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lore_master 03-06-2003 02:28 PM


this is a song but anyway: out of doubt out of dark to the days rising. I came singing in the sun, sword unsheathing. To hopes end I rode to hearts breaking. Now for wrath, now for ruin and now for a red nightfall

eleanor_niphredil 03-06-2003 03:17 PM

Was it Eomer?

lore_master 03-06-2003 04:31 PM

yep, your right, eomer sand that after theaodens death, when he was ralying the rohhirrim and when they were charging the black gate

eleanor_niphredil 03-07-2003 12:43 PM

kewl [img]smilies/cool.gif[/img]

"The ememy is on the road, not in the hills. You hear the Wose, the Wild Men, thus they talk together from afar"

Who said it, and where?

Arvedui III 03-07-2003 12:49 PM

Elfhelm, the marshal of Rohan said that to Merry in the camp where they met Ghan-Buri-Ghan.

lore_master 03-07-2003 04:17 PM

your turn

eleanor_niphredil 03-07-2003 04:19 PM

yes, you are correct. Your turn.

Arvedui III 03-07-2003 05:42 PM

mkay, um leeme think,
This should be easy.
"Death, Death, Death take us all"

lore_master 03-08-2003 06:00 PM

ummmmmmm......... is it eomer speaking to the riddermark?

Arvedui III 03-09-2003 12:22 PM

Yes. You go.

lore_master 03-09-2003 05:03 PM

the king? what king? and who is he?

Dondagnirion 03-13-2003 10:54 AM

That would be Frodo to Gandalf when he woke up after being rescued by Gandalf and Gwahir The Windlord from Orodruin and Gandalf said they were going to meet the King referring to Aragorn of course.

"There is no spoon."

lore_master 03-13-2003 02:28 PM

right, your turn

Dondagnirion 03-17-2003 01:35 PM

kk, here goes.

"Or perhaps his errand was one you did not wish to fail?"

"There is no spoon."

harlindon 03-17-2003 08:26 PM

The Messanger of Mordor (he never does have a "real" name right?)

When Gandalf and Aragorn and the armies go to the Black gate.

Dondagnirion 03-18-2003 12:22 PM

Right place and to the right people and at the right time but the wrong person.

"There is no spoon."

Sapphire_Flame 03-19-2003 04:03 PM

That would be the Mouth of Sauron, talking about Frodo; this was at the Morannon when the Captains of the West came.

[ March 19, 2003: Message edited by: Sapphire_Flame ]

harlindon 03-19-2003 05:45 PM

Well is someone else named "the messanger of Mordor"? OK okokok if you want to get a picky (i mean no offence) then it is the Lueutenant of Barad-dur. And if you read that little part they refer to him as "The Messanger"AND on page 174 last paragraph it calls him the Messanger of Mordor.

oh booyaaa!

harlindon 03-19-2003 05:49 PM

Oh yeah that is in The Return of the king part one yadda yadda yadda i mean this is a ROTK thing but yeahh ok ill shut up

Dondagnirion 03-20-2003 12:19 PM

Saphire gets it, score is as below -
Lore_master - 1
Arvedui III -1
Eleanor - 1
Dondagnirion - 1
Saphire - 1

harlindon 03-20-2003 02:42 PM

You suck! (heheeeeeeh im just joking) but i dont understand i mean it is the same guy and i gave book reference to my anserw so it is right and i anserwed first. but im now whining or anything like that. but yeah.

Sapphire_Flame 03-20-2003 03:59 PM

So I pick a quote now? Hm....

"So might a child threaten a mail-clad knight with a bow of string and green willow!"

harlindon 03-20-2003 05:53 PM

[img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img] yeah i mean i dont carei was just wondering for future refernce and all, because i am new at this game. I haven't really gone into this part of the forum so I was wondering if a person has more then one name that he is referd to, and the question doesn't specify what name, what one you would have to use.

oh and i was kidding you dont suck.

Dondagnirion 03-21-2003 10:31 AM

I am going to be it was Prince Imrahil about the captains of the west going to attack Mordor with so few people.

"There is no spoon."

Sapphire_Flame 03-21-2003 02:01 PM

Dondagnirion, you got it. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

Dondagnirion 03-25-2003 12:46 PM


"I dont trust any of your boys, and not you either, when your mad for fun."

Good luck all.
"There is no spoon."

Sapphire_Flame 03-25-2003 01:52 PM

That was Shagrat, wasn't it? Yeah, that's it. He was talking to Gorbag, after they found Frodo's body.

Dondagnirion 03-26-2003 12:30 PM

Its him all right. Your turn.

"There is no spoon."

Sapphire_Flame 03-28-2003 05:31 PM

This is tricky...

"Remember the Paths of the Dead."

elven maiden Earwen 03-28-2003 06:47 PM

elrond to elladan and elrorhir, as a message to give to Aragorn

Sapphire_Flame 03-29-2003 12:25 PM

Right in one, Earwen! [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

Your turn.

[ April 02, 2003: Message edited by: Sapphire_Flame ]

lore_master 04-06-2003 01:21 PM

well since noone has posted.

"stand fast men of the west for this in the hour of doom"

who said and where

Arvedui III 04-06-2003 04:11 PM

Gandalf on the fields of Cormallon.

Dondagnirion 04-07-2003 10:54 AM

Gandalf before the black gates of Mordor in the final battle.


lore_master 04-08-2003 01:05 PM

dondagnirion is right, your turn

Dondagnirion 04-12-2003 07:46 AM

Ok, thanks, here goes, cant think of anything else right now so its a bit easy.

"I hate you and it."

Very easy I think, but ask if you need a hint.


Arvedui III 04-12-2003 04:05 PM

Saurman of course.

Dondagnirion 04-15-2003 10:11 AM

Correct of course. Sorry it was so easy I couldnt think of anything else at that moment.


Arvedui III 04-15-2003 11:15 AM

neh, no problem. Um, mkay, here's an easy one I think:


,while your kingdoms last.

Morgoth Bauglir 04-15-2003 06:12 PM


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