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arcticstorm 11-07-2005 08:16 PM

10 day rule


away with you

Kitanna 11-07-2005 08:52 PM

Er... Treebeard to the angry tree (possibly supposed to be Old Man Willow) that gets a hold of Merry and Pippin?

arcticstorm 11-08-2005 12:14 PM

correct, Kitanna

Kitanna 11-08-2005 12:34 PM


Just a dream.
Have at it.

Dimturiel 11-08-2005 12:37 PM


Nothing. Just a dream.
Frodo to Sam, in the Emyn Muil.

Kitanna 11-08-2005 12:46 PM

That's it.

Dimturiel 11-08-2005 12:58 PM


of us all.

Captain Grishnahk 12-17-2005 12:02 PM

The closest i can get is Treebeard, "Ah, war, haa,... it effects us all...."

Dimturiel 12-17-2005 01:08 PM

Nope. Keep trying! :p

Captain Grishnahk 12-17-2005 04:16 PM

It suddenly dawned on me!!!

Faramir said this, "War will make corpses of us all."


Dimturiel 12-18-2005 12:17 PM

Great indeed. Well done!

Captain Grishnahk 12-18-2005 09:13 PM

"...we can..."

Captain Grishnahk 12-21-2005 09:19 AM

OKAY, if no one gets this within a few days, i'll change it. Even I forgot it for corn's sake.

Kitanna 12-21-2005 09:33 PM

I think it's Pippin to Treebeard.

Captain Grishnahk 12-16-2006 09:21 PM

Oh my word. I've been gone for MONTHS and I left this poor thread hanging! I'm so sorry guys. I'll change it; here's an easier one:

" tries..."


Dimturiel 12-17-2006 02:45 AM

Could it be Galadriel telling Elrond about the Ring?

It tries hard to make its way back in the hands of men.

Captain Grishnahk 12-18-2006 08:15 AM

No, that's not it.

" tries to..."

There's a bit more.

Galadel Vinorel 12-30-2006 07:12 PM

Gollum to himself?

hmmm.... either that or....
oh well, if I don't get it right I'll guess again later. ;)

MatthewM 02-01-2007 11:15 PM

"it tries to kill us!" - Gollum ???

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