inn from his father – he seems content to leave it to his older brother. Parkun is a simple person, desiring good things in life, and not worrying himself with anything else. His interest in the well-being of the town comes as a surprise to many, but a certain part of him desires to be a hero, for a variety of reasons. Also, his service will help keep his father off his back.

History: Parkun is the son of the innkeeper of the Prancing Pony, and grew up working in the inn and meeting interesting people. He was always most intrigued by the different people who came in and out of the inn, and he tended to stick his nose in business he shouldn’t have. Most of his youth he seemed to spend his time with the “wrong crowd,” and took particular interest in the shadier sorts who ventured into the inn. Yet, he was never caught doing anything more than stealing small items of food a few times. The townspeople never approved of his friends, but they have also never had any real complaints about Parkun, so he is largely accepted, particularly because his father is such a well-regarded and important resident. He is the second youngest boy in a family of five, with an older brother and sister, and two younger brothers.

piosenniel 04-26-2007 04:39 PM

First Post for the Game

All Toby’s life, Bree had been such a peaceful place. The Great War had ended, and the King crowned, and the last of the ruffians driven from Breeland, all in the years before his birth. As he had grown up, Bree had flourished, even undergone something of a rebirth, and it was in an age of peace and prosperity that he had started his own family and raised his children; Robbie – or Rob, as he was more often called now – would be ready to start his own family in a few years, and even young Lark was hardly a child now, but blossoming into a young maid. The years went by so quickly, and till now they had gone by with hardly a care.

Of course, there were always the small concerns of daily life; whether most of the ewes would beget healthy lambs in spring, or whether the summer would receive enough rain for the grass to grow thick and green. But Toby was not the worrying sort; Nature takes care of itself, he’d often said.

This wasn’t just the weather or the sheep, though. An unknown menace had been prowling the area at night, killing local livestock. Some simply went missing. Others were ripped apart. Toby had lost four sheep now, within the past two weeks. And just last night, his trusty herding dog Rudy had gone missing. He had found the remains near the edge of his land, barely recognizable as his beloved dog. He had buried him out there, both out of sentimentality and practicality; not only did it seem wrong to simply leave him out there, but Toby also knew that the scent of fresh blood might draw the beast back, and he wasn’t just thinking about the protection of his sheep.

This was about the safety of his family.

Unaccustomed worry lines had creased his face in the past couple weeks. He felt defenseless against this thing, whatever it was - something, or someone, and that was a chilling thought. Long discounted tales from his childhood came to mind, tales about the nameless things that stirred in the Wild. The Wild suddenly seemed a very nearby and menacing place to Toby, who had always considered Bree the safest (if the only) place he knew.

So far, the beast had been content to kill only animals – mostly sheep and pigs, but some cows as well, and now his Rudy, and he had heard tell of a couple cats that had gone missing as well. But who was to say that it might not get a taste for hobbit? No one had ever seen it; would it break in the door? Slip through a window?

Finally, finally now, the mayor had agreed to do something about it. Not that it was much; anyone could hold a meeting to discuss the events. The mayor, Toby thought bitterly, was more fit to head up the social events of the town than to protect it from any real threat. Of course, up until a little while ago, that had been sufficient and Toby had never had much of a complaint. As long as something might happen as a result of the meeting… no, something would happen. Toby would not let the meeting end before a plan of action had been decided on. He himself would head it up if need be. Those town folk, Toby wasn’t sure if they really understood the seriousness of the matter, but there were others who lived out here outside the town walls, others who had the same fears as he, and they would follow him, he knew. They had just as much stake in this as he had – their lives and families to protect.

There had to be something he could do.



Mayor Hershman of Bree – a tall, willowy man with a large nose and a genuine smile – stood on a small platform at the front of the fair-sized hall. The room before him was filled with worried, excited, and angry townsfolk. He knew he had waited too long to call this meeting, and he knew that still this was not quite what the people were looking for. At times like these, people wanted action. But no one knew what was going on…did they expect him to know any better?

