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piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:02 PM

Tears of Mirrormere Discussion Thread
Thinlómien and Groin Redbeard invite you to play in their RPG:

Tears Of Mirrormere

piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:03 PM

Basic Storyline: After the death of Balin, Lord of Moria, his people are attacked by an army of Orcs that comes up the Silverlode. The Dwarves hold off the enemies and when the Balrog awakens, there is a battle and the survivors try to flee to the Eastern Gate, where they find that they are trapped between the Balrog and the orcs and the Watcher and flee back to the Chamber of Mazarbul, where they are eventually slain.

NOTE: To refresh your memory of what Tolkien wrote about this period in Dwarvish history please re-read – The Fellowship of the Ring; “Chapter 5”, The Bridge of Khazad-dum (about the first 3 pages).

piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:03 PM

The purpose of the story is to: Give an account of the Dwarves' desperate defense at the Eastern Gate, in the Twenty-First Hall, Hollin Gate and eventually the Chamber of Mazarbul.

This means we will know the story is over when: When everyone is dead!

piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:04 PM

Starting location: The Dimrill Dale, near Mirrormere.

Likely destination: Hollin Gate and back to the Chamber of Mazarbul.

piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:05 PM

Map of Khazad-dűm - HERE

Map of geographic area in which Khazad-dűm lies & article on Khazad-dűm historyHERE

Geography & History of Khazad-dűm/Moria - HERE

The layout of Moria based on LotR quotes - HERE


Links to various articles on Tolkien Dwarves:

The Encyclopedia of Arda: Dwarves

Tolkien Gateway Wiki: Dwarves

Dwarves - Wikipedia - Click on Dwarves(Middle Earth) once you've accessed this page.

Them Dwarves, Them Dwarves (Suite 101 article)

Them Dwarves, Them Dwarves II (Suite 101 article)

Where Tolkien Got His Dwarf-names From

How Dwarves Age - HERE


Barrow-Downs' Threads

Dwalin the Dwarf - @ ages of Dwarves - HERE


The Dwarvish language - Khuzdul; in addition to this secretive spoken language, the Dwarves also had a secret hand language/gesture code called Iglishmęk


Parts of an axe - for all you axe-loving Dwarves can be found HERE.

__________________________________________________ _____________

Some Dwarvish Equivalents for Sindarin or Westron terms:

Mahal - Dwarvish name of Aulë, the Vala who created the Dwarves

Sigin-tarâg - "the Longbeards"; Durin’s Folk, the oldest of the 7 clans/Houses of the Dwarves

Uzbad Khazaddűmu – Lord of Khazad-dűm (Balin, in this RPG)


Azanulbizar - "Dimrill Dale"; in Sindarin Nanduhirion

Khazad-dűm - "Dwarrowdelf"; in Sindarin Hadhodrond then renamed Moria (The Black Chasm) when the Dwarves deserted it

Kheled-zâram - "Mirrormere"

Kibil-nâla - "Silverlode River”; in Sindarin the River Celebrant


The three great peaks in The Misty Mountains which topped Khazad-dűm:

Barazinbar - "Redhorn", one of the mountains over Moria; in Sindarin Caradhras

Bundushathur - "Cloudyhead", one of the mountains above Moria; in Sindarin Fanuidhol

Zirak-zigil - "Silvertine", one of the mountains over Moria; in Sindarin CelebdilThe

piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:06 PM


This game takes place in the Third Age at around year 2994.

The storyline itself or plot covers 1 week, plus 1 Day (or longer if need be).

This game requires a time commitment of eight months from me, the game owner and from the major players, (but we're not too sure about this).

piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:06 PM

Types of characters needed:

Dwarves, lots and lots of Dwarves! Specifically dwarves from the Iron Hills and Erebor, and I think that rogue Dwarves would be fine. Dwarf children and women are welcome in this game. (Please note that we have decided to have no beards for the females.)

All characters for this RPG will be of the Dwarven species.

