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Lindolirian 12-25-2002 09:33 PM

He is going by the official rules of the Quiz Room, which I cannot find. We need one of those FAQ threads that stays at the top for the Quiz Room that states all this.

Beren87 12-25-2002 09:58 PM

The quiz room rules were pretty much just made up as we went along...which makes it difficult for new comers. Another reason to have a MOD for this room.

Lindolirian 12-26-2002 11:40 AM

Well, I'll go with the one posted by Tulkas and say that Finrod was the only one to not see Glaurung.

Tulkas the Mighty 12-26-2002 06:37 PM

Lindo is correct! Sorry for all the confusion, but I thought that after a week, then anyone could continue. So its your turn then Lindolirion.

Lindolirian 12-26-2002 06:52 PM

I just noticed one of mine from the first page that no one answered. Here it is:

Farmer Maggot

hobbitlass 12-27-2002 11:13 AM

Gloin is the only one who has never spoken with Sam.

Lindolirian 12-29-2002 09:33 PM

Close, but no pipeweed.

hobbitlass 12-30-2002 08:32 PM

Am I close in that it was about Gloin or Sam?

Lindolirian 12-30-2002 09:22 PM

Close in the fact that someone in that list has not spoken with someone else.

hobbitlass 12-31-2002 10:12 PM

Elfhelm is the only one who has never spoken with Frodo.

Lindolirian 01-01-2003 02:17 PM

That's it!

hobbitlass 01-01-2003 11:16 PM

Old Man Willow
Black Rider
Cave Troll

Bruce MacCulloch 01-01-2003 11:35 PM

Barrow-Wight. The rest aren't site mods! [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img]

hobbitlass 01-02-2003 06:48 AM

LOL, nope that isn't it.

Rose Cotton 01-02-2003 07:11 PM

Huron was the only one not in Lord of the Rings?

Beren87 01-02-2003 07:15 PM

Erm...What or Who is Huron?

Manardariel 01-02-2003 07:26 PM

Huron: A tree getting entish. They help Rohan during the Battle of Helmīs Deep

My guesses:
Cave troll, becaúse itīs the only the whole fellowship meets together.
Huron, because it helps "the good guys"
Old Man Willow because thereīs only one of itīs kind.

[ January 02, 2003: Message edited by: Manardariel ]

Beren87 01-02-2003 07:32 PM

Ahhh you mean Huorns.

hobbitlass 01-02-2003 09:13 PM

I am so sorry for this, but I got the movie and the book mixed up. I am sticking with what's in the book, so I have to amend my list...
Old Man Willow
Huorn (thank you Beren87)
Black rider

But all guesses so far are not what I am looking for. Keep trying!

hobbitlass 01-13-2003 11:17 PM

clue-all but one have to do with hobbit(s)

ElentariGreenleaf 01-14-2003 01:11 PM

Hourn cause it was the only thing that a hobbit never saw.

Manardariel 01-14-2003 04:12 PM

Wait, Merry and Pip saw Huorns...

Huorn, because it never apperently "killed" a hobbit?

[ January 16, 2003: Message edited by: Manardariel ]

the real findorfin 01-14-2003 04:18 PM

A Huorn because it was the only one Frodo didn't see?

ElentariGreenleaf 01-15-2003 04:56 PM

Huoron cause it never attacked a hobbit (no, that's not a changed version of that other post at alll, I mean the one:


Huoron becasue it never "killed" a hobbit"

Beren87 01-15-2003 05:00 PM

Yes, findorfin, thats three games I've seen you simply restate someone else's answer. If you don't have anything constructive to add, then don't post. Thats in truth just spam.

the real findorfin 01-15-2003 05:08 PM

Excuse me, are you talking to me?

if so, I haven't redone anyones answer thank you very much!
I said a precise answer where others have been vague, whats the matter with that.

Beren87 01-15-2003 05:14 PM

Here, you said "killed" which was just reiterating "attacked".

On the "Who am I..." thread, my post was in essence "Frodo following the phial of Galadriel in Shelob's Lair." And RIGHT after that you posted "I agree, Frodo following the light of Elendil."

Those are the SAME thing! You don't get credit for answering correctly by agreeing with me, so what was the point in doing so?

the real findorfin 01-16-2003 03:02 AM

If you read back then it wasn't actually me who wrote that, take a look before you criticise.

And on the other topic I wasn't trying to take the point, I was just supporting, sorry, I won't do it again!!

ElentariGreenleaf 01-16-2003 01:46 PM

Actually, that was me...... sorry.

Beren87 01-16-2003 06:30 PM

Now now, no need to get "hasty" findorfin.

And actually that was Manardariel, not you elentari.

Now lets get back! Can we ahve a hint please?

Lindolirian 01-16-2003 08:24 PM

So, anyways...

Back to the trivia. Has anybody got it yet hobbitlass?

hobbitlass 01-19-2003 11:18 PM

Thank you, Pallando, for the reminder.
This is a tough call for me. The answer I was looking for was Huorn- because it was the only thing that did not attack Frodo.
ElantariGreenleaf said huorn because 1) hobbit never saw it (not correct) but 2)it never attacked a hobbit.
Manardariel said that huorn never killed a hobbit.
TheRealFindorfin said that Frodo never saw one.
I'm going to give it to ElantariGreenleaf. Your turn.

ElentariGreenleaf 01-30-2003 07:59 AM

Ok. what doesn't belong?


The Saucepan Man 01-30-2003 10:36 PM

Barliman Butterbur is the only one who is not a Hobbit?

elven maiden Earwen 01-30-2003 10:39 PM

fatty because he is theonly hobbit

Lindolirian 01-31-2003 03:52 PM

Fatty is the only one who doesn't work at the Prancing Pony.

ElentariGreenleaf 02-01-2003 03:38 AM

Saucepan Man you are right, but it wasn't what I had in mind.

Lindolirian you are correct! Fatty was the only one not to work in the inn.

Lindolirian 02-02-2003 10:08 AM

Merry Brandybuck
Hamfast Gamgee
Prince Imrahil

elven maiden Earwen 02-02-2003 03:57 PM

Ulmo bvecause hes the only Valar

Pallando B.C 02-02-2003 06:30 PM

Such a looong list...

Elendil maybe? since he was the only one to die fighting forces/

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