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Elendur 12-31-2001 02:22 AM

What mistake?
How come it was a mistake for the Valar to take the Eldar and shelter them in Aman?

What should have been done?

Elrian 12-31-2001 03:29 AM

If they hadn't been taken to Aman, a lot more of them would have been captured and tortured by Melkor. Why was it a mistake? It may have seemed to be prejudiced to take the Elves there but not the other races, but they were the only race that was immortal. It is said that the Great Music ended sometime in the Third Age, I believe that a lot of the bad things that happened to all the races was sung into that by Melkor in the beginning. What they should have done was to banish Melkor and his minions from Arda altogether. But then we wouldn't have anything to read!

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