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mark12_30 02-23-2004 12:36 PM

Friends of Nimrodel: Tapestry of Dreams - Discussion
RPG Proposal Under Development: "Friends Of Nimrodel "

Greetings and Salutations...

The Snowed Inn thread in Rohan and The Seventh Star in Gondor have seen the loss of Mellonin's brother Mellondu; Ædegard's confusion over his young friend Mellon's strange behavior as a long-lost elf-lord; and Raefindan's confusion over his own identity and origin, and his dark and puzzling dreams.

The questions raised by Raefindan, Mellonin, Mellondu, and Ædegard will draw them northward, eastward, southward, and finally to the sea, some leading, some following, some hunting. The outline for the story is under development and can be found at the above link; it will be oficially submitted soon.

The main requirement for joining this game is a zeal for (and devotion to) canon. We will attempt to provide a canonical resolution to the tale, while still enjoying a challenging RPG and playing with time-travel ("Lost-Road" style.) Hence, devotion to canonicity (especially in character behavior and morality) is the first requirement of "high quality" for this game.

It will be the joint responsibility of the RPG team to maintain a high standard of quality and adherance to canon. If conflicts arise (especially regarding adherance to canon) there is a predetermined method of settling disputes which will hopefully prove helpful-- and also maintain the peace!

Writers from Rohan and Gondor are invited to apply. Writers from the Shire may also apply if you so desire.

If you would like to explore a canonically-feasible 4th-Age ending to the tale of Amroth and Nimrodel, consider joining the game.



Bêthberry 02-23-2004 01:01 PM


It is good to see the possibility of some more action in Gondor.

If I may, I have a couple of short comments to make.

First, in your post here you say,


The outline for the story is under development and can be found at the above link; it will be oficially submitted soon.
However, I was always under the impression that Gondorians did not have to submit game proposals to anyone to game in Gondor or Rohan for that matter. (I know that The Shire is now closed and Gondorians must seek the approval of the Shire mods there.)

By the responsible, creative and meritorious way they have gamed, they have earned the trust and right to be able to start games on their own. Indeed, I don't think there has ever been a Gondorian proposal committee as there has been in The Shire and Rohan.

Second, the way you have moved to the White Horse in Rohan is clever, but... that thread is nearing its limit and I was going to close it this week. Also, the Innkeeper your character is seeking is in the process of disappearing mysteriously (as her latest post suggests).

Did you have plans for more posts at The Horse? Let me know via PM and I will incorporate your ideas with the new Rohan plans.

The new Horse will be set in a different time.

I love it when plots thicken.



mark12_30 02-23-2004 01:23 PM

rolling with the punches
Dear Bethberry,

Thanks for your kind note!

"Officially submitted"... well, perhaps I should say officially posted. Submitted for applications. (It still needs spellchecking & sanity checking, etc now that I'm back from overseas and a bit more relaxed!)

I did notice Innkeeper-Bethberry's departure (I love dropping-out-of-windows!) and was planning on having Mellon/Amroth ask for Bethberry, be referred to Aylwen, and take it from there. Bethberry was supposed to let Ædegard know when Mellon/Amroth woke up, but that will fall through, and Ædegard will have to find out some other way. Mellon/Amroth will ask for a horse, expecting generosity due to his royal blood; I wonder what the Rohirric response will be.

Mellon/ Amroth and Ædegard need to set out for Lorien from Somewhere in Rohan. We had actually planned on making it a bit nearer the Gondor/ Rohan border, in an attempt to synchronize timelines, but I got less picky as time passed and the Snowed Inn faded from view...

I suppose we can roll with the punches in whatever new timeline you choose-- we could even have your current White Horse denizens dreaming about "The year the stable burned down, and the strange elf-lord/ young man that came thru town."

:eek: :rolleyes: ;)

lmp, any comments?

Bêthberry 02-23-2004 02:30 PM

Plots, like soups, become more savoury as they simmer. :smokin:

How much time do you need in Edoras? There is still room on the thread and if you want to do a series of posts with Aywlen that would be fine.

Who's to say that Bethberry won't make a clandestine appearance to your blacksmith?

Also, I will post an announcement on the White Horse planning thread that Writers of the Mark are eligible to apply for Gondorian games and that you are specifically inviting them to apply for this one. There are so many restrictions on who/how one comes to Rohan that many of them probably are not aware they can game in Gondor with the Game Manager's approval.

When I drop from windows in RL it is really more along the lines of slapstick. ;)


mark12_30 02-23-2004 02:47 PM


Many thanks. As to how much time I need in Edoras: Your offer should provide the leeway I need. Essentially: long enough to raise some eyebrows, re-find Ædegard, hopefully attract some fellow adventurers, borrow a horse, and head northward. Depending on the interest garnered it could take two or two-and-twenty posts. I'd guess more like four-to-eight on my part.

Amroth/ Mellon would no doubt be glad to see Bethberry, who after all showed him the most deference of all the adults involved. In her absence, his hope for finding a mount may grow quite thin.


Mithadan 02-23-2004 04:00 PM

To clarify, since there appear to be some questions, those on the Gondor list (as is Mark12_30) can start a game in Gondor without first submitting a proposal. The game owner may recruit anyone from any of the RPG forums to participate but is responsible for keeping up the standards of the game. Although a Gondor member may start a game in Gondor (but not in any of the other forums) without submitting a proposal, it is expected that the game will be well-thought out, planned and run. If it does not fit Gondor's standards, the game can be shut down or it may be suggested that the game be transferred to another forum.

This is for information purposes only. I'm sure that Mark12_30's game will meet Gondor's standards.

mark12_30 02-23-2004 07:49 PM

Mith, thank you for the clarification and the encouragement.

mark12_30 02-24-2004 05:22 AM

progress; and, the hair color thing again
Uh Oh-- now that I've posted in Talan's dreams that Amroth's hair is golden: is Amroth blond or dark?
The poem says "flowing hair", not "golden hair". My bad? I'll have to investigate Amroth's historical hair color... this may change to "straight vs curly" or something like that...
EDIT No, it's OK gold. He's Sindarin; and/but in Unfinished Tales p. 254, it says "Until the rising sun gleamed through the clouds and far off lit his bright hair like a spark of gold." So-- golden hair it is.

