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piosenniel 11-10-2006 07:29 PM

Life of Gold RPG
The Elf sat with his back against the side of the cold, hard wall, re-reading the letter he had received. His long blonde hair fell straight back, glistening in the sunlight that was shining on him from the East. For the sun had just risen and Glirdingo had just arrived in Rohan.

He sighed and looked up from the parchment. The letter was an important one. The Dwarf Thin-Gloomy, (“The one who beat me in a race!”) had been kidnapped and a message was sent (or so he assumed) to the other contestants.

He shook his head and started thinking. “Why did I even come? I don’t even like Dwarves! I just hope that Galadster or Kafkalina show up for this…” For he had gone on an expedition with them shortly after the Great Golden Hoard race to Fangorn. He had seen many interesting things on that expedition. But he vowed to himself never to repeat them. “For people would be frightened if I did,” he thought sadly.

He got up and started pacing back and forth, debating whether or not to enter the Inn. For the letter had said to meet the caretaker inside. But he felt wary. For he did not know the land of Rohan to well for the only time he had ventured forth from his home in Lorien was on the quest for the Great Golden Hoard and his expedition with Galadster and Kafkalina.

He continued pacing back and forth, sometimes stopping and looking at the Inn, sometimes to look East. But most often, he looked North East to where his home lay. He was just about to decide to go in when his eyes looked out and saw a figure approaching. He couldn’t tell who it was for they had their head bowed.

He continued to watch the stranger until he (or she) had come straight up to him. “Good day to you stranger! And who might you be?”

--- Glirdan

piosenniel 11-10-2006 07:29 PM

Crystal Heart’s post

She watched the elf from beneath her hood of soft blue as she approached the in. She smiled. He hadn't changed since the last time she had saw him. Well, she had to take back that thought. He was grown into an elven man now. The last time she saw him he had been just an elven lad, running along the river with her. He had found something that had led him away from Lorien and from her.

She had missed him. He had been her good friend. Since their lives had changed it was so hard not to look at him and remember a simpler time. She had never imagined that she would find him here. Especially not in Rohan.

She was only in Rohan because her father had finally allowed her to go on a quest. She had finally finished and she had wanted to take a break before she headed back. She never dreamed she would have ran into him.

“Good day to you stranger! And who might you be?” She asked him with a bright smile, pulling back her hood to reveal herself. She wondered if he would remember her.

piosenniel 11-10-2006 07:30 PM

Valesse’s post

Valesseka glared at the parchement furiously. Convinced, somehow, that it was from a certain nobleman who at their parting she imagined travelling far to the south and east never to be seen again. She wanted desperately to know what the unknown symbols read, so much so that after a day of scowlling at them she gave in and asked for someone to read it to her.

It wasn't from Eomerleo, nor did it mention him specifically, but from the wording she felt there was a real chance of seeing her fellow traveller once again. Wasting no time she collected her things and set out for Rohan. The Arnorian moved quickly southward, somewhat glazing over the world around her, and used the same method she had in racing those months ago.

At the door of the White Horse she paused somewhat expecting to hear that crazed shouting she once heard at the Sea of Rhun. Smirking to herself she shook her head and made her way to the door.

piosenniel 11-10-2006 07:30 PM

Eomer of the Rohirrim's post

Éomeléo sauntered up the path whistling cheerily, some would say obnoxiously, considering the circumstances. He could not possibly comprehend such a viewpoint, though. At the moment he was caught up with the question of why some clouds were pink. He hadn't the faintest idea, but it amused and puzzled him no end. The suffering of others was as locked in a cage. Very prepared was he not to look inside.

He had been staying in Rohan for a few months now. He thought it pleasant, far less stuffy than Gondor. He was only slightly worried that his whereabouts would be revealed. His contacts in Rohan were all well-off and settled. It was unlikely that any of them were going to betray him to his family (especially since his family were notoriously resentful of the Rohirrim). Yes, Rohan was good.

When he got the communiqué detailing the plight of Thin-Gloomy, he was more than happy to help. The lure of a great reward was obviously pressing, but Éomeléo did honestly feel a degree of empathy with the Dwarf. He realised that he would have suffered the same misfortune had he been skillful enough to claim the treasure. Also, he had nothing better to do with his time. His best friend Holaert had gone off for a few weeks on business and so the opportunity for great fun in Rohan was diminished.

There was also the Valesseka issue but Éomeléo couldn't quite clarify that yet.

piosenniel 11-10-2006 07:30 PM

Cordelia Harrison's post

Marieme had seen a lot of things, but she had never dreamed that she would see a real place to sleep again. Granted, it would hold nothing to her lovely bed back in Lorien. Yet, it was far far better than spending another night sleeping on the ground. She couldn't complain. She had learned to appreciate her home and her family far more now.