Six male characters, with a maximum of three females and two children. We can be flexible if the number is higher than we expected.


*** We have two Dwarves that are mentioned by Tolkien as being part of the colony, but we don’t have any information from Tolkien on. If any of the players want to take them as their own and interpret how they might have been, we’d happy to see them doing so.

These Dwarves' names are
: Lóni and Náli.

NOTE: Lóni and Náli die off rather quickly in the Twenty-First Hall. It might be a good idea if someone wants to take up a secondary character as well.

piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:07 PM

Character types which would not belong: Anything that isn’t a Dwarf.

piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:08 PM

NOTE: First Posts for your characters are NOT required for this game – just your Character Descriptions.

piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:09 PM


Groin RedbeardTrór 140 y/o; Nîsa 87 y/o; Nali 227 y/o

Thinlómien - Ori 194 y/o ; Vigdis 147 y/o

Legate of Amon Lanc - Óin son of Gróin 220 y/o; Onli 126 y/o with Vriti, his pet ferret; Lóni

Gwathagor - Frar 175 y/o; Buri 85 y/o

Durelin - Kór 88 y/o; Kórin 92 y/o

Lilly - Lilly – Lys 87 y/o; Tív & Tíva 7 y/o (secondary characters)

Arry - Vitr 101 y/o; Tív & Tíva (secondary characters with Lilly)

Dimturiel - Bain 80 y/o

Kitanna - Iari 10 y/o; Kéni 20 y/o (secondary character)

Folwren - Kénan 210 y/o

Boromir88 - Gror 95 y/o, messenger from Erebor

Himaran - Dalin 100 y/o

Ilya - Adela 52 y/o

Kath - Svior 130 y/o; Hepti 125 y/o

piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:10 PM

Groin Redbeard’s character:

NAME: Trór

AGE: 140 years old

RACE: Dwarf


WEAPONS: Trór is capable of using anything as a weapon, he is proficient in his skills with the axe, sword and spear. When fighting scattered enemies he favors a shield and a spear for thrusting. When the fighting gets dense, Trór takes up his strong single edged axe.

APPEARANCE: With an extremely strong build he stands at average height with a strong upper torso. Tror wears a braided, thick, dark brown beard and has a bushy brow. His eyes are piercing in nature and look as if they can read a man's thoughts. His face has the appearance of one who has seen many arduous trials.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Trór is loyal, trustworthy, dedicated, gruff, tough and is always prepared to sacrifice himself for a cause. For the most part he is blunt and callous, but can also be quiet and understanding at times. A leader in warfare he leaves no room for error and demands perfection from his colleagues.

Most of the time his ego gets in the way of what’s important. He has a temper that can explode at anytime and he tends to take his troubles out on the people that he loves. Although he is content with peace and quiet, he is a warrior first and his true home is on the battlefield.

HISTORY: Trór was born in the Iron Hills while under the leadership of Náin, and later Dain II Ironfoot. As a young Dwarf he was dedicated to learning ancient lore and maintaining his great physical fitness. It was not easy living in the mountains in those days, it was home to many fowl creatures not found in the south and when alone outside the protection of the great halls one had to be extremely careful. This rough lifestyle toughened him up physically and emotionally.

Náin issued forth one day from the Iron Hills to come to the aid of Thráin in the war between Dwarves and the Orcs. Trór was bitterly disappointed at missing this opportunity to fight for his king. Nevertheless, his disappointment did not stop him from harkening to the tales of the warriors that had fought there.

When he became of age (33 according to Dwarf custom) he became a soldier and was immediately singled out as a hard and tough disciplinarian and perfectionist. This attitude soon got him a promotion, now he was leading Dwarves instead of being led.

Trór fought in The Battle of the Five Armies with many other notable Dwarves such as Thorin, Glóin, Óri, Óin and Balin. The battle was Trór's first great test as a leader and warrior. During the battle, as a sea of Goblins and Wargs swarmed about them, he and his Dwarves stood like a rock. He was unmovable, despite being wounded twice by Goblin arrows (thankfully they weren't poisoned). After the battle he was privileged to meet Óri and Óin, he took an immediate like to them and they worked long and hard together under the rule of King Dain.

