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Mister Underhill 02-10-2004 10:06 AM

Rules for Quotable Quotes Games
Welcome to all members who wish to participate in the Quotable Quotes forum!
The rules here are quite simple, and the games are open to anyone.

1. All those who wish to create a new quotes game must first look to make sure that there is nothing else like it, so that it will not be simply a repeat thread which will be deleted.

2. In most games, questions are asked by setting a quote and answered by correctly identifying the given quote. Anyone can join in any game if they feel they have the correct answer to a quotes question. However do not just ask another question unless the thread has grown stagnant (see below). Simply answer a current question and wait until your answer is confirmed.

3. A thread may be considered stagnant if after at least 10 days:
  • no new question has been asked following confirmation of a correct answer, or
  • no response has been given by the question setter to the last answer.
In addition, a thread may be considered stagnant if there has been no new post for 10 days or more. In any of these circumstances, anyone may ask a new question on the topic.

4. If you are new to a thread, always check the first post to make sure that you stick to any rules which may have been set for that game when answering. Most games require you to identify both the character who said the quote and the character(s) to whom it was said, and you should generally also identify the circumstances in which it was said.

5. If someone has already given what you think is the correct answer, avoid posting simply to agree with it, since that wastes bandwith unnecessarily. Also, try to avoid giving multiple answers in one post, or posting more than once in a row with different answers. This helps to give others a chance to participate.

6. After you have answered a quotes question, look at least once a day to check whether your answer has been confirmed. And if you ask a question, also check the thread frequently so that you can confirm whether the answers given are correct or not. If you are having problems remembering which games you are participating in, simply look at your list of recent posts which can be accessed through your profile.

7. Actually attempt to look up the answers unless you are confident that your guess is correct. Do not simply keep guessing every character until you get it right. Work at it a little bit and you will have a lot more fun as you start to learn more and more.

8. And finally, HAVE FUN learning about Tolkien and all his works.

If you have any questions, please PM The Saucepan Man or contact him at

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