The people stood clumped together, and voices at various level echoed around the hall. Mayor Hershman did his best to look stately, but he found it uncomfortably warm in the town hall, though it was barely spring. The five elder “counselors” that aided him in his duties were seated behind him. Hershman glanced at them, searching their faces for something. Did the people really look to him and these men to help them? They were old men, including himself!

After the mayor felt he had watched enough people – men, women, and entire families – enter the town hall, he gave a nod to one of the counselors, who called the room to order and relative quiet with a booming voice and the ringing of what was little more than a cowbell. It worked well enough. Mayor Hershman wasn’t exactly soft-spoken, anyway.

“Breelanders,” he began, loudly but not as if he were shouting, “our livestock, our pets, and perhaps even ourselves and our families are in danger.” Of course a new set of murmurs and voices not so soft ran through the crowd, but no one was shocked by the mayor’s statement. Everyone knew it was true, everyone knew it was on all of their minds, and everyone knew Hershman never wasted any time skirting an issue – at least once he got down to it.

“I am just as lost as you – no, I know of no one, either, who has seen this…this menace…and though I know that no matter what we’re up against, that we’re going to fight it with all we’ve got-” he paused, and there were a few shouts; not all the hearts in Bree had grown soft, even in this time of peace. But very few of them had actually faced any enemies before. It was Bree…nothing ever happened in Bree…

And yet, Hershman thought he remembered a story…no, those were never true.

“But before we can do a thing to stop…whatever, or, heaven forbid, whoever is threatening us, we have to figure out what we’re up against.” He paused to clear his throat, and this time there was mostly silence. Anyone in this hall could have come up with that thought, he knew. “Now, I know we all have what it takes to protect our land and our loved ones, but in this fearful time, I am calling for a group of Defenders of Bree…to be led by Toby Mugwort, a strong-hearted Breelander since birth.”

The shepherd had already proved to be a loud and dynamic voice in this matter, particularly with what he had already lost to this invisible threat. And the world knew that Hobbits could do great things. Allowing the duty that he hoped many would feel sink in, Mayor Hershman slowly scanned the room, making sure not to really look at anyone in particular, but taking in familiar faces. “Who else will answer the call?” The town hall was suddenly filled with a greater clatter than had been heard in Bree in many years.


piosenniel 04-26-2007 04:44 PM

Character Description Form:

Have you posted in The Golden Perch Inn, in The Eorling Mead Hall in Rohan, or in one of the now closed Inns: The Green Dragon or The White Horse? – YES/NO (You must have posted in one of these Inns before you can play in a game.)

For your character please include:





WEAPONS: (No magical, super-hero, mithril weapons. Just good solid Middle-earth weapons and armor only that is appropriate to the race of the character and the time period.)


PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: (No half-Elven characters. No mixed-type characters. No super-heroes. No assassins. No one all powerful, martial arts proficient, or having any magical traits. Just regular characters with normal abilities for their races only)



First Posts will be required for this game:

First posts should place your character at the Town Meeting, give an idea of how concerned they are for the town and their opinions of the situation (such as their thoughts regarding the mayor waiting to address the problem for so long), establish any previous connections with other characters, and (perhaps most importantly), tell how your character volunteers to help discover the problem and combat it.

piosenniel 04-29-2007 11:44 AM

Durelin, Firefoot

Now open for posting :D

Prospective players please check in and say what sort of character you'll be writing a bio for (include the sex, please.)

And well, heck, if you've got a bio already done - go ahead and post it.


~*~ Pio

Durelin 04-29-2007 11:56 AM


As a notice to everyone - the first post for the game will be completed and in place shortly. But, if you already have a bio complete, please go ahead and post it, though we ask that the first post not come too long after. :D

Also, feel free to post any questions, suggestions, or notices (such as, as Pio said, what type of character you are planning on playing).

Thank you, Pio and Child for all your help. And thank you to all those interested in this little game. :)

piosenniel 04-29-2007 07:55 PM

You can take a look at the opening posts for the game HERE on the RPG thread or scroll up to post #11 on this thread.