Erebor would be his home for around fifty years, and he was in a prominent position with the king and his counselors but the splendor and wealth of Erebor under King Dain’s rule was not enough for him, he wanted to restore the Dwarven race to it’s former prominence of old. At Erebor Trór became acquainted with Balin and several other Dwarfs such as Loni and Nali. Together Balin confided in them (including Óin and Óri) a plan to take back the great Dwarf colony of Khazad-Dum. Trór met his proposal with enthusiasm and did all that he could to help his new friend.

Together they drove out the hordes of Orcs the dark halls and accumulated wealth. When the colony was once again theirs, Balin appointed Trór as his second in command. Honored by this appointment, Trór did all that he could to help things run smoothly in Khazad-Dum. However, even after five years of a well lived life in the colony he can’t seem to shake a feeling of foreboding of a terror that has been rumored to still lurk in the shadows.



Secondary Character

Name: Nîsa

AGE: 87

RACE: Dwarf

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: Has never wielded a true weapon in her life, but has taken up the mattock to help with the work in the mines.

APPEARANCE: She stands a little shorter than the average Dwarf an has long dark hair. Her girth is normal for a Dwarf: thick and heavy, but is not at all unfit.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Nîsa is a kind and caring maiden to her people, devoted to the well being of others. She is a cook and somewhat of a healer, using the moss and roots that grow underneath the mountains.

She is currently in search of a husband and desperately wants to be loved by someone and to on day have children, but she has yet to find a Dwarf whom she loves. Nîsa is an outgoing maiden and is quite friendly to all who know her.

HISTORY: Nîsa is the youngest cousin of Trór and grew up with him in the Iron Hills. Her life for the most part was uneventful living like a typical Dwarf, but all that changed when she moved to Erebor at the request of her cousin. She was immediately taken in by Trór and was given a position of authority with the other ladies of the of the colony because of her family ties and her skills as a healer.

Nîsa became well acquainted with Óri and Óin when she settled in Erebor. On day Trór came to her with the news of his departure with a large army of Dwarves bound on a quest to the kingdom of Khazad-dum. She was saddened at her cousins’ departure with many of her friends and soon made up her mind to brave the dangers and follow him.

With the other Dwarves, she helped to rebuild the ancient city and met a Dwarf named Frar in the process. Nîsa is very happy in her new home and has no intention on leaving anytime soon.


piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:11 PM

Thinlómien’s character:


AGE: 194 years

RACE: Dwarf

GENDER: male

WEAPONS: Ori's old broad-bladed axe is simple and well made. He also carries two knives made by himself, one being about seven inches long and the other barely three inches but very sharp. These are designed to be tools more than weapons, though.

APPEARANCE: Ori's hair and beard used to be yellow, but partial greying has turned them into a dirty, unflattering colour. His eyes are brown with a hint of green. He's of average height and thin but strongly built. Despite his wealth, Ori prefers wearing simple clothes, although he has a soft spot for silver embroidery. He is most often seen in a grey cloak and a black or brown tunic. Even though he aknowledges its utility, Ori dislikes his chain mail and doesn't wear armour unless it's absolutely necessary.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Ori has always been rather quiet and reserved and has become a little grumpy as he has got older. Ori is not friendly, but he treats his friends well and is loyal to them. He is not easily angered, but his hatred is deep. He is often able to keep his calm while others are too grieved or furious to think rationally. He has never been particularily ambitious or greedy, but enjoys all the amenities wealth and fame have brought him. He values simplicity in life more than most other Dwarves yet still delights in objects of beauty and possessing them. As a craftsman, Ori is an ironsmith and his works reflect his values: they are simple yet beautiful.