She rode the tired horse over the hill and sighed. She had finally found the Inn that she had heared about. She was thankful that she had found it. She had figured that she would never ride over the ridge and find a kind, safe place to sleep. She sighed and led her horse down the ridge.

piosenniel 11-10-2006 07:31 PM

The Sixth Wizard's post

In a large open field somewhere in Rohan, a small figure was hurrying through the bright sun. Heavily dressed, he was nevertheless in a state of disrepair, and looked as though he had travelled a long way. This was in fact a dwarf known as Dárin of the Iron Hills. And Dárin the Dwarf was in the state of mind that had carried him through the past few weeks. Grumpy.

"Witch-Kings and Necromancers! Elves and Dragons! Spiders and Skin-changers! Goblins and Trolls! I can't take it any more, no I can't, I am too old, too old. Why oh why did I ever begin this journey? I don't like Thin-gloomy! I should've earned my bread at home, or become a builder, ...or something anyway! And curse this infernal grass!" A stream of mixed curses and profanities were dispatched from Dárin as he plucked a few spines from his clothes.

There were many miles behind him, and many a clue from travellers he had met over the disappearance of his second cousin Thin-Gloomy. The main reason Dárin had left the Iron Hills was because of his poverty, brought on because he was terrible when dealing with gold, and the thought he may profit from helping his relative. And somewhere there were some family ties hidden under his gruff exterior. He actually had quite a loyal heart.

Finally he began to draw near to civilisation. Civilisation, he laughed. People of the farms know nothing of stonework! One thing they're good at though, making ale. He hastened toward the nearest Inn, ignoring their stares, and a snuffling horse. A good drink awaited.

piosenniel 11-10-2006 07:31 PM

Thinlómien’s post

When Thin-Gloomy had won the race for the hoard, all the things he had could thought of had been the victory and what to do with the prize. The reality had hit him the next day. How was he to carry the enormous treasure home? And what was 'home' for him? Did he really wish to return to the Iron Hills? Where else could he go?

He had had no idea what to do, so he had started from the smallest of matters. He had begged an audience from King Malvegil of Arthedain. He had told the King he was about to establish a trade caravan carrying coal, and needed a few wagons and able drivers. King Malvegil had agreed after a little while. He had probably wanted to seem generous and, after all, he had owed Thin-Gloomy quite a lot of his knowledge of the Angmarian army.

Thin-Gloomy had made a fatal mistake. Instead of asking the king for guards to protect him he had decided to hire some sellswords from Annúminas after he had got the treasure. He had not expected that the knowledge of the prize and his victory had already been heard by ears whose owners bore little good intention.

The day had been a beautiful one, more beautiful that it had been for weeks. The sun had shone and there had been no clouds. Even Thin-Gloomy couldn't have expected an attack on such a lovely day. I have doubtlessly become softer and lost all my wits, if I ever had any, Thin-Gloomy thought later. He was angry with himself and well, gloomy.

The attackers had hidden in the trees and shot the wagon drivers before their attack was even noticed. Thin-Gloomy had managed to hit one with a bolt from his crossbow, when a shrill female voice had called: "Drop your crossbow right now, or there'll be five arrows through your heart." Thin-Gloomy dropped the bow. It was from old memory. When the bulliers had attacked him, he had always given up to shorten his torment.

"Thomas and Jack, tie the dwarf and see that he's not harmed... yet. Cover his eyes and his mouth too so that he can't scream for help", the same shrill voice had ordered. "Mica, help Samson down and to one of the wagons. We'll take just one wagon. When you've done that, stay here and look after the remaining beasts and wagons. Thomas and Jack will come back to help you to fetch them."

All had been done as the shrill-voiced woman had bidden. She obviously had a firm grip over the four men. A nice little harem she has, Thin-Gloomy thought dryly.

The journey to their destination hadn't been long, but it had been uncomfortable. The only pleasure for Thin-Gloomy had been hearing the wounded man, Samson, wailing with every bump the wagon took before the woman ruined it and told the man to shut up.

In their destination, Thin-Gloomy had been carried at least a few stairs down and locked in a cell.

Glirdan 11-13-2006 04:05 PM

“Good day to you stranger! And who might you be?” the cloaked figure had asked as he/she came up to Glidingo. He was slightly taken aback at the voice he heard coming from underneath the hood. That sounds so familiar...

"Well, I thought that you would have the pleasure of responding first as I am the one who asked you first. However, I will tell you who I am. I am Glirdingo from the realm of Lorien. And now I ask you once again, who might you be for I reconize your voice, but I cannot place a face." He said this all in one breath as he was quite anxious to find out who was beneath the cloak.

The person lifted their hands slowly to their hood and began to lower it and Glirdingo gasped in shock. "You!"