Looking forward to seeing your bios & posts all you hidden players! :cool:

~*~ Pio, game moderator

Firefoot 04-29-2007 07:57 PM

Hey, all! Can't wait for this to start - I'm looking forward to seeing your characters... :)

And everything Durelin said. :D

Thinlómien 04-30-2007 04:14 AM

One hidden player (am I one?) says hello...
I'm so enthusiastic about this! :D

Just wondering... You guys said you'd prefer a majority of male characters. I have nothing against male characters, but for personal reasons I'd prefer playing a female (I've felt that my male characters tend to be far better than my female ones, so I'd love to take a challenge and make an intriguing/good female character!). So could I design my character later, when I've heard of more players so that if there's to be too many women, I'll play a male, if not, I'll play a female...?

Durelin 04-30-2007 07:07 PM

If you really don't mind waiting to decide on your character, it would be very nice if you could! At least we can wait and see generally what other people are planning.

But really I have no problems with you playing a female character (and at this point I don't see there being an issue at all) as long as we don't get overwhelmed by that one gender. ;)

What say you, Firefoot?

I guess I've always been a little (overly) hesitant about too many female characters in certain games (and playing certain roles)...I have gotten better, though! :p

Firefoot 04-30-2007 08:00 PM

I definitely don't want there to be more than one or maybe two female characters, depending on how many sign up, but I think one could add some spice to the game. So it's fine by me. :)

Forest Elf 05-01-2007 08:07 PM

Linked to Player/Character list ~*~ Pio

NAME: Grimbeorn Tinuviel

AGE: 23



WEAPONS: Sword and he has a good shot with a bow and arrow, but prefers to use the sword.

APPEARANCE: Standing at 5'10 he would appear as a bit tall. His face bears a scar from just above his left brow that goes down his face, slanted, until it stops in the middle of his right cheek—a result of barely escaping death. His hair reaches down to his shoulders, and is a dark brown, almost black colored because it is so dark. His eyes are a light green, that once gave his face a cheery look, but ever since he had gotten the scar, they make him appear alert and dangerous. His clothes are that of a simple woodman's. He has a bit wild look about him, mainly from his scar upon his face. He also has scars on his chest and arms.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Stubborn and hard headed, this is not someone you would want to argue with, or have get angry at you. Not that many people would, mind you. His greatest wish when he was young was to be a ranger and he grew and became one. His temper is quick to come, yet it is also quick to fade away. He has a kind heart, yet isn't a softy either. He knows when to hold his tongue (even if he doesn't always do that), and he knows when it is fine to speak. He often pushes himself striving to protect those around him, or to set new challenges for himself. He can be foolish at times when he holds a grudge against another, or when betrayed. His memory is sharp, though, he strives to remember his childhood memories...many, or which he never will. It is hard to earn the trust of this ranger, because many of the memories he has are sad. He sometimes sees faces that are familiar to him, yet he cannot recall who they were, or what part they played in his memories. His decisions are usually quick and not thought through, which has gotten him into trouble countless times.

HISTORY: He does not remember much of his childhood, why, he does not know. What he does remember though, are the few memories of his parents is his mother, who died of an illness. His father left a few months later and was found dead in the wilderness. After that, he closed his heart to many. Once he was of age, he wandered from place to place, remembering his childhood dream, until he achieved it. He faced a small group of orcs, there were only four or five of them, and he attacked them after following them for a time. He managed to kill them, but nearly died from doing so. He would have died if it weren't for an old friend who recognized him and brought him to his home until he was of health again. After hearing of the killings, he traveled to Bree to find out what he can of the killings, and see if he can put a stop to them.

(fixing a mistake that was pointed out to me)


Forest Elf's post

Grimbeorn sat there, his ears working and listening as he took in every word that was said. He was alert and aware or everything going on around him. He could see fear for the welfare of the ones these people held close to their hearts; he could see their fear and worry about where this creature or, this being was going to take its next meal from. Keeping his face guarded so as not to show any of his feelings, as he had done before at events in any town, city, or hall’s meetings. It was a habit he had, one that he knew he should quit, but found that he liked being at these meetings with such a look, even though at this guarded look could send people wondering if he was the one behind this. He could always say that he had merely gotten here yesterday, as he had, but he doubted that anyone would believe him on that.