Traveling has given Ori special skills and experiences that are not very common amongst his people: he has some idea how to survive in the wild and he is used to being content with very little. He is good with his trusted axe although he has never indentified himself as a warrior, and he is handy with a knife, thanks to his nimble fingers. Ori is a learned man and has an interest in history. Going through old documents, he has come across the Elvish script and seeing it as a more practical and aesthetic way of writing, he has adopted it and used it ever since. Another special skill of Ori's is playing the flute.

Ori is not socially gifted nor empathetic and he often loses patience with people who don't understand him or think too differently from how he does. Like any Dwarf, he is too easily motivated by greed or vengeance. He is also easily suspicious or envious of other people, and although he is not proud, he dislikes admitting his mistakes or apologising. Ori has always been rather uncomfortable around women and does not like them. He believes them to be inferior to men and doesn't take them seriously.

HISTORY: Ori was born in the early spring of year 2800 as the eldest son of an ironsmith. Soon he got younger twin brothers, Dori and Nori. All the three were brought up to their father's profession and while they did well enough in it, they never developed a particular interest in it. They never had a particularily warm relationship with their father anyway, as he was a strong supporter of Thráin's but mistrusted Thorin, who was much revered by Ori, Dori and Nori. It was indeed partly because of their will to prove their old father wrong that they joined the quest of Erebor.

The quest of Erebor became the turning point of Ori's life. It forced Ori to look at life differently and it made him and his brothers move to Erebor, and also suddenly made them rich men. There was no need for iron-working anymore unless they desired it. After the reconstruction of the Kingdom under the Mountain, iron-working did become a mere pastime to Ori, and he focused on books and ancient records in which he had lately taken interest. His life was happy, and as he grew older he started to wonder if that was how he'd spend the rest of his life.

But life had one more adventure in store for him. His old friend Balin started talking about the recolonisation of Moria, and by 2989 he was leaving. Even though his brothers were objecting, Ori decided to go with him. His loyalty to Balin was deep, and the old records he had gone through had awakened in him a great desire to see the great Khazad-dűm and help to rebuild it to reach its glory of old.



piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:12 PM

Legate of Amon Lanc’s character:

NAME: Óin son of Gróin

AGE: 220

RACE: Dwarf of Durin's Folk


WEAPONS: Short broad sword made of steel, forged in Dáin the King's forges under the Mountain. A curved knife he keeps behind his belt. He has also a shortbow of oakwood, which he does not carry with him all the time, and a quiver of currently fourteen arrows he does not redeplete.

APPEARANCE: Óin is not very tall for a Dwarf, maybe a bit shorter than average. He is heavyset, but he was never particularly fat, even during his rich years in Erebor, and the stay in Moria did not help it much. He wears a short white beard and has almost shoulder-long white hair. He has bright blue eyes and wears brown hooded cloak, almost all the time having a light chain shirt underneath it, except when sleeping, but even that may change under drastic circumstances. Besides that, he has a leather cap which protects his ears, and sometimes wears with it an iron skull cap of dwarven warriors.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Óin is a true scout. He is very curious, but also stealthy, cautious, but at times also reckless and not thinking well enough in advance and not evaluating all possibilities. His personality is rather quiet generally, but when it comes to him, he can get really angry and start a fight because of otherwise unimportant things. He is stubborn, most of all, and when he chooses to do something, nobody will convince him otherwise. This played a role in his choice to go with Balin to reclaim Moria.

Óin is not very clever nor he has especially good memory, but there are certain things he remembers well and which simply stuck in his mind. He has a very good orientation sense and good memory when it comes to "architectonic" things: he can remember blueprints, he can even make them, he remembers instructions for various processes and is capable of thinking of directions needed to take to reach certain goal. He is not capable of that much manual work, unless it is connected with some mechanic work which follows a certain set of actions.

He is very good in making fire, he can light a fire almost in any circumstances even with the smallest bit of resources. He always carries a tinder-box with him, what more, he usually has one in reserve had he lost the first one, and that one he is carrying in his backpack (the other one is in his belt pouch).