Crystal Heart 11-13-2006 05:13 PM

Arianna giggled and smiled. How she had forgotten just how much she loved to tease him. She lowered her hands to her sides and looked him over. How he had changed since she had last saw him. They had both changed a lot.

"Yes it is I. Do you recognize me now my dear Glirdingo?" She asked him softly. She wanted to embrace him, but she remember how he would protest when she would do that.

Glirdan 11-13-2006 05:40 PM

"Yes it is I. Do you recognize me now my dear Glirdingo?" Arianna asked him softly. How could he ever forget!?

They were the best of friends as children. Then they grew apart. It wasn't long after this (well, for Elves anyway) that he found the bottle containing the letter to the Golden Hoard hunt. He left abruptly without saying goodbye to anyone. Then he went on his ventures with Galadster and Kafkalina.

Throughout his adventures he never stopped thinking about her. They way they used to run along the river banks in Lorien, playing hide and seek, they way she smiled at him when he did something silly, her laugh...

He shook himself from his reverie and looked her straight in those deep eyes. "I could never forget you my dear Arianna. There hasn't been a minute when I haven't thought of you on my ventures," he replied quietly, as if they were the only two people in the world.

He looked her up and down. Wow...She has grown so much since I've last seen her...She is now truly and Elven lady. He looked back into her deep eyes and saw them twinkling with delight. He smiled and said, "Shall we go in? We may be more comfortable in there then out here. Besides, I am to meet someone here on a matter of great importance. And I would like to hear everyhing that has passed since I left." He took her hand (Oh, how soft her hand is...) and led her to the door of the Inn.

Crystal Heart 11-13-2006 09:12 PM

She giggled in delight to hear him say her name once more. He was the only one that could cause her to giggle for no reason. Especially when he did something silly. Sometimes he would do silly things on purpose and she had come to miss that, as well as miss him.

"I have missed you so Glirdingo. Yes, let us go inside. It is far warmer and you can tell me of this important matter. Perhaps I can help," Arianna replied. She sighed softly when he took her hand and led her inside.

He was no longer the little elven boy that she had once known. He was an elven man. One that caused her heart to stir in such a way that she had never known before. She had heard elven ladies speak of the heart of a lady and finally finding that elven man that had it. Could it be that her long time childhood friend would cause such an effect in her? She decided not to dwell on it. There was something behind his stoic surface that told her that this important matter was dire.

Glirdan 11-15-2006 04:02 PM

Glirdingo led the way into the Inn and too a table in a corner next to a window which looked out across the plains of Rohan. He sat down opposite to Arianna and looker at her passionately.

Then he noticed that she was looking at him intently and he looked away and stared out the window and noticed a figure walking towards the Inn. Another wanderer perhaps... he thought to himself silently. But that figure looks oddly familiar...

He looked away from the figure and out across the plains of Rohan, thinking back to when him and Arianna used to play together. Those were less complicated times, he thought. But now... I've missed her so much but I've never felt like this before...Have I fallen in love with my best friend?

He looked back at Arianna and decided. "Arianna, I have something I must tell you..."

Crystal Heart 11-15-2006 04:59 PM

Arianna could tell that there something that he wanted to tell her. She knew that it would be best to wait for him to tell her. She reached over the table for his hand and took it gently.

"What is you need to tell me Glirdingo? You seem very afraid. You know you can tell me whatever you need to. I'm here for you," she replied softly. She watched him intently and her heart pounded wildly at holding his hand. She half hoped he would say the words that were on her heart at the moment before diving into my serious matters.

As much as she hadn't wanted to admit it, she had fallen for her best friend long ago. She had thought that it was only a mere childhood crush, but she was coming to find now that it wasn't.

She had tried to get over him when she lost him. She had dated several other elven lads that came to call before her father had sent her away on her missions. Yet, none of those relationships ever did last. They were lacking something very vital: her heart. She hadn't realized it then, but sitting across from Glirdingo now she finally understood. Her heart hadn't been there. It had traveled with Glirdingo and he still kept it all the time through.

Cordelia Harrison 11-15-2006 05:10 PM

Marieme sighed as she finally got to Inn. She slid off her horse and gave the stallion a pat on his nose.

"Good boy. Thank you," she whispered to him. She brought him into the stable and paid the stable boy to take care of her horse. She ensured that her hood was still in place before entering the Inn. She walked over to the bar and sat down softly upon the stool.

Glirdan 11-15-2006 06:42 PM

Glirdingo looked at her intently an smiled. "I won't be afraid if you come with me my dear Arianna. For you see, the journey I went on when I left awhile back was to find the Golden Hoard. I won't go into to much detail about it here however."

"But, the winner of the quest has been kidnapped and a request has been sent out from his caretaker too meet him here." He looked over at her. "I do hope you will come with us and whoever else shows up of the old contestants."