As he listened to the argument, he felt that it was very pointless. After a few men had volunteered he stood. Looking at the mayor he stated, loudly, “I have traveled for many days to get here, after word of the killings got to my ear. I did not come all this way to simply sit around listening to arguments and plans, I came here to help find out what…this, this thing is that’s killing these livestock and few pets and put an end to these killings that have been ruining the lives of these peoples!” Then, he after realizing what he had said, he thought he may have appeared a bit wilder and dangerous with making that statement. He didn’t wish to pose as a threat to anyone but that thing that was taking the livestock. He lowered his head a little to hide his scars, thankful that his hair was long enough to conceal it away in shadows, so that he might not appear as frightening.

mormegil 05-01-2007 10:57 PM

Linked to Player/Character list ~*~ Pio


Kuric Spearhead


211 years old


Dwarf of Dale




Kuric makes a one handed mace his weapon of choice, though he is proficient at many blunt weapons and battle axes. He wields these implements of war with his left hand. He carries with him, as a matter of habit, some rather small and generally ineffective throwing axes. His garb is that of a fine mithril chain mail and is always wearing it, even during his sleep. On his right arm he employs a medium size buckler as a means of defense and occasionally using the spike as an offensive weapon. His left hand is now covered with spiked gloves.


Kuric is tall by Dwarvish standards, standing at a respectful 5'2" and nearly as broad as he is tall. He is barrel chested and his muscles are taut and well honed for combat. Kuric is not attractive even by dwarf standards and has many scars on his face and body and is missing a piece of his right ear. Kuric's beard which was once fiery read is now mostly grey with streaks of red. His beard comes well below his knee but is usually tucked into his breeches so the length doesn't always show and due to his apathy concerning hygiene, his beard is unkempt, wiry and scraggily. His nose is crooked and large due to many breaks along with a noticeably unsymmetrical face. He has a large pronounced forehead with deep set eyes usually covered in their own shadow, if they are seen; however, they appear to be a deep blue hue. There is a depth to those eyes not easily forgotten by those few who have witnessed them.


Kuric first and foremost loves adventure and wealth, even now in his old age he will not be deterred and often sets forth on adventure. He is neither a miner nor blacksmith, though he is capable at both as most dwarves are. This passion for adventure has led him over large portions of Middle-earth and is known in many different lands. He is strong, sturdy and hard. Socializing and building friendships have never come easy and he is generally viewed as discourteous, gruff, and rude. While he doesn't make friends easily he is as fine a traveling companion as can be had, unless he is crossed and then he will carry that grudge with him for decades or until the offender is dead. If a friendship is made, he is devoutly loyal and extremely giving, by his standards as he tends to be rather selfish and self-serving otherwise. Kuric has only a small amount of individuals whom he would consider friends; generally they are fellow adventures and have proven to be strong in battle. He is generally distrustful of elves though he has made a friend with one in the past. Of other races he prefers dwarves, for obvious reasons, and men.

He is strong as an ox and with his mace or other blunt weapons he usually inflicts massive amounts of damage to a foe, when they connect. Despite his age he has been able to keep himself fit, though he is not in his prime anymore and is not as strong as he once was. He is a veteran warrior, having fought in a numbers of skirmishes and actively fought with Dain’s people in the great war of the ring. He has a great sense of battle tactics and maneuvers however, he is rather dim-witted otherwise. While his battle tactics are sound if he is sufficiently roused he will go into a rage and looses all sense of thought, this has not been tempered through the years and he sees no reason to stop his berserk rages as they have served him well in the past. He has been known to have others take advantage of him due to his less than optimal mental prowess.

A strange quirk of Kuric’s is that he utterly refuses to ever wear a traveling cloak. He will wear a pack but otherwise refuses to cover his mail, which he displays proudly.


Kuric is originally one of Dain Ironfoot's people and has taken up residence in Dale, if his existence could be considered as taking up residence. His true home is on the road of adventure.

He derives his last name not from birth but from a certain battle. He had been disarmed and backed into a wall by a troll and without much hope of victory he propelled himself off the wall directly in the stomach of the troll, hoping to knock the troll down and simply get away. The force was so great that it caused sufficient internal damage so as to kill the troll.

Kuric is familiar with Bree and has spent periods of time amongst the people though an enemy to none he is not good friends with any. He find himself heading to the Northlands in search of real adventure because for those who love combat not much has been found since Elessar was crowned.


mormegil's post:

Kuric was rather well traveled, even by dwarf standards and had seen many places in Middle-earth and visited a large amount of areas both civilized and uncivilized. He was and adventurer and treasure hunter and loved to be on the move. Little had slowed him down, after a 5 year respite back at home; if it could truly be called home for he spent such little time there, in Erebor Kuric decided it was time to go seek adventure once again.

After the great war of the ring, in which Kuric proudly fought along side his people, Middle-earth had found peace for many years, and while this was good for most, it was horrible for Kuric. He felt bored and needed some adventure. North was the desired course for him. Perhaps he could find adventure outside the realm of King Ellesar.

Kuric had intended to head to the northern reaches of Eriador to seek out trolls, orcs, or other foul creatures. While on his way he took a brief reprieve in Bree and was familiar with the area as he had stayed here on previous occasions. While familiar with many he was not overly friendly with many, though some of the hardy men became Kuric’s drinking mates and they had many good nights at the Prancing Pony. Kuric was ready to set off once again when he heard of strange happenings, Kuric was excited that adventure found him in the least likely place and anticipation coursed through him and he figured he might as well see this out. He knew that this small and rather pathetic, little establishment would need the veteran leadership and experience of an old campaigner such as him. He would whip this rag tag crew into shape and get to the cause of this mystery. He decided he would attend the meeting and give his aid.

Sitting through the meeting Kuric was happy to hear that the mayor didn't pull any punches and was honest with the townfolk. As a whole, meetings bored him and this was no exception too many people talking and not enough decisions. After hearing Grimbeorn speak up about his experience and the need the town would need of his aid, Kuric could take it no more. He stood abruptly, chuckled loudly and stated matter of factly " Bah! You need a dwarfs help in this and I've got nothing better ta do at the time so I'll be helping you all out here. After all I've seen a bit more adventure than the lot of ya and if things get rough ye'll have me mace, it has sat idle for too long now and is quenching some blood." Kuric grinned and was rather pleased with himself. He felt he had a way with words and making people feel at ease.


Thinlómien 05-02-2007 03:11 AM

Problem solved
Finduilas PMed me and asked if I could play her character's sister and I agreed. (As you game owners had asked her if she could find another player to play either the sister or the brother, I gather this is alright with you two, isn't it? :))

piosenniel 05-02-2007 03:59 AM

About your First Posts for the RPG:

Once you've written them - please edit them into the post where your Character Bio is.

Makes it easier for me to transfer them to the game thread.


~*~ Pio

Durelin 05-02-2007 08:56 PM

Apologies for taking some time to answer, Lommy. But-

Yes, please go ahead with that plan! I hoped, when you expressed interest in playing specifically a female character, that it would work out this way. Lov-er-ly. :D

We're glad to have you aboard and we can’t wait to see your character!

Forest Elf – Welcome aboard! So glad to see you! Please check your PMs for the one little adjustment we need before we can officially accept Grimbeorn.

mormegil – Welcome aboard, as well! Kuric looks great. He be accepted!

Dimturiel 05-03-2007 11:36 AM

Greetings...may I join you?;)
I have to say that I find your game quite challenging, and I would be intrested to be a part of it. I think I could play a male character, I actually have a good character in mind and only need to fix a good bio for him. Anyway, let me know if I am in or not. :)

Durelin 05-03-2007 01:21 PM

Please, feel free to hop aboard, Dimturiel! Welcome!