HISTORY: Óin was born in 2774 TA and spent his childhood in Dunland, where he lived with his family among the folk of Thráin son of Thrór in exile. When he was 25 (very young still), he fought alongside his father in Azanulbizar. Thus, he was in the first assault lead by Thráin, and was among the others pushed back into the wood, and there he was separated from his father, as a large group of swift Orcs split the Dwarves. There he saw his uncle Fundin fall to a large Orc, who was later killed by Balin, who alone remained with Óin in the end, pushed to the corner by goblins, until Thráin came to their aid with Dwalin and others. At that time, Náin's folk at least came, and the Orcs were pushed back, but Óin did not rejoin his father until the end of the battle, and he did not see the battle in front of the gate when Azog was slain, and they were battling the Orcs who first assailed, but later tried to defend themselves in the woods, and they were there all night. Thráin had one eye blinded, and Óin was slashed to his arm by a poisoned Orc scimitar, and he nearly fainted. But by the morning, everything was well, and they joined the victors.

Óin was slightly disappointed when the Dwarves did not reclaim Khazad-Dűm after the victory in Azanulbizar, but his father was serious and told him that he is too young and too rash to understand, reminding him also of the death of his uncle.

In the following years, Óin was living with Balin and the rest of Thráin and Thorin's folk in Dunland, but shortly after they moved to the Blue Mountains. Óin partially did, but partially did not like that change: they could not see anymore the Mountains of Moria in clear morning air; they were longing for that sight, but at the same time they knew how it hurt to see them and know that underneath them, the halls of their fathers lie dark and empty.

Half a century later, Thráin left with several companions for a journey; Óin stayed behind, despite his good friend Balin went, too. But some time later, Balin and the others returned, saying that they lost Thráin. Since then, Balin seemed a bit different, but Óin kept close to him. Nothing interesting was happening until the time when Thorin Oakenshield gathered those of his folk for the journey to Erebor. Óin and his brother Glóin were there, too, and they got to know Bilbo Baggins, and went as far as Erebor and after Smaug's death, they fought in the Battle of the Five Armies alongside Thorin. This was for the second time when Óin fought alongside Balin surrounded by a host of enemies, and saw his friends die.

For the following half a century, he lived in Erebor, helping in arranging the trade with the Lake-Town and the rebuilding of the town of Dale. When the power and splendor of the Kingdom under the Mountain grew, many started to talk about re-occupying Moria. Óin was among those who accepted this from the beginning, he wanted to visit Khazad-Dűm and see for himself what treasures may lie there. And when Balin agreed to go, he was among those who wasted no time to join him and go.

During their first days there, Óin once again fought alongside Balin, but this time as victorious returned exiles, they claimed the Chamber of Mazarbul and Óin explored all the chambers he could, he went alone on several expeditions, supported by knowledge from old records provided by Ori. The most important was his discovery of the upper armouries on Third Deep.


piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:13 PM


From the quill of loremaster Drok . . .

Here in lies the tale of the realm of Khazad-dűm, and the dwarves, who with Balin, son of Fundin, set out on a quest to drive the Orcs out of their ancient colony in hopes of restoring the colony to its former glory. Before it became a place of dread and the Eldar renamed it Moria: The Black Chasm. The tale that you are about to read is about the final days of Balin's glorious re-conquering of Khazad-dűm and of the brave Dwarves who travelled with him. Among these most notable of dwarves were Oin, brother of Gloin, and Ori, the scribe of the company and Balin’s good friend. Many years before Oin and Ori had travelled with Balin on Thorin Oakenshield’s quest for Erebor. The bold quest has also been answered by the call of many warriors: Loni and Nali, brothers, who were also joined by Frar and Floi, fabled for their skill with the axe and bow. The mightiest of those to answer the call was Tror, lieutenant to Balin on the quest. Many other followers came with Balin, but there number is too numerable to be listed here with due respect, and the heart could not bear the pain to recant what has become of them, but let us not be getting ahead of ourselves.