I think the basic "proposal" is ready; and, I'll try to streamline the plot synopsis and get both of those posted here hopefully at lunchtime.

mark12_30 02-24-2004 10:08 AM

Friends of Nimrodel: Tapestry of Dreams


Basic Storyline:

There are three threads to this story. First thread: Mellonin's brother, Mellondu, is missing, and Mellonin is trying to find him. Concurrently, Nimrodel is lost ("Where now she wanders, none can tell, in sunlight or in shade"), and although Amroth (in the halls of Mandos) is waiting for her to sail west, she is waiting in Middle Earth for him to come and find her. Mellondu, via ("Lost Road"- style) dreams, becomes Amroth's vehicle for doing so. The third thread is the history of Imrazôr and Mithrellas which will be connected to this via ("Lost Road"- style) time-dream-travel by Raefindan. This thread informs the other two and helps bring closure to the story.

We will know the story is over when Amroth and Nimrodel are reunited, and Mellonin and Mellondu (as himself) are reuinited. It would also be nice if Raefindan figured out who he really is, along the way.

Starting Location: Minas Tirith, at the Seventh Star
Likely destination: Edhellond, via Rohan, Lorien, the Anduin past Rauros, Belfalas, and other locations including Erech.

The story of "Nimrodel's Friend" will be as canonical as possible. This has several ramifications.
One is plotline; we will all strive to weave this story into Tolkien's Legendarium as plausibly and accurately as we can. This will be a team effort and there may be times when we seek help outside the team. I will provide reference material (especially on Amroth/Nimrodel/Imrazor/Mithrellas ) so that players can be thoroughly familiar with the gaming fabric.

Another is the behavior of the characters. Activities of the characters will adhere to Tolkien's standards of morality, nobility, and general behavior. Remember that he had high standards of behavior and lived by them. This RPG will adhere to those standards. Our characters' faults and struggles will be appropriate to those of characters striving to maintain an honorable, upright, moral life and lifestyle. When in doubt, look to Aragorn, Faramir, Eowyn, Eomer, Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Arwen, Galadriel. If they wouldn't do it, your character probably shouldn't either.


i) This game takes place in the fourth Age at around year twelve or so.
ii) The story itself or plot covers late Fall FA12 thru spring FA13, roughly months (or years).
iii) This game requires a time commitment of three to four months from me, the game owner and from the major players.

Main character types are:
Men of Gondor, men of Rohan, elves of Lorien, men along the Anduin, men of Dol Amroth, and men and elves of Belfalas.
Secondary character types likely are:
Good: see main character list above.
Bad: leftover orcs, hostile/resentful Haradrim, and other hazards from the War of the Ring and the Southlands. There is plenty of room for adventure and conflict all the way from Rohan, thru Lorien, down the Anduin, and into Beleriand. (And Erech.)
Character types which would not generally belong: hobbits and dwarves unless they are serious travelers or merchants.

Main characters already cast are:
mark12_30 will play Mellonin, Mellondu/Amroth.
littlemanpoet will play Raefindan/Imrazor, and Ædegard.

Needed characters:
Highly qualified writers will be considered to play Nimrodel (past and present).
Mithrellas, Nimrodel's elven traveling companion who marries Imrazor, bears his children, and then disappears
possibly Prince Imrahil
Other adventurers from Rohan, Gondor, possibly Lorien, or anywhere else along the route.


Rules (Helen's Version) for the RPG

Canon to the left of them,
Canon to the right of them,
Canon in front of them
Volleyed and thundered...

No, I didn't misspell "Cannon." I mean "Canon", as in the Canon of Tolkien's writings.

My most important goal for this RPG is that it be as canonical in spirit, morality, character and theme as possible, and in style and detail as practical for the skills of the team involved. Note that there is a hierarchy in importance there.

The following items

Theme (which I will define below)

I consider crucially important. My goal (whether it is possible or not, only time will tell) is to produce an RPG that Tolkien would read with approval. That means that although the plot is our own and some (but not all) of the characters are our own, they must fit in with Tolkien's legendarium, chronologically, logically, morally, and thematically.


are nice-to-haves. It is far more important to me that the plot and the characters unfold and behave in ways that fit, spiritually, morally, and thematically, into Tolkien's legendarium and his outlook on life, heroism, morality, and virtue. In terms of Style and Detail, do your best and ask for help where you need it. If detail is an issue, the team will be here to help you out-- more about that in a moment. In addition, here at the Barrow Downs we have some of the most passionate canon-guards around. When a canonicity issue arises that cannot conclusively and peacefully be resolved within the RPG team of writers, a canon expert from the Downs outside the game will be consulted (top on the list are lindil and Mr. Underhill) and their decision will be considered final and binding.


Mellonin is a servant-girl in Minas Tirith. Mellondu, a young blacksmith-in-training, is Mellonin's younger brother. Both grew up in Gondor and are servants in Minas Tirith. Mellondu has disappeared, and Mellonin is looking for him. She takes a position at The Seventh Star hoping to hear news of him.
There she meets a redheaded man who does not remember who he is or where he came from. For lack of a better name, he is called "Red-Haired Man": Raefindan. He begins to have troubling dreams about Nimrodel's handmaiden, Mithrellas. In Raefindan's dreams, he is Imrazor, who loved Mithrellas and married her. Raefindan's dreams puzzle and distress him, and he discusses them with Mellonin.

From Nimrodel's tale:

1000 yrs before War of the Ring
Amroth loves Nimrodel and she him. Nimrodel and Amroth decide to sail west; Amroth prepares the ship; Nimrodel travels to meet him, and is lost in the mountains. Amroth's ship is blown away from shore; he dives in to swim back to her, and is lost.

Mithrellas is separated from Nimrodel. Imrazor the Numenorean living in Belfalas, finds (and marries) Nimrodel's handmaiden Mithrellas. (Unfinished tales, page 260) She bears him two children, a son Galador and a daughter Gilmith, and then (I'm guessing she'd at least wait til they were full-grown) Mithrellas slips away at night and "he saw her no more"..."