Sign up is completely open, people! :D

But oh dear...challenging? Well, I suppose it has gotten a little more complex than we originally planned. ;) But I hope it's challenging in a good way!

Forest Elf - Thanks for fixing that! Grimbeorn is accepted. :)

piosenniel 05-05-2007 12:50 PM

Reposted list to more current position.

Dimturiel 05-06-2007 08:44 AM

Ok, so here's my character's bio
Linked to Player/Character list ~*~ Pio

NAME:Erling Headstrong


RACE:Man of Bree


WEAPONS: One short knife, slightly rusty from not being used for a long time

APPEARANCE: He is quite tall, with a shock of black hair and brown eyes. He is not a very uncommon figure, and his features hold few distinctive traits. That is, unless you count a sudden glitter in his eyes that can be seen from time to time, especially when he is excited.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: As the name suggests, he is one that always likes to do things his way. He rarely accepts someone's counsel, and dislikes being ordered. He is a great lover of stories, and that would account for his almost constant presence at the Prancing Pony. He is fascinated by anything foreign or out of the ordinary. Despite this, he is not what one might call "bold and brave" . He believes that great deeds are wonderful as long as they are heard in tales, and he would never desire to be part of a great adventure himself. However, he is not too shy either, and would go to all extents once he decides to do something. He tends to act on the spur of the moment, and he would often wonder afterwards the reasons for his hasty decisions. He is one that enjoys being in the company of others-especially if they are people who can tell a good story or two.

HISTORY:He is the only child of a quite well-to-do farmer. His family has been living in Bree ever since they could remember, and he himself has never been further than the neighbouring villages. There are rumours that an ancestress of his once married a Ranger, but Erling considers this only a legend, as he has no proof of its truth. Nor does he want it to be true, as that would mean a change in the way people percieve him, and possibly even certain expectations he might not be able-or willing-to fulfill. His parents consider that it would be high time for him to settle and have a family of his own, but he is not too intrested at the moment. As his father has been getting older, Erling's presence at the farm has been required more than before, and his obligations have forced him to spend less time at the Inn, a thing that has caused him great displeasure.


Dimturiel's post

The Town Hall had never been so crowded, thought Erling. Nor had the faces of the people there shown so much concern. Anxiety was not something those of Bree usually felt. The lands had been quiet ever since Erling could remember, and they were becoming even quieter with every year that passed. Fewer were now the tales of troubled times, and only the old ones remembered such days. the world seemed to have become peaceful and sleepy.

Yet now something was happening, something hard to explain, and harder still to accept. The malice-whatever that consisted of, for they had no idea-had descened upon them without so much as the most insignificant sign to herald its presence. It had managed to elude all vigillance, to pass all that they have considered unpassable by such evils, and it crept in their midst to strike with a suddeness that had nearly made them helpless. Who had been prepared for something like this? Who could have foretold its coming?

Who could tell now who had been the first farmer that, going one morning to inspect his flock, had discovered one or two sheep missing or had found their body lying in a pool of blood? And even then, who had paid much attention to such incident that, however unusual and gruesome foretold nothing at the time? And yet, as the days went by, these happenings became more and more frequent, and it was clear that the danger was greater than they had first thought it to be. None could ignore it now.

Erling was among those who had suffered from the terror, although their animals had been attacked more recently than those of other villagers. He remembered that he had just gone with his father to look at the sheep when they saw that two of them were missing. That was how it all started. Yet no, he thought. It had not begun with the sheep. There had been a stray dog near Erling's farm. The boy would sometimes cast food at it. It was by no means a friendly creature-it could actually be quite ferocious when provoked,-but it tolerated Erling and seemed even to be quite fond of him. Late into the night, Erling could hear its barking, and it seemed in a way comforting, as if it were a proof that the world and everything familiar in it were still there. One night, however, Erling woke up and realised he could hear nothing. There was no barking. And then he knew something had happened. He had not seen the dog since.

True, things had become quite serious, and that meeting from the Town Hall was proof of that. Erling had gone there at the bidding of his father.He would not have gone otherwise, unable to see how his presence might improve the situation.

But as he was listening to the Mayor's talk of a group that would try and put a stop to what was happening he suddenly felt excited. There would be intresting stories to be told after all that was over, he thought. But it was not only that. There was also something else, something he could not quite understand.

Till the end of his days, Erling was unable to understand what had possessed him then. He had often wonderer what had really happened there, but he could never get a satisfactory answer. All he knew was that he suddenly found himself getting up and heading towards where the mayor stood.

"I wish to go, too." he anounced, loud enough so that everyone heard him. "I...I wish to be of some use."

He paused looking around him. The others seemed to have accepted his expressed intention of being one of the "Defenders", as the Mayor called them. He, however, began to feel a little puzzled. He leaned against the wall, a baffled expression in his eyes.

"What have I done now?" he muttered to himself.


Durelin 05-06-2007 11:42 AM

Great bio, Dimturiel! I'd say he's officially accepted, unless Firefoot finds any problems with the bio.

Firefoot 05-06-2007 03:19 PM

It's fine by me. :)

Crystal Heart 05-06-2007 09:22 PM

Linked to Player/Character List ~*~ Pio

Name: Eric Wadell

Age: 34

Race: Man

Gender: Male

Weapons: A long sword on his right hip for he is left handed.

Appearance: Black hair that he trims short and a short black beard. He wears brown trousers and a tan shirt. He has dark brown eyes that look like they are always thinking. Unlike other men he wears his sword upon his right hip instead of his left because he is left handed. He wears a green cloak when he is traveling.

Personality: He is a gentle man with a kind heart. At the same time he can be hard headed and hard hearted. He can be very stubborn. Sometimes he wants to go headlong into things, which can be his downfall upon occassion. He loves being outdoors and he will always fight for what is right. Regardless of what it is.

History: Eric was born in Bree. He has been a resident there ever since. As a youngster he spent his days with his friends. They went on adventures to find interesting rocks and they pretended to fight the forces of evil. Then the war came. His father, a former resident of Rohan, headed back to aid his family after his father died. He was killed on his journey there, leaving Eric to take care of his family - his mother and two sisters. He went to work in the village, accumulating money so that they can have the basic necessities.


Crystal Heart's post:

Eric came into the town meeting a little late. He lowered the hood of his green cloak and looked around. Indeed everyone was here to talk about the situation that had rocked the town. He folded his arms and listened to them speak.

What had been happening as of late highly worried him. His sisters were still young and they didn't understand threats. Though he had been trying to drill it into their heads they still went outside. He feared for their safety. He knew that their mother couldn't lose anyone else. Especially not a daughter. Eric was sure that their mother loved his sisters more than him. He looked too much like his father and since his father's death his mother had distanced herself from him.

He wanted to know what this thing was and how to stop it. For the safety of his family and their town. Too many had died already and they needed to stop whatever was doing it. He listened as they bantered about what should be done. Finally, Eric couldn't handle it any more.

"What we need is a group of our strongest and bravest men to go out and find whatever is killing everything and stop it. The more time we spend arguing about it the more this thing gets away with what it is doing," Eric pointed out.

The mayor looked up at him and gave him a hard stare. One that seemed to penetrate through Eric, but it didn't phase him. He was use to such stares from men of authority. Sometimes they didn't like his outbursts and sometimes he couldn't help but outburst. This was one of those outburst times.

"Indeed, Eric you are correct. Thank you for volunteering to be the first in the group to defend Bree," the mayor replied. Ericop ened his mouth to protest, but quickly closed it. Certainly he hadn't been volunteering himself! Well, he had been the one to think of the idea. He closed his mouth and took a deep breath.

"You are very welcome mayor. I would be glad to go with the noble men that would join me in defending our fair city," Eric replied with a clipped tone. What had he just gotten himself into?

Durelin 05-07-2007 03:18 PM

Welcome aboard, Crystal! So glad to have you!

Your character and post look great to me, except for one minor quibble in the post...the outline in the proposal is a little misleading, I suppose, as Firefoot and I decided that we would cover the full town meeting in the first posts. Meaning that in each character's first post they should volunteer to be a "Defender of Bree," as the Mayor has already called for such volunteers.

Then, the Defenders will meet together without all the other townsfolk around - that's what we will start with when the game starts. And actually, that will be on the same day, so I suppose the outline is wrong. :o My apologies! Where precisely we wanted to start was one of the more difficult things to determine...

As a suggestion, perhaps: Eric can still comment about how they need the strongest and bravest men, and I see the Mayor responding with the question: "And are you one of those strongest and bravest men, Eric?" or something like that. So, basically, you have permission to use the mayor briefly in your post. ;)

Anyway...if you could just add to/adjust your post a teeny bit so that Eric officially volunteers, that would be great! Also heed any other suggestions Firefoot has! :D

Thanks so much!

And...the fixed first half of the outline:

Day 1 - Morning – Town Meeting; opinions are expressed, characters volunteer (or are volunteered!).
Day 1 - Afternoon – The characters have their own meeting to make plans. (<--This is where the game will open up at.)
Day 2-? – The characters put their plans into action, and depending on those plans and how they are carried out, they will at least catch a glimpse of what they are up against. How long it takes before the truth is known depends on how things go.

Sorry - that be all my fault. I hope things make a little more sense now.


NOTE: I replaced the original outline in post #4 above with this new version.

~*~ Pio

Crystal Heart 05-07-2007 03:28 PM

Oh that's okay. Sometimes it is hard to convey your thoughts. I know it well! I have been a game owner many times now and I know that problem well. :D

I have edited the end of my post accordingly. I hope it pleases you.

And thank you so much for allowing me in on the game. I am looking forward to it!

Durelin 05-07-2007 03:37 PM

Thanks so very much! Looks great to me!

Firefoot 05-07-2007 04:46 PM

Crystal - overall, looks very nice. Just one quibble - I might be misreading, but Eric's history looks rather anachronistic with the part about the war - the war has been over for 70 years (twice Eric's age), so his father could not have died in it. Could you think of some other way for his father to have died?

Oh, and we're starting to look pretty heavy on Man characters (Finduilas and Lommy, your characters are Men, right?) - I would probably prefer it if the last two spots were occupied by Hobbits, so that there is some balance in the game. Durelin, thoughts?

Durelin 05-07-2007 06:09 PM

Both very very good points, Firefoot. Yes, that is a bit of an age discrepency...

And yes, we are in dreadful need of Hobbits! I agree, the last two spots should be Hobbits. And we really need at least one of those spots filled...Toby can't be the only Hobbit!

If we get desperate, I'll fill in a Hobbit role as a sort of secondary character, but I do hope we get people interested in trying a Hobbit...

Pio - Could you please change the last two open spots in the character list to Hobbits only? (And male only, of course, considering Hobbit traditions.) Thanks much!

If someone is interested in being a part of the game, but does not want to be a Hobbit, please PM myself and/or Firefoot and we'll see what we can do.

Crystal Heart 05-07-2007 08:47 PM

I have updated my post accordingly. I hope it now fits. :D

piosenniel 05-07-2007 08:54 PM

Updated and moved along....

Thinlómien 05-08-2007 12:46 AM

So I'm going to be the only female? Nice. :D

When should the bios etc be ready? Soon, but how soon? I mean, we have to plan things tgether with Finduilas so it takes a bit more time than if we did it alone...

piosenniel 05-08-2007 02:03 AM

Today is Tuesday, May 8th.

I'd like the Bios to be done by Tuesday, May 15th at the very latest, and preferably sooner.

First Posts should be on board by Friday, May 18th.

That should give everyone plenty of time to get bios & posts done.

Adjust the day/date to your timezone, everyone, & let's get the game ready to start.


~*~ Pio, game moderator

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