Let me start at the beginning. My name is Drok, a lore master and once scribe of King Dain. I have been charged with telling you this tale to preserve the memory of my kinsman. This tale took place many decades ago when I was young, a mere scribe in the service of the king. It was many years ago that Balin called together the high council of Erebor, he would not reveal the intent of the meeting but insisted that the it was of the highest importance and that the King call for one to convene at the earliest time possible. So it was late at night, deep under the roof of the mountain that Balin revealed a plan of magnanimous proportions: to conquer, nay, take back the city of Khazad-dűm that Men call Dwarrowdelf and the Elves, Moria. King Dain met Balin’s plan with dismay and pronounced that it cannot be, though the entire council was against him. Through many arguments and rash words Dain reasoned with the nobles and won most of them back on his side, but when the King saw that Balin's will was still adamant, he pleaded with his friend to forget the futile idea. It is worth noting at this moment that it was he, Dain II Ironfoot, who long ago had fought in the great battle of Azanulbizar on the very threshold of Khazad-dűm, and dared to look past the gate into the ancient realm. King Dain had long ago prophesized that another power, greater than the dwarves, would have to come before Durin’s Folk could again settle in the halls of their fathers. However, Balin was unmoved by the king’s words and insisted that it could be done and the threat that had loomed there before had long been gone. Such passion was aroused in the in some of the nobles that Dain dared not hinder them lest the gap between them grow wider. Thus it was that Balin set out from Erebor with a mighty company of dwarves all bound for Khazad-dűm, but without King Dain’s blessing. The king grieved for the departure of his friend, knowing that the quest could not meet any other destiny but ruin.

It was after many days and nights of traveling they came within sight of the hallowed mountains, in ages long past their ancestors had called home. Thus it was that the host came to the Eastern gate, surprised and slew the Orc garrison gathered there. The dwarves rushed into their new home with hopes and anger running high. They swarmed over The Bridge of Khazad-dűm before the Orcs could gather in sufficient numbers to repel them and fought their way, through the First and Second Halls, to the Twenty-First Hall where a great melee ensued. Floi fell in the battle, but so great was the fury and might of the dwarves at his death that no Orc opposed them for long. It was lastly the Goblin Chief sprang from his lair in a desperate attempt to drive Balin out or kill him in the attempt, but Balin proved the better fighter, he was on sacred ground and nothing would drive him from it. So it was that Balin slew the great Goblin Chieftain and a great rout began to take place as the Orcs tried to scatter, no Orc ever dared enter Khazad-dűm again for five years.

It was after this victory that Balin found the Axe and Helm of Durin cast aside in some heap of rubble, discarded by the Orcs in fear of its memory. The relics were handled with the greatest of reverence, steel of the helm was undimmed and the blades of the axe were still sharp, and Balin claimed these for his own. A throne was erected in the Chamber of Mazarbul and it was with the greatest joy that the dwarves proclaimed Balin their King, Uzbad Khazaddűmu, lord of Khazad-dűm!

Balin’s people went to work in the following years repairing the evil wrought by the Orcs. Many chambers and halls were explored and the mines were once again being worked in. The halls of Khazad-dűm shone again with a brilliant light and the grander of days long past had been restored. There it was that delver mined and the mason built, weapons were made and gems were uncovered; but of the greatest of all these delights was the true substance for which Khazad-dűm was known for: Mithril, true silver was once again uncovered.

For years there was great prosperity, the miner worked with joy, the graver renewed the faded words and symbols upon the pillars and gates, and the smith made many weapons of great quality. Many expeditions were sent to explore farther and the dwarves mined in deep shafts that were long forgotten. Thus it was that Oin, son of Groin, made plans with Balin to set out from the Twenty- First hall in search of the armories of the Third Deep. It was not until many weeks later that Oin returned with new that he had driven the last remaining remnant of the Orcs from Khazad-dűm, and he returned with scores of weapons and armour from the armouries of the Third Deep.