The Song:


An Elven-maid there was of old, A shining star by day.
Her mantle white was hemmed with gold, Her shoes of silver-grey.

A star was bound upon her brows, A light was on her hair
As sun upon the golden boughs In Lorien the fair.

Her hair was long, her limbs were white, And fair she was and free;
And in the wind she went as light As leaf of linden-tree.

Beside the falls of Nimrodel, By water clear and cool,
Her voice as falling silver fell Into the shining pool.

Where now she wanders none can tell, In sunlight or in shade;
For lost of yore was Nimrodel And in the mountains strayed.

The elven-ships in haven grey Beneath the mountain-lee
Awaited her for many a day Beside the roaring sea.

A wind by night in Northern lands Arose, and loud it cried,
And drove the ship from elven-strands Across the steaming tide.

When dawn came dim the land was lost, The mountains sinking grey
Beyond the heaving waves that tossed Their plumes of blinding spray.

Amroth be held the fading shore Now low beyond the swell,
And cursed the faithless ship that bore Him far from Nimrodel.

Of old he was an Elven-king, A lord of tree and glen,
When golden were the boughs in spring In fair Lothlorien.

From helm to sea they saw him leap, As arrow from the string,
And dive into the water deep, As mew upon the wing.

The wind was in his flowing hair, The foam about him shone;
Afar they saw him strong and fair Go riding like a swan.

But from the West has come no word, And on the Hither Shore
No tidings Elven-folk have heard Of Amroth evermore.

Here Tolkien's original tale stops and "Tapestry of Dreams" begins.

After Mithrellas leaves Imrazor she returns to the mountains to look for Nimrodel. She travels far west (towards Lefnui?) and finds the wandering Nimrodel, and persuades her to return to Edhellond and look for Amroth.

Nimrodel has found his corpse (uncorrupt) washed up on shore, somewhere on the Belfalas. Since he is uncorrupt, she hopes in the possibility he might return to that body instead of being reborn as an infant, so she lays him in a few feet of clear water (a la dead marshes, only he doesn't rot) and waits (for a couple of decades) over his body for him to return.

But the Valar don't want to send Amroth back; They want her to come west; so they wait, hoping that she'll catch the next ship. Amroth is stuck in Mandos, waiting and hoping.

Nimrodel waits beside Amroth's body for a long time; however, Nothing Happens, (while Mithrellas and Imrazor are happily building a family, and Amroth is waiting in the Halls of Mandos for her to sail west.) and eventually Nimrodel despairs and loses her reason.

She returns alone to the mountains, where she finds the Stone of Erech. She waits there, drawn to it in her madness and despair, and the dead come. She recognizes their despair in hers, and chooses to stay with them, dwelling in her memories of Amroth while she is awake, and dreaming of him while she sleeps. In her madness she willingly participates in their curse. The Valar realize this and further refuse to send Amroth back to her while she is under the curse.

Mithrellas finds her, after a long hard search. She waits on her, and takes care of her. For long years they dwell there, til they forget their names and take names given them by the dead. When Elessar breaks the curse and frees the Dead during the War of the Ring, Nimrodel and Mithrellas are freed as well. (Nimrodel is, however, still mad, completely living in memories of Amroth.) They wander west from Erech, through the cleft above the penninsula that juts into the bay of Belfalas, straight to the coast. They follow the coast up through Enedwaith over the mouth of the Isen, up into Miniriath, to the mouth of the Baranduin. There they halt; short of the havens, they turn south and return to Belfalas.

Mellondu in his delirium begins dreaming that he is Amroth. In his dreams he progresses thru the story til Amroth's ship has been blown away from shore, and Amroth has jumped in to try and swim back, and has drowned; he is now in the halls of Mandos (stuck) and cannot wake up. Amroth, trapped in the halls of Mandos, is trying to find Nimrodel, who has never come west. He enters Mellondu's dreams via Osanwe; Mellondu willingly agrees to help him, but his personality quickly fades besides Amroth's strength, and as a result, Mellondu has faded almost entirely. Mellondu shows up in Rohan with no clear idea who he is. He calls himself "Mellon". Several snowball fights later he is feverishly, deliriously sick. He awakens thoroughly convinced he is Amroth, Nimrodel's long lost love. But his new identity brings some interesting side-effects: osanwe, and knowledge and memories spanning thousands of years. In Mellondu's body, Amroth sets off to find Nimrodel.
Ædegard pities the crazy blacksmith and asks for permission to follow him. His father, unable to spare additional men decides this is Ædegard's 'coming into manhood', and sends him alone. His father also sends word to Gondor which says essentially: addled & raving blacksmith has fled northward to search for Nimrodel. He may be joined by other companions.

Ædegard and Mellondu/Amroth ride north from Eastfold over the Entwash, follow the Entwash up to Fangorn, then between the Forest and the Wold, up to the borders of Lorien.

"Amroth" presses into the forest, and is immediately challenged by border-elves; he demands news of the Maiden Nimrodel, is told that 'she departed for the havens long ago', he realizes they mean Edhellond, and "Amroth" turns south. They chase the river to Rauros. (They could be joined at this pooint by one or more genuine elves.)

They travel to Edhellond (evading all contact with Gondorians, Mellondu/Amroth is interested only in getting to Nimrodel as quickly as possible).

Meanwhile, at the Seventh Star, Raefindan discusses his dreams about imrazor and Mithrellas with Mellonin. She has had some puzzling dreams of her own. She and he both agree that somehow, some way, Mellondu is mixed up in all this-- and they set off to find out why, and how, and where he is. By then news has reached Gondor of the addled young blacksmith who set off for Lorien. They set out in pursuit. with whatever companions join them (from the Seventh Star, or along the way.)

Grand adventure ensues... (all players fill in the blank)

Mellonin, Raefindan, Nimrodel, and Mithrellas end up together at the climax of the story.

How it all ends I haven't decided; Mellondu may actually die, or may wake up and regain his own identity. I don't think Amroth will re-incarnate... I think Nimrodel needs to sail west to find him. Or maybe, she needs to actually die of a broken heart and meet him in the halls of Mandos. Not sure. As you can see, there are plenty of loose ends; I half expect Imrahil to make an appearance. We need adventurers, and there can be many skirmishes along the way; it's a long journey from Minas Tirith to the old elvish havens in Belfalas. Ædegard and Mellondu arrive at Edhellond, find it deserted, and Mellondu somehow slips into a long sleep of despair-- does he jump out of the boat and half-drown himself, and get rescued but never really wake up? Comatose?? -- anyway, Ædegard watches over him til the questers show up. He's dreaming that he's Amroth in the halls of Mandos. Possibility: Ædegard could find Amroth's body too; one is dead, the other sleepeth... Maybe that's how Mellondu realises in the end he's NOT Amroth, being faced with the body of the elf-lord.

Imladris 02-26-2004 10:20 AM

Name : Aeron

Age 17

Race Gondorian

Gender Male

History Aeron’s mother died in child birth and his father disappeared shortly after. Ever since then he has lived off the streets, roaming from village to village, stealing first from hunger and then out of the pure fun of it. However, he was caught stealing fine jewelry from a wealthy merchant in Minas Tirith and he fled, dodging his pursuers like a shadowy promise.

Personality Basically he's full of life, not really understanding what it means to be selfless, reckless, brave, carefree. He's particularly dangerous because nobody really knows what he's thinking. He doesn't anger easily but he also keeps a mask of reckless arrogance on his face. He's clever, quick thinking, and an excellent liar. He is extremely proud, leaps before he thinks, anxious to precipitate verbal fights, and sarcastic. He is not skilled in the use of weapons but can fight fairly well with his fists.

If he sees an opportunity to implant a seed of jealousy, to arouse a fight, to steal anything from a piece of bread to a gem studded ring, he would not hesitate to do it. But this should not be interpretated as a malicious or malign spirit: he sees the world as a game, a sport.

On the flip side of his "bad" side, Aeron knows how to have fun. He enjoys living and nothing bothers him much.

Appearance Aeron is tall, thin, and wiry. He doesn't believe in washing his black hair often, so it falls in greasy waves to his shoulders (I suppose that if a person wanted to look, they could see lice scuttling across his scalp, carrying on their parasitical business).

A small knife is sheathed at his leather belt and beside it hangs a pan flute.

It's not the longest bio ever, but is this good, mark 12_30? I’ll have a first post, as soon as I read some stuff at the Seventh Star… ;)


mark12_30 02-26-2004 12:30 PM

I like it. You can flesh it out more as you read; likes/ dislikes, physical descriptions, etc. Temper? Pride? Can he sing? Spunk is good. I hope he's a real trouble-maker.

Good to have you with us!

Nurumaiel 02-26-2004 03:37 PM

A rough first draft of

Liornung' Bio

NAME: He goes by Liornung, though his actual name is Sarig

RACE: Of Rohan


AGE: In his twenties

HISTORY: Sarig was born the son of a stablemaster in Edoras, the seventh in a family of ten. He lived not an extraordinary life, though he did have his share of excitement and mischief. He had always been interested in music but began considering taking it as a trade when a wandering bard of Gondor passed through Edoras. This bard, delighted with Sarig's eagerness for learning as well as his talent, taught the lad how to play a fiddle. When he left Edoras to go back to his own home he also left Sarig his own fiddle. Sarig practiced diligently daily and as well as learning many tunes, he dug up as many old songs and stories as he could find in Edoras. When he reached his nineteenth year he left home to travel about Rohan to find more tunes, songs, and stories, earning his keep with his music. By the time he turned twenty he had found and learned many of such things and took on the occupation of a 'rambling fiddler,' giving himself the name Liornung to describe himself, for it means 'learning.'

APPEARANCE: Sarig, or Liornung as he should rightly be called, looks as most folk of Rohan do. He is tall, with fair hair and blue eyes, these eyes constantly sparkling with fun and mischief. He is strong in both body and mind, the one from his long and often difficult journeys on foot throughout Rohan and the other from his studies in the history of his land. His dress is not rich, for neither is he, but despite his mud-stricken clothes he always manages to impress people favorably without speaking any words by his lively, kind eyes and his cheerful, friendly face.

PERSONALITY: Liornung's parents gave the greatest care to raising all their children, wishing them all to be good and noble with no lack of kindness and charity. Liornung has very high ideals that he tries every second of his life to live up to. He is very firm in the virtues of charity and patience, tested and polished by his wanderings throughout Rohan. Indeed, he is often in deep poverty though he had made much money that day for he had given it all away to those poor who were in need of it. Rather than pay close attention to what others do to seek out their faults, he wholly applies himself to watching diligently over himself and correcting his own faults, though he isn't in the least ashamed to correct others when he does notice their faults in a kind, gentle manner, concerned only with their own good. Insults and jeers from various audiences have given him a great deal of humility and very much self-control. He has learned to willingly admit his faults when they are pointed out to him, and accepts it as a favor being done to him even when presented in the rudest manner.

And while all these and more make him very fine indeed, he has not yet acquired perfection in these virtues and does not think he ever shall, though he strives to. He often falls into temptations to commit acts that are against this virtues and nearly as often falls into them. He has been known to make uncharitable remarks about someone behind their backs, and sometimes even straight to their faces. Coming from a family that naturally has quick tempers, many is the time his self-control has not been strong enough and when insulted he replies in a very biting and clever manner back. He detests gossip of any kind, yet he himself makes rude remarks to and about other people.

But while he often contradicts the virtues he tried so hard to practice he is always afterwards in a deep spirit of reptentance and nearly inconsolable when he has realized how wrong he was. And how fortunate it is that he was graced with such loving, tender parents who never ceased in teaching him what was noble and good and the horror of what was not, for in his travels his has often been thrown together with unseemly characters of bad influence who would have no doubt changed him for the worse if it had not been for the knowledge his dear sweet parents had imparted to him.

And as for his natural personality disregarding his faults and those virtues which he practices, he is as everyone in his family. Mischievous to the extreme and never hesitating to play a prank on someone providing it should cause them no harm; fun-loving and willing to dance out the most difficult dances, play the most difficult games, or sing the most difficult songs with no hesitation; brave, indeed, for didn't he rescue his older brother from perishing in a stable fire when he was still just a lad? It cannot be denied that he is full of adventure, and his days of wandering on old roads have made this feeling keener within him. He is particuarly fond of large families full of children, but when his friends and family suggest that he get married himself he tells them most earnestly that he in all his life shall never be married, though he loves his nieces and nephews. His greatest weapon is his fiddle, used for winning the hearts of little boys and girls, though he can use a sword when absolutely necessary. When he dances he prefers to dance alone rather than with any young lassies, but he will consent to it if very much pushed to it. He speaks softer than he sings, which surprises many people for when they hear him sing they believe that he must speak just as loudly. But in truth he speaks very little, except when a grand mood comes over him, for then he cannot stop. He treats everyone as if they were his friends and he had known them all his life, and sometimes believes he has after a long night of singing in a tavern. He has no difficultly in making friends... his smile charms everyone, or at the least everyone who might appreciate a very dazzling smile.

Orual 02-26-2004 05:03 PM

I posted some questions on the "New Game Come to Town" thread in Rohan, but I want to make sure I get a profile in, so here goes. This is likely to need revision, and I'm absolutely open to suggestions and corrections.

NAME: Ravion

AGE: 35

RACE: Man; Ranger

HISTORY: Ravion was born in Bree to a young woman of Bree and a Ranger. He was trained as a Ranger by his father, and was soon recognized as a quick study. Although he was competant with a bow and more than competant with a sword, his skills were predominantly in reconnaissance, so when things began to stir and war seemed imminant, he was set to protecting the Shire border. His job was to keep quiet and fight only when necessary, something that irritated the ambitious young warrior. He found himself at loose ends much of the time, and, though things heated up as the years progressed, he always wanted something more.

At the end of the war, Ravion's father joined Aragorn in the south, where he fought bravely and died a hero. Ravion was present at the last battle, but never forgave himself for not being present at his father's final moments. In addition to this, once the chaos of the war had ended, he found himself again without a task. The peace that came after Elessar came to the throne of Gondor left no place for a young, energetic warrior with dreams of further heroism. He now spends much of his time hunting out pockets of orcs who escaped the war.

APPEARANCE: Ravion looks younger than he is, with bright green eyes and a mouth prone to smiling. He keeps his hair short, and it is brown, flecked already with grey, as are his small beard and moustache. He somewhat shorter than most of his Ranger brothers at 5'9", which was something of a touchy subject for him, and compactly, solidly built. His sword is of his own make and somewhat rough in appearance, but well-made and sturdy: his scabbard and belt, however, were his father's. He still wears mainly the clothes he wore as a Ranger, in greys and greens and browns. They are worn and comfortable, much in accordance with his personality.

PERSONALITY: Ravion is a man with a huge amount of unspent energy. He can be quite moody, the life of the party one moment and a bitter man too old for his years the next. Before the war he was very cheerful and personable, well-liked and friendly. Now he is very frustrated and can be a little volitile, lashing out at people in sudden bursts of anger.

Nevertheless, this is an aspect of his personality that he tries to suppress. At his heart he is a good man, and tries his hardest to be friendly, but his bitterness over his part in the war has made him a difficult person to get along with. With the people he gets closest to, he can seem very helpless and desperate, almost childlike, in his battle against his own frustrations.

The truth of the matter is that he feels guilty about his father's death, and thinks that, had he been there, his father could have been saved. He wants desperately to make it up to the world, or to his father, but he doesn't know how. He spends a lot of time at inns, hoping to find a worthy cause, someone to help, so that he can atone for the sins he has projected upon himself. There is nothing he wants so much as to be forgiven, and he is willing to go to any length to achieve forgiveness and peace.

All of this establishes itself in mannerisms that seem very quick and nervous. He fingers his scabbard endlessly, for example, and every night he lies in his bed, staring at a necklace given to him by his mother: it is a white-green stone with a square hole in the center, tied to a leather strap. It has his father's name engraved on the side that he keeps to his chest.

So, just tell me what needs to be changed, and I'll change it.


mark12_30 02-26-2004 07:32 PM

team expansion...
Orual, that looks great to me. Poor guilt-ridden soul... I like him! I imagine he'll end up in plenty of testy spats with either Mellonin or Ædegard, depending on whether he starts from Rohan or Gondor. Any preference? How does he team up with them?

Nuru-- my goodness, such scruples! He makes me feel like a scoundrel. Welcome aboard, and delighted to write with you again.

Imladris 02-26-2004 09:28 PM

Okay I edited my profile and it's longer now...when I write I need to get to know my characters as it were so that's why it's kind of...short.

I also changed his name. I like this one much better.

Orual 02-26-2004 10:56 PM

Many thanks, Helen! I was planning to have him currently residing in Gondor, staying somewhat close to Aragorn as a link to his father. He spends much of his time traveling, but could be in Gondor in time to join the team.

By the way, hi, Imladris and Nuru! Imladris, heh, I can hardly flit across a game thread without finding you! You obviously have fine taste. And Nuru, can't wait to write with you again...I missed you...!


mark12_30 02-27-2004 07:09 AM

next step in the process
First, I'm deighted with the writing team so far!

Second, I've been thinking about the story to date. It needs to be concatenated and brought into its own thread, and in the process some editing will be done. The main points of editing that I will do are these:

1. Mellonin's sickness will shrink from three weeks to three days (it's hardly important to the story how much time I spent in Guam :D )

2. The events at The Seventh Star will shrink down to a brief introduction and a summary of what happens to Mellonin until Raefindan enters the picture

3. Although I am very fond of the Snowball Fight scenes, they will stay in The Snowed Inn, and I will find some other reason for Mellondu's fever (such as travelling a week with no cloak.) I think I will leave the Inn scenes there (Felly and Ru are too charming to lose.)

I'll be working on that this weekend; hopefully that will give you all less to sort through while you prepare your first posts.

There's room for more gamers! Writers still interested in joining the game can either post here or in the thread "New Game In Town" in Rohan, or PM me; in addition, there are plot threads dangling in both The White Horse Inn and The Seventh Star; join in at will.


EDIT: That'll also give me a chance to clean up some problems that still lurk in the above pre-game synopsis. I missed several glaring inconsistencies... :rolleyes:

Nurumaiel 02-27-2004 11:26 AM

Thank you, Helen, for your acceptance. Do you think Liornung is too good? After going on a bit about his virtues I found he seemed as though an angel and tried to give him some faults but it was rather difficult without contradicting his virtues. I tried to balance them out a little so he was at a point where he knew these virtues and understood them well but wasn't yet a master at always acting well in them. I've been reading Fabiola and with those characters so deeply impressed on my mind... if you think Liornung is too good I'll gladly edit a bit.

Hullo Imladris and Orual! 'Twill be a pleasure to work with you both again! *bows*

By the way, Helen, what nature would you like our first posts to be?

Aylwen Dreamsong 02-27-2004 01:43 PM

mark12_30 (I feel so stupid because I just now understood your screen name...:rolleyes: ),

I've written up a bio! Yay! This game sounds way too cool to pass up! Let me know if you want anything changed/edited and it will be done.

Name: Bellyn, or “Bella”
Age: 18 or so
Race: Gondorian
Gender: Female

History: Bellyn was born the youngest child of a cartographer and his wife, and the only sister to their two sons. As a child Bellyn was like most other little girls of Minas Tirith, playing or following her mother around everywhere. Besides this, Bellyn also loved to draw. Not like other children’s abstract scribbles, but sketches that Bellyn liked to spend whole days working on to make perfect. This talent was always developing, and Bellyn always worked to make herself better at drawing, sketching, and other such artistic works. Bellyn’s father was always away to distant lands making maps and gathering details for his occupation, and he’d rarely come home in Bellyn’s early years, and even then he’d only stay for a day or two.

When Bellyn was twelve her mother and oldest brother died of some disease that had taken it’s course through Minas Tirith that particular year. Her father returned home, and after his wife and child had been buried and farewells had been said to their spirits, he locked himself in the house for days on end, staying in his wife’s bedroom and trying to call on memories that did not exist for his lack of being home. Angry with himself and without memories of his beloved wife and firstborn son, Bellyn’s father ordered everything packed up and they all left to go to Edoras, in Rohan. Bellyn’s father yearned for a new beginning, and he hoped that he would find it in Edoras.

All the while Bellyn grew better and stronger in her art. Her father prompted her to help him in his business, and draw final-draft maps of different areas. Bellyn agreed, hoping she’d see more of her father. However, he continued his former ways and always went off to graph and map distant lands, leaving Bellyn in the care of her remaining brother. Bellyn began to spend more and more time at the local inn, and soon was spending whole days inside drawing her maps feverishly and devotedly – maybe ordering side dishes of pastry cakes in the process. :D

Personality: In spending most of her time at the Inn, Bellyn quickly learned to be open-minded and take first impressions at a glance. She is always able to think abstractly, and likes to think everyone is good until proven otherwise. As an artist Bellyn has learned to appreciate the creative side of everything, and loves music, dance, and of course art. However, Bellyn wants nothing more than to be the one exploring, not just the one making the maps. Bellyn can recite the coordinates of any place in Middle-Earth, but she’s never been to any of them. All she wants is to be able to see what they look like in reality, not just on paper. Bellyn is usually never cynical, but likes to be analytical and always thinks things through to determine what course of action to take. Thus she always thinks before accusing and everything she says has had tremendous contemplation put into it.

Appearance: Bellyn’s hazel eyes are always alive, making them the only differentiating feature included with her rather plain face. Her once-swarthy skin has paled with all the time spent indoors drawing maps, and with the disappearance of color, a slight dusting of freckles has arrived. Bellyn’s smile is always weak and faltering, her chin is stubborn and her eyebrows never help depict any emotion. Her hair falls long to the middle of her back and is in a dark brown shade near to black, with a slightly wavy, frizzy, messy look about it. Bellyn is rather average in build, though she is rather short for her age, which makes her look a bit stockier than she really is. Bellyn wears flowing skirts of dark red or beige, and rarely wears shoes since she is always indoors though she does own a pair of boots that are a bit too small for her now.

Let me know what you think.


littlemanpoet 02-27-2004 09:47 PM

I'm in this one up to my eye teeth, since I'm responsible for Raefindan and Ædegard. I promise bios for both of them as soon as I can find time. Please be patient, I'm feeling huge pressure from a self-imposed deadline and have only three weeks to plow through perhaps 200 manuscript pages of a story I'm writing when I'm not doing other things like keeping the Hills of Evendim rpg going, etc. (Heh - not to mention keeping food on the table).

It's good to see Imladris and Nurumaiel here! You two have helped make Hills of Evendim a lot of fun (but enough about that).

Helen, you are putting together a great rpg here. I'm honored and eager, and looking forward to all of the interesting time travel possibilities that Tolkien has laid the groundwork for in his Lost Road.

mark12_30 02-27-2004 10:30 PM

Nuru: No, I don't think your violinist is too good. A character like that can easily get so wrapped around his own scruples that he slows to a standstill, or gets completely flummoxed, and will have to be snapped out of it by either circumstances or his companions.

Aylwen: good, thoughtful bio. I'm wondering, though, how she will end up on the trail with the Rohan contingent; I don't think Ædegard would go for having a "girl along, to have to take care of". He's got to "take care of" Mellon/Amroth already, in his mind. Mellon/ Amroth will be too focused on his search to care...

On the other hand, if she were to be rebuffed, get stubborn, and then follow (or stalk) them til they were quite well on their way, they'd be "stuck" and would have to take her under their wing, so to speak. You could have a lot of fun with that. Or you could find a good reason to team up with Nuru's fiddler. Food for thought...

littlemanpoet 02-28-2004 03:50 PM

Please let me know if you have any "yeah buts", or questions, or desire for further development.

NAME: Ædegard

AGE: 21

RACE: Human


WEAPONS his father's broadsword hangs over the mantle, and is an heirloom to Ædegard. He also carries a dagger, and can use a hammer quite well.

APPEARANCE: 5' 11", brown hair, blue eyes, looks young for his age, his beard is quite soft and fuzzy; has Rohirrim look about him in general; a happy face when he smiles; seems suspicious when he frowns. Strong in chest, shoulders, and right arm. No runner.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Practical. Surly when pushed beyond his normal preferred limitations. Not used to surprises; doesn't like them. Cautious. Fun loving. His parents and their wellbeing are very important to him. Loves the old songs and stories about the War, but doesn't want to live any such life. His weakness, in his own eyes, is that once he has locked into loyalty with someone, he stays loyal to the bitter end.

HISTORY: He is a wheelwright, only child of a wheelwright; his father is lame from the War of the Ring, and his mother takes care of them both; Ædegard provides for his parents and lives at home. An artisan by nature and skill. Befriended Mellon in the middle of a snow ball fight.

************************************************** **

NAME: Raefindan (or Red)

AGE: 22

RACE: Human


WEAPONS: None unless you include soup ladle, fork, and knife, and now, a scrub brush. :)

APPEARANCE: 6'1", a mop of red hair, dancing blue eyes, a little thin. His hands and face give him the appearance of upper class life style, but his mannerisms deny it.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Witty, intelligent, given to words and phrases that seem out of place in Middle Earth, always willing to translate. Not a clutz or ungainly, but has no weapons skills at all. Quick to make friends. Bears some hidden pain that his dreams of Imrazor and Mithrellas bring to the surface.

HISTORY: He cannot remember anything before a few days ago when he stood outside Minas Tirith, in awe. He found the Seventh Star Inn, where he was welcomed, made an employee, and was befriended by Mellonin.

mark12_30 02-28-2004 10:23 PM

lmp, thanks for the bio sketches. Reading them I almost feel like I've met those guys somewhere ... :p if only I could remember where... :rolleyes: :D

I guess to be thorough, I should do a bio for Mellondu and Mellonin-- and maybe Amroth too!

I am so delighted with the way this team is shaping up.

Eru is good.


ps. Since I can't resist, here's a preliminary character list. Think of it as a toast and celebration...

Established characters:
littlemanpoet: Raefindan and Ædegard
Aylwen Dreamsong: Bellyn the thoughtful mapmaker
Nurumaiel: Liornung the idealistic, scrupulous fiddler
Orual: Ravion the restless, guilt-ridden ranger
Imladris: Aeron the theif and lively rascal
mark12_30: Mellonin and Mellondu/Amroth

Open characters:
more adventurers

mark12_30 03-01-2004 07:30 AM

Sorry I haven't put up the edited Introduction yet. Real life intervened (in a good way) this weekend. I'll keep at it.

Grace and peace, --mark12_30

mark12_30 03-01-2004 02:02 PM

Still a bit rough
It's up all but the second post, which is saved on another computer. It still needs a little fine-tuning, but I hope it is easier for the team to get reasonable bearings on the storyline so far!

Orual 03-01-2004 07:18 PM


I just realized that I haven't submitted a first post yet. Just ouf of curiosity, would you like one?


mark12_30 03-01-2004 08:01 PM

first posts and such

Thanks for checking! No rush, though; I'm still hoping for a few more players (a few more travellers, and Nimrodel and Mithrellas) and there is a lot of material to digest. If you are ready for a first post, that's great & go ahead & put it here. If you need a little more time, that's OK too.

For that matter, if any of you (besides lmp who already has two) feel like taking on a second character, just let me know, and post the bio. I was hoping that Mellonin would have a female travelling companion of some sort. Aylwen's character (Bellyn) is based out of Rohan, so I'm assuming she would be travelling with Ædegard and Mellon/Amroth; there's a propriety issue there too, depending on how it's handled.

Too bad Mellonin is a servant herself. Kind of hard for her to have a handmaiden in that case. My other option is to have her travel disguised as a man (she does have her brother's extra clothes) and Raefindan be sworn to secrecy; dicey though. Although there's Trilogy precednce in Eowyn. Maybe I'll do that.

Ooo -- then Aeron the thief can figure it out...

Imladris 03-01-2004 08:32 PM

Ooo, that sounds great, mark 12_30! Aeron could then figure it out if that's what you decide to do.

If you wanted a female travelling companion (unless somebody else wanted to play her), I could change Aeron's history so that he had a sister who. Might provide some humerous rivalry. *shrug*

On another note, it's going to be great playing with you guys Orual and Nurumaiel ! Thanks for the welcome and I'm sorry I was so late in returning it...

I shall work on a first post...

So cheers to all!

mark12_30 03-01-2004 08:43 PM

Aeron's sister
Istawen, how's this: Aeron is originally from a village several days north of the city, where his sister still lives. Aeron figures out Mellonin's disguise, and bargains with Mellonin that he'll keep his mouth shut if and only if she lets BOTH him and his sister join them.

So as they pass his old village, he fetches his kid sister-- who is also adept at disguising hersef as male. So we end up with two unlikely sets of night-time-camping companions-- Aeron's rather rascally tomboy sister camping with Mellonin-disguised-as-her-brother-Mellondu, and, Ravion the Ranger and Raefindan ( who are both refined and very gentle ) camping with rascally Aeron. That would be a challenge for all of them...

Orual, does that sound like fun? I can imagine the feuding between Raefindan and Ravion on the one hand, and Aeron on the other. And then there will be the odd twist here and there when Aeron and Ravion agree, on things like woodcraft and tracking (in which Raefindan is no expert.)

Heh, heh, heh... :cool: :p :D

Imladris 03-01-2004 08:47 PM

Yes!!! You have a brilliant mind, mark 12_30!

Yours, radiating with excitement,

mark12_30 03-01-2004 09:19 PM

starting locations: sanity check
Bellyn and Liorning are starting out in Rohan-- do I have that right? And Aeron and Ravion are starting out in Minas Tirith? Straighten me out if I need it.

--still on the lookout for more adventurers, possibly including Nimrodel, Mithrellas, and maybe a Lorien elf or two

Imladris 03-01-2004 11:11 PM

Aeron's little sister
Name Gwyllion

Age 15

Personality Like her brother, she is very rascally and mischievous. She is an excellent actor, sometimes bordering on the “melodramatic” as Raefindan would say. Because she is not quite as quick thinking as her brother she is not nearly as good a liar. Thus, she stalls either by sobbing as her mind races to think of a heart wrenching story or by playing the role of a melancholy girl plagued by grief. Naturally, she is not as good a thief as her brother. Every time she tries to pick a pocket she gets caught, though sometimes she can talk her way out of it by being as cute and adorable as possible. Aeron though that they could make a team, but due to miscommunication and sibling rivalry (Aeron secretly though Gwyllion was being lazy), the team never worked, each blaming the other for each successive failure.

Their mother died giving birth to her. Gwyllion, not surprisingly, blamed herself for their mother’s death. The children endured under the rule of a resentful father, but Gwyllion always tried to love him. When he left them eight years later, she was sure he’d come back some time. Aeron always said he’d come back when they were both in their graves but she would merely answer with a disdainful snort. Aeron once told her that they had to cut her from their mother’s womb and that she was covered with blood when the midwife pulled her out and handed her to the waiting arms of her father. Because of that, she now suffers from a severe case of Hematophobia, the intense fear of blood. Because of this severe case of Hematophobia, she is uncomfortable around things that are red, scarlet, and reddish brown (the latter reminds her of dried blood).

She is rather sensitive to criticism, but who isn’t? She has quite a temper that her brother loves to spark into flames, but usually reveals itself under the slightest peeve. However, she has learned to control it, and it only escapes as muttered fumes.

She loves to draw and has a unique talent at caricature.

Appearance She has pallid skin from hiding away in their crumbling hut, drawing pictures, fiddling around with cooking, polishing her varied jewels. Around her neck, there is a dirty leather thong the end of which disappears under her dress. From this thong hangs a sapphire ring with golden veins threading their way through the murky, sea blue stone. This was the first piece of jewelry that Aeron had first stolen and she treasured it.

She usually wears a dark blue dress that hangs skimpily from her scrawny frame. Her jet black hair is braided in a crown upon her head and Aeron himself can’t remember the last time she had untwined it and actually washed and brushed it. Her deep brown eyes are large, glimmering with mischief. Her cute little nose is lightly freckled.

Orual 03-02-2004 08:39 PM

That sounds fine, Helen. I think I'll wait a bit on my first post, but I've started working on it, so it shouldn't be too long.

The plan with Aeron and his sister that you talked about in your post sounds great. I can see Ravion proving a somewhat difficult companion for Aeron...careful, Imladris, for this frustrated Ranger can both bark and bite, and has little tolerance for foolishness!

Oh, and yes, Ravion's showing up in Gondor. At the Seventh Star, if I'm not mistaken, and probably a little tipsy. A long, bad day, a nice pub, a little ale...the makings of a decision to go on a quest!

By the way, I'm just not going to bother to fix my spelling error in my last post. Just imagine that I was getting kicked in the stomach, and I actually meant to say "ouf". 'Cause I'm kind of French. Or whatever.

mark12_30 03-02-2004 09:08 PM

Thanks, Orual! I'll be looking forward to Ravion's visit to the pub. Glad he gets ouf once in a while. :p

Imladris 03-02-2004 09:45 PM


I can see Ravion proving a somewhat difficult companion for Aeron...careful, Imladris, for this frustrated Ranger can both bark and bite, and has little tolerance for foolishness!

mark12_30 , will Ravion know that Mellonin is a woman?


mark12_30 03-03-2004 04:40 AM

That's Orual's call; at first, anyway. He'd figure it out within a day of travel (Rangers benig what they are) but it'll depend on how he and Mellonin meet.

Hey-- Orual, do you want Ravion to be the one who brings the rumor from Rohan of the addled blacksmith who thinks he's an elf-lord?? Ravion could have heard the latest news from someone at the Gate, or whatever...

In that case, if you want Ravion not to know at first, then Raefindan could tell Mellonin, who could disguise herself before she introduces herself to Ravion.

But like I said, that's your call. Have fun!

Aylwen Dreamsong 03-03-2004 04:12 PM

Nuru -- Care to have our characters team up a bit, as they are both heading out from Rohan? :D

Helen -- Where should the Rohan folk go from there to meet up with everyone? Or am I totally lost (<--might be the case...)?



mark12_30 03-03-2004 05:04 PM

I had imagined the Rohan adventurers would be following (or perhaps tracking) Mellon/ Amroth as he headed north to Lorien.

They will be in advance of the team from Minas Tirith, unaware of the pursuit.

The team from Minas Tirith will be trying to catch up, figure out what's going on, why Mellon is heading to Lorien, etc.

Most of Mellonin's hunt is to figure out why Mellon has gone on travel and catch up with him-- and once she does finally catch up with him (very late in the game) to figure out how to get through to him.

In terms of the Rohan contingent, if you have other ideas, let me know! We can toss plot options around.

Orual 03-03-2004 10:32 PM


Hey-- Orual, do you want Ravion to be the one who brings the rumor from Rohan of the addled blacksmith who thinks he's an elf-lord?
That'd be perfectly fine. He'd have ample opportunity to have gotten wind of such a thing while traveling.

As for whether Ravion knows whether or not Mellonin is a woman...well, if they meet at first at the Seventh Star, he'll probably be too drunk to figure it out. But Helen's right, as a Ranger, he'll probably guess it soon enough. But I have a question...


In that case, if you want Ravion not to know at first, then Raefindan could tell Mellonin, who could disguise herself before she introduces herself to Ravion.
I'm confused by this. Would he have to know that Mellonin is a woman before he retells the weird story that he heard that one time of the blacksmith-turned-elf-lord? I was thinking that he'd just let it slip at the Star, and events would unfold from there.

Correct me if I'm wrong, though! Oh, and by the way, do I need to establish Ravion at the Seventh Star thread before the game starts?

Oufingly yours,

mark12_30 03-04-2004 04:54 AM

Seventh Star-- no, I think the game has sifted here. Just put a first post onto this discussion thread and I'l weave as neccessary.

I still need to grab the last few posts from White Horse Act II.

Your ideas all work for me, Orual! A tipsy Ravion it is. Let slip whatever works, and Raefindan can take it frm there.

By the way (speaking of Raefindan) lmp has some deadlines to deal with, so his characters won't be particularly talkative until those deadlines release him... I'll carry conversations if neccessary.

I'll get those posts from White Horse Act II, and y'all can gin up some first posts and put them here. Any questions / ideas, fire away!

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