It was then that he glanced at the bar and noticed someone sitting there. Hmmm, I didn't see her come in...and from the looks of it, she's an Elf! He looked back at Arianna and asked, "Does that Elf look familiar to you? Like our old friend Marieme?"

Without waiting for an answer he called out. "Marieme!! Over here!" He continued looking at her, hoping the Elf would turn around and look at them.

Crystal Heart 11-15-2006 08:53 PM

Arianna listened to what he had to say. She nodded as she listened. Yes, he would need help and if he had been as lonely as she had been to see another elf then he would need her help in this.

"I will follow you in this quest my dear Glirdingo. Wherever this shall lead us, I will be there. I promise," Arianna said with a bright smile.

She then looked over at the person that Glirdingo was pointing out. She narrowed her eyes and gasped. It couldn't be! "Why! It is Marieme! Oh what a glorious day this is," she gasped.

Cordelia Harrison 11-15-2006 08:57 PM

Marieme's heart stopped as she heard her name. The voices sounded very familiar. Too familiar. But it couldn't be them, could it? Marieme asked herself. She turned slightly to look out the corner of her eye. Her eyes widened as she saw two people she had thought she would never see again.

She lowered her hood and stood up, smiling brightly. She walked over to the pair and sat down, giggling brightly.

"Arianna and Glirdingo! What in the name of Rohan are you doing here?" She asked them excitedly. It had been far too long since the three of them had been parted. She could still remember the carefree days of their youth when they would play down by the river. Glirdingo had been the first to disappear, then Arianna. She was the youngest out of the group, always taging along with them. She had missed them horribly after they had been whisked away to what she had been told was missions.

The Sixth Wizard 11-15-2006 10:00 PM

Dárin hobbled toward the bar, intending to buy a drink. He bought a pint of ale, turned toward his table and noticed annoyedly that two elves had seated themselves there! Determined not to talk to them, or even draw attention to himself, he sat on his stool for a moment, which turned into a minute as another elf entered, was called over, and they started into conversation.

I have left my axe and blanket there! thought Dárin suddenly. He realised the only way to get them back was to walk over, interrupt the elves and take them. What ill luck!

He slowly limped over again, leaning on the tables. Keeping his head down, Dárin happened to overhear some of their conversation. "... the winner of the quest ...kidnapped and a request has been sent out from his caretaker..."

Dárin sat quickly on the other table, loudly shouting to the barmaid that he had poor ears, as she asked him for a further order. The Golden Hoard! Thin-Gloomy! He was almost certain these bright eyed elves had something to do with his disappearance. Convinced they were the kidnappers, he drank his ale slowly, waiting for more news.

Glirdan 11-16-2006 06:23 AM

Glirdingo smiled brightly as Marieme sidled in beside Arianna. The first time in a long time since they were all together. How he missed those carefree days.

"Arianna and Glirdingo! What in the name of Rohan are you doing here?" she had asked. He looked at her and smiled gravely. "I'm here on urgent buisness. An aquaintance of mine has been kidnapped and I've been requested to meet his caretaker here and find out the details. And Arianna has just agreed to come with me," he looked over at her and smiled warmly.

Then it hit him. "What if you came with us, my dear Marieme? It would be nice to have all us friends together once more. And Eru knows that we could use all the help we can get,"

"And if you don't mind me asking, why are you two here in Rohan?" This question had been burning him the whole time but everything else drove it out of his mind. He looked across the table at his best friends and waited for their response.

Cordelia Harrison 11-16-2006 04:27 PM

Marieme nodded at his question. Had he forgotten who she was?! She was the adventurous one and if someone needed her help then she would be there without a doubt.

"Of course I'll come along. I couldn't allow my two best friends to have all the fun," she laughed. She rolled her shoulders and yawned. It had been a long journey.

"Well I'm in Rohan because I'm tired of sleeping on the floor and I was returning to Lorien since my mission is over."

Crystal Heart 11-16-2006 04:30 PM

Arianna smiled when Marieme said that she would come. She knew that this journey would be far more enjoyable since they were all coming.

"I'm in Rohan because I was invited to a human's wedding. Odd, I know. However, I did help her in her mission and I guess she feels in my debt. I said I might come, but now more pressing matters are at hand," Arianna replied. She reached into her pack and took some elven bread out. She handed her friends each a portion before eating her own.

Glirdan 11-16-2006 06:31 PM

Glirdingo smiled at both Arianna and Marieme. Having his two best friends along for the journey would make it that more enjoble.

He nodded as they related their reasoning for being in Rohan. He remebered the missions. He had neve been on his. Unless you count the Golden Hoard search as my mission, he thought.

He turned and looked out the window and noticed a shadow reflecting in the window. A Dwarf! he thought to himself. What does he want? He looked at Arianna and Marieme to try and communicate his discovery, but to no avail. They were deep in conversation about other things.

Finally, he decided to be blunt and invite the Dwarf into the conversation. Besides, I would like to know why this Dwarf is eavesdropping on us...

"Okay Dwarf, you can come out from hiding now," he said out loud. He waited patiently for an answer.

The Sixth Wizard 11-17-2006 04:31 AM

Dárin listened intently for a while, as the elves talked of missions completed and other such mysterious matters, but nothing to change his mind they were involved. After all, they are elves, and elves are not to be trusted! he thought mutinously. An aquaintance of his! Victim, more like. This must have been a mission to steal our well earned gold!

The heist proceded without interruption until one of the elves appeared to notice him, the male with the blonde hair. "Okay Dwarf, you can come out from hiding now!" Oh the cheek! Dárin's annoyance was further elevated by the fact that he was eavesdropping after all.

Drawing breath, Dárin said in the Common Speech, "Hiding? You were mistaken, elf... I was merely enjoying my pint of ale upon my way to Eriador. My silent exterior goes via my ears, I am hard of hearing you see." This was not quite a lie, but Dárin chose to exaggerate the fact to keep aloft his innocent alias. And he was scared, thinking these elves were bandits or worse, murderers. "What were you speaking of?"

Thinlómien 11-17-2006 05:56 AM

In Arthedain, near the hills of Evendim, a day after Thin-Gloomy's capture
The night after his capture Thin-Gloomy had hardly slept at all.

The cell he was in was small and it smelled of rats. Both were things Thin-Gloomy was accustomed to. But he wasn't accustomed to a locked door between him and the world, nor to sleeping in hay without a coat or blanket between it and himself. The hay prickled his skin and got everywhere and there was probably more hay than beard growing from his chin.

The cell was dark, but it posed no problem to the dwarf. He was used to darkness. He was glad to notice a little hole near the roof though. It probably won't be any help with escaping, but it will probably tell me wether it's day or night outside.

It was not long after the moment when light finally crept to the cell from the tiny hole that they came for him. They were the same men that had handlled him before. The tall and broad-shouldered one with lifeless brown hair and gruff air about him and the young one with red hair, an ugly scar across his face and a gap between his teeth. Thomas and Jack they were called, if I recall correctly.

"Get up", the bigger man grunted. "Aye, obey when he tells you to", the redhead echoed. Thin-Gloomy saw no point in resisting and got up. "Where are you taking me?" he asked. "Not your business", the big man said, pushing him out of the cell rather ungently. "And don't even try to run. Jack's got a bunch o' throwing knives and I daresay he can use 'em too", he added, looking at the smaller fellow, who was grinning and toying with a sharp, broad knife.

They walked the dark corridor. There were a few other doors, but Thin-Gloomy presumed the other prison cells were empty. At least there came no sound from them and the dust covered the outer doorsills. "So, where are you taking me?" he repeated. "To the boss", the redhead with the knife answered casually. "Ah, that shrill-voiced cow. I see." The hit came sooner than he had anticipated. "That's not the way you speak o 'her, crippleback", the man called Thomas told him.

When they arrived to a big chamber, Thin-Gloomy was examining his face, wondering if the gruff man had broken something. His bones seemed to be undamaged, but his face definitely hurt and his ears rang.

"Bring him here." The same unpleasant, shrill voice. Thin-Gloomy lifted his head to see the owner of the voice. She sat on a high chair on a wooden platform (did she fancy it a throne?) and looked at him with a disgustd look on her face. She had long, straight, dark hair and cold light blue eyes. If you forgot her curiously short nose and square jaw, men would even call her pretty, Thin-Gloomy reflected.

"Thomas, bind his hands so he can't do anything." The order was obeyed. "Now, tell me, dwarf, where is it?" Thin-Gloomy had been anticipating this one. "Where's what, beginng your pardon, my lady?" The big man hit him on the stomach. "You do know what I'm speaking about", the woman answered coldly. "I don't have the slightest idea, dear lady", Thin-Gloomy said, "and even if I had, I wouldn't tell you." The big fist hit him again.

The bandits played the ask and hit game for a while, until they saw it had no results. Thin-Gloomy was used to being beaten. "Take one of his fingers off, then. Jack, you do it", the woman ordered. "No!" Thin-Gloomy screamed inspite of himself. "O' course, boss", Jack the Redhead replied and unsheathed one of his big knives. Thin-Gloomy struggled to keep the horrified face.

Jack lowered the knife and pressed it lightly on his left littlefinger. "Where be that treasure, strawbeard?" Thin-Gloomy let tears to come to his eyes. "Don't cut my finger. It hasn't done anything to you", he wailed. "Tell us, and I'll let it in peace", the gap-teeth boy answered with a cruel smile. Thin-Gloomy took a deep breath. "I'll show you, if you have a map."

The bandits exchanged doubtful glanced. "Mica, fetch him a map", the woman shrieked. The fair-haired bandit disappeared and came back with a big, badly-drawn map of the North-Western parts of Middle-earth. "Jack, unbind him, he needs his fingers to point", the woman ordered. "Jack's still got his knives, remember that", the big man hissed to him.

The woman ascended from the platform. "Show me", she said. Thin-Gloomy, still weeping, put his finger on the map. "There at the Northern North-Downs", he lied. Then he continued sobbing violently.

"You know what happens if you lie to me", the woman said and made an unmistakeable gesture across her throat. "Thomas, Jack, take him away. Mica, I have a couting job for you."

Though Jack and thomas didn't treat him gently, Thin-Gloomy was happy on their way back. I did it, I did it! Their bad they don't know the dwarvish mentality too well.

One for me, zero for them this far, Thin-Gloomy thought.

Crystal Heart 11-17-2006 07:44 AM

Arianna turned from the dwarf and tried not to laugh. He had been listening in. It was evident on how intense his face looked. It wasn't the intenseness of thought, but that of listening carefully for information. She had seen that face many times in her journeys.

"We were first discussing the circumstances why Glirdingo is here. Then we in turn told of why we are in Rohan. We are on a mission together and we are waiting for someone before we can move on. We have been asked to find a dwarf like you. His name is Thin-Gloomy and he has been kidnapped. Do you know any information about him?" Arianna asked.

Valesse 11-17-2006 11:26 AM

As gracefully as Valesseka could manage, she openned the door to the inn and stepped inside. She was half-expecting to see a blue-clad figure somewhere nearby with a big grin, but this simply wasn't the case. However, there was one face that she could recall from the feast after the quest for the golden hoard. It was that of an elf by the name of... oh what was it? Glandoe? That didn't sound right.

Hestitating no longer the Arnorian tossed her hair to one side and stepped forward... onto her hem. The entire manuveur could have been viewed as some what artful if it weren't for a delightfully human squawk while Valesseka tried to catch herself. "Err" she stammered pushing her now overly tossed hair out of her face and blushed "Glerr..? Glaa-?" It was no use. She couldn't remember the elf's name. She hoped this wouldn't be the way he remembered her... elves living until the end of the world and all.

"You're here about... did you get the letter too?"

Glirdan 11-17-2006 02:29 PM

Glirdingo turned when he heard the door open, letting the others discuss the issue at hand. He half expected to see Galadster. But it wasn't. Instead, it was the Arnorian woman who also took part in the Golden Hoard quest. Oh gosh darn! It's what's her name, Vareska? No, that can't' be it...Valesseka? I think that's it.

He turned to the other three, quickly excused himself, got up and walked up to her. "You're here about... did you get the letter too?" He was shocked at her how blunt she was about things. He smiled at her. "And it's a pleasure to see you too, Valesseka. I see I'm not the only one who got this letter. I wonder who else will show up on this wild expedition," he said.

The Sixth Wizard 11-18-2006 02:04 PM

Dárin disliked these elves more and more. One indeed appeared to be holding back a laugh. Still they protested that he was eavesdropping, and still they talked of a mysterious mission. But it was hard to get through Dárin's iron wall of prejudice and suspicion without some hard truth.

Luckily, at this moment of tension, another person burst into the room. She was northerner, by the looks of her, and had been travelling a long way, just like all of them. The Arnorian said, "You're here about... did you get the letter too?"

Relief washed over Dárin like a wave. If they had got a letter as well, they must be the others that were contacted. It all said so in his letter. Shakingly, he produced the letter in question from his backpack, sent to the Dwarves of the Iron Hills. The only difference was that his didn't contain instructions to go to the Inn in Rohan. Thank goodness for this coincidence then.

"Well," said Dárin. "If you are really the other contestants of the Race, I suppose I should admit I was on my way to Eriador to find Thin-Gloomy myself. If I aspire to that goal, I guess I shall need a few more people to help -"

"And a few more centimetres!" laughed the blonde one. Dárin sighed. Elves. "So I'll come with you, if you don't mind. When shall the expedition start?"

Valesse 11-18-2006 02:09 PM

"And it's a pleasure to see you too, Valesseka." The elf replied "I see I'm not the only one who got this letter. I wonder who else will show up on this wild expedition?"

Of course the Arnorian already had some idea of who she wanted to set out in search for Thin-gloomy, but past that there was no way for her to know. Careful not to trip on her hem again, Valesseka started back toward where she saw Glirdingo when she first walked in. "G-" She still couldn't recall his name. "...Hopefully those that do show up will be good friends."

She eyed the others in the tavern to make sure she hadn't over looked anybody but no one was familiar other than Glirdingo."How many are going that are already here?" When were they going to leave? Where were they heading to? Her head was starting to really form questions now that she had arrived at the starting point-- unlike at the Sea of Rhun months ago.

Glirdan 11-18-2006 02:17 PM

Glirdingo had overheard what the Dwarf had said as he and Valesseka walked back towards the table. "So I'll come with you, if you don't mind. When shall the expedition start?"

"How many are going that are already here?" Valesseka had asked as they arrived at the table. He looked around at those who had gathered. "Well, so far, everyone here at this table. Why don't we go through introductions? I am Glirdingo. Those two lovely Elves are my oldest and closest friends, Arianna and Marieme," he said with a huge grin on his face.

"Arianna, Marieme, Dwarf, this is Valesseka, another quester for the Golden Hoard which Thin-Gloom had beat us too," he looked at her and smiled. It would be nice to have another companion from the Golden Hoard with him. Then he turned to the Dwarf. "And who may you be as you have not had the pleasure of introducing yourself."

Eomer of the Rohirrim 11-18-2006 04:05 PM

Éomeléo strode up to the Inn. He was eager for a drink and not at all prepared to hold it off until he had pondered the history of his adventures over the past year. That would have to wait. He scanned the house and thought it quaint and good, typical of this pleasant land. He wondered if anyone had showed up yet, and whether he'd actually get to talk with anyone about this mission he hoped to join.

Through the doorway, and into the pub. It was quite dark, and not too busy. He became aware of just how conspicuous he looked with his bright blue feathered hat. He removed it from his head, and walked straight to the bar.

"Water, please, and lots of it" he said. With a knowing wink, the barman went about fulfilling the order. After several long draughts, the Gondorian turned around to survey his surroundings.

He saw her immediately, and noted that she was staring back at him. He nodded and smiled at her, then quickly noticed that she was sitting with a few Elves, and one Dwarf who looked suspiciously like an interrogation victim. At least to Éomeléo: he had been taught of a very black-and-white relationship between Elves and Dwarves.

Valesse 11-19-2006 07:25 PM

Glirdingo! She thought, mentally slapping her forehead. That was his name! Valesseka nodded to each of the other elves, Arianna, Marieme, who Glirdingo introduced as old friends and then once more at her introduction. Out of the corner of her eye she had noticed the door open, drawing all of her attention away from the current conversation.

She bit her lip down hard to keep from grinning stupidly as Eomerleo removed his blue feathered hat and made for the bar. "Why is he lingering there?" She thought, furrowing her brows a little concerned that he wasn't completely overwhelmed by the sheer presence of her being in the building. But after a long daught he did look over and grin widely.

Without another moment to lose, she made haste to the cheerful Gondorian at the bar "I believe I recognize your face," Valesseka grinned "but I'm pretty sure I remember the hat better. How have you been and how was your journey here?"

Crystal Heart 11-19-2006 08:42 PM

Arianna felt a little dizzy from all the people that seemed to be here. How many had been called to this quest? She smiled politely and diplomatically as she was introduced to so many.

She watched Glirdingo make the rounds. He seemed so at ease and more confident now then when they were children. He had changed so much more than she had anticipated. It made her realize just how much she had missed him.

Arianna stood up and touched Glirdingo's hand gently to get his attention. "If everyone has been invited here, then where is the caretaker? Shouldn't we be worried that this was a set up?" Arianna asked him.

Eomer of the Rohirrim 11-20-2006 10:58 AM

Éomeléo laughed and replied "It is good to see you, Valesseka!" Giggling together, they had hardly missed a beat despite not seeing each other for many months.

Their partnership had remained shrouded in secrecy from all others. The most anyone—such as Glirdingo—knew was that the two had spent some time together on the quest for the Great Golden Hoard, as well as some time together after it. No-one had had the opportunity to ask further, more detailed, questions; regardless, they would be lucky to get any clear answers. Some things are best left quiet.

"I have been kept busy. I still haven't been back home, you know. The journey here was easy and hopeful, not unlike the start of the journey last year. And you, well, I trust you are good and healthy and invigorated, of course!" He smiled, and he really meant it.

Cordelia Harrison 11-20-2006 07:08 PM

Marieme stood up and smiled as she was introduced to everyone that was standing around. Eating the elven bread that Arianna had given her that added boost that she had needed. She had run out of elven bread several weeks ago and hadn't had time to make any more for herself. The lack of it in her diet had drained her.

She started to wonder if the caretaker was coming. She didn't want to be engaged in a bloody battle.

The Sixth Wizard 11-20-2006 08:01 PM

"Well you can stop calling me by my race, at any rate!" said the Dwarf in question, hypocritically. "I am Dárin of the Iron Hills, and Thin-Gloomy is distantly related to me. And I'm not surprised so many people were attracted to this quest. With a share of the dragon-gold possibly up for grabs, I wouldn't be surprised if armies had arrived at the Inn." He introduced himself to Valesseka, the tall Arnorian, Éomeléo the Gondorian, and the elves Marieme, Glidingo and Arianna.

But still not a dwarf, said his thoughts. He had expected maybe Grimbal or Shás to come, they were something along the line of first or second cousins of Thin-Gloomy, perhaps they were lost on the road? Well I guess I should just deal with it. There's no way I'm taking on a full band of bandits on my own...

"Well, what are we staying here for? Is there someone who has a map, or information? Are we waiting for an informant?"

Glirdan 11-21-2006 04:41 PM

Glirdingo turned as Eomleo had entered. Might as well let the two travellers have their reunion, he thought, a slight smirk crossing his face. Then he turned as he heard the Dwarf, Darin, ask what they were waiting for. He was just about to respond as the door opened once again.

He turned to look at who had entered this time. In walked in the most ragged person he's ever seen. He was bald with a little moustache dressed all ragged. That can't be the caretaker, he thought. But as soon as the man saw him, he started walking towards him. He walked upright with no slouch. "Hello, I am Thin-Gloomy's caretaker. Would you be Glirdingo?"

Glirdingo gasped in shock. "Uh, umm, yes. But how did you_"

"Thin-Gloomy left a description of all his fellow questers. And, as you see, I am not in the cretaking buisness for the money. Now, would all these lovely people be those who will be aiding you in this quest?"

Glirdingo was silent, taken aback by the bluntness of this fellow standing in front of him. Then he snapped back into reality. "Uh, yes they are. Before you seat yourself, I shall introduce you to everyone."

He led the caretaker around the small gathering and introduced him to everyone. Once he was done, he went back to the table were Arianna, Marieme and Darin were still sitting. "Excuse me everyone," he said, trying to call attention to the group, but the chatting continued. "EXCUSE ME EVERYONE!!!" he yelled. The barman looked over at him agitatedly with a mingle of shock on his face. "Oh! I'm sorry my good fellow," Glirdingo apologised quite embarassed at the ferrocity in his tone.

He looked back around the crowd. Everyone was looking at him. "Um, ah, yes. Shall we begin?"

He looked at the caretaker and nodded for him to begin. "The reason why some of you have been summoned, or why you have volunteered (and I thank you deeply for your aid in this), is because the winner of the Golden Hoard has been kidnapped," he said flatly in his deep, monotone voice. "He was kidnapped on his way to the Hoard itself to claim the treasure. All of his aids, with the exception of one, were killed. The one who lived made it back to me and informed me. I took action immeadiately and sent the letters out. They're headed for Tharbad. I believe that's where the gang's hideout is. Are there any questions?"

Crystal Heart 11-21-2006 10:19 PM

The man before them frightened her. Yet, she wouldn't show anyone that. He was so gruff and ragged. She had met many people in her journey's, but she had never met someone that looked like him.

She stood behind Glirdingo. She peered at the man around Glirdingo's shoulder. She rested her hand lightly upon Glirdingo's lower back. Her other hand held onto his forearm.

"Will you be leading us?" Arianna spoke up, coming out from behind Glirdingo. She had let go of his arm. Her other hand hand slowly dragged along his back and rested on the hilt of her sword.

Glirdan 11-22-2006 06:26 AM

As the caretaker spoke, he felt Arianna slip behind him and rest her hands on his back and arm. He shuddered slightly at the touch of her soft skin on his. Her skin is so soft, so warming...

"Will you be leading us?" she asked. He started out of his reverie. She had let go of him and found her hand holding the hilt of his sword. He turned to look at her and smiled. "Well, I don't know about leading anyone anywhere. But I am going after them. Thin-Gloomy and myself may have not been the best of friends, but we were still friends."

He stopped and looked at Darin. "Yes, a Dwarf befriended an Elf. And the Elf is going to save the Dwarf." He looked away from him and looked at the group at large. "And if you all are going to partake in this expedition, I would be more than happy to travel with you. The more the merrier."

He looked back at Arianna and smiled. He already knew one companion he would have and he was quite happy. Happier than he's ever been. Then he looked over at Marieme and nodded to her, knowing that she would go wherever her friends went.

Eomer of the Rohirrim 11-24-2006 08:13 AM

Éomeléo frowned. Now that the caretaker had brought up the most pressing subject of the kidnapping, he was wondering whether there should not be more bodies embarking on this quest. The escapee's estimate of the gang's numbers mattered little. In all the time that had passed since then, many more peole could have got involved in this crime. So much gold will lead the gang to turn against each other, and maybe call other factions into play. Éomeléo wasn't sure what the caretaker expected from the volunteers.

His mind turned to the might of his land, Gondor. Couldn't he be more responsible and call for aid? But what a can of worms to open. Éomeléo just stood there, fidgeting. No questions.

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