It was on November the 10th, in the year 2994 of the Third Age that Balin ushered forth from Khazad-dűm, accompanied by his closest companions, to look upon Kheled-zâram, that Men call Mirrormere, a lake at the mouth of Azanulbizar, the Dimrill Dale. It was at this lake that Durin the Deathless the Father of Durin’s People, looked into the water of Kheled-zâram and saw a crown of stars above his head, and it was he who founded the great city of Khazad-dűm.

It had been nearly five years since the dwarves drove the Orcs out of the halls. Everything was as it was in the days of Durin, but it would be short lived. The Orcs of the Misty Mountains had been stirred by rumors of wealth that the dwarves had accumulated during their stay; an army had been mustered and was marching on the Eastern gate that very day. Yet something far more fearful had been aroused in the depths of Khazad-dűm’s mines, Durin’s Bane was aroused and his anger was great.

May it please you gentle reader to hear now the recounting of Balin, son of Fundin, and the brave dwarves who accompanied him. Draw closer to my fire and harken to the tale of my kinsman and how they gave their last full measure of courage in the halls of Khazad-dűm.

~ Groin Redbeard

piosenniel 11-03-2008 09:18 PM

Use the following form for constructing your character. Post it completed on the Discussion Thread.

Please Note: In order to play in a Barrow-Downs' RPG you must have previously posted in one of the Inns in the RPG Forums here or have played in an RPG in the Downs RPG Forums.


What Inn, Mead Hall, or RPG in the Shire, Rohan, or Gondor have you played in?

Character Description Form:

(Your-Name)'s character





WEAPONS (No magical, super-hero, mithril weapons. Just good solid Middle-earth weapons and armor only that is appropriate to the race of the character and the time period.):


PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: (No half-Elven characters. No mixed-type characters. No super-heroes. No assassins. No one all powerful, martial arts proficient, or having any magical traits. Just regular characters with normal abilities for their races only):


piosenniel 11-09-2008 11:11 PM

This Discussion Thread will open for posting on November 10th, sometime in the morning U.S. Pacific Time.

Until then, please read the RPG proposal thoroughly and develop a character you'd like to play in this game. Once the Discussion Thread opens go ahead and post your Character Description form to it.


~*~ piosenniel (Pio), RPG moderator

piosenniel 11-10-2008 10:09 AM

The discussion thread is now open to take on players for this game.

Have fun!!!!!

~*~ Pio

Groin Redbeard 11-10-2008 10:40 AM

November 10th!
Thanks so much Pio!:D

Alright, *bangs gavel on the table*;) I guess the first order of business would be to have all the players who Lommy and I have contacted through PMs to and get their character biography's in. All the other newcomers can take a look at the information that Pio, Lommy, and I have obtained and to go check out the first post of the game.

Looking forward to playing with ya'll and to reading those character biography's!:D

P.S. Don't forget, if you need a player, or just need a Dwarf name, we still have two characters Nali and Loni who could be taken up as characters.

Durelin 11-10-2008 11:21 AM

Well, I am going to be quite greedy and obnoxious and submit for two roles. If need be, I can determine which is a secondary character, but at the moment I'm really not sure, so... Anyway, I also hope that a combined history for the two, a pair of siblings, is alright.


AGE: 88

RACE: Dwarf, Longbeard from the Iron Hills


WEAPONS: He bears a simple one-handed axe on his belt on his left side, and three small throwing axes on his right.

APPEARANCE: Kór is of average dwarf height who carries some excess weight around his middle. His beard is a fiery orange and is not very long but very thick. He bears a single braid down the middle of it. The hair on his head is both thick and long, falling almost to his waste. He keeps it out of his eyes by braiding a section in the middle of his head. His eyes are dark brown. His nose is slightly squashed-looking like his mother’s. Kór wears chainmail over a brown leather hauberk, with dark brown studded leather leggings, boots, and gloves, and hard, studded leather spaulders. Strapped on his back is a thick, soft leather bag containing a small (folk) harp.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Kór is a fairly quiet and reserved dwarf, though he always has a smile ready for anyone. He is naturally rather cheery and optimistic for a dwarf, and enjoys uplifting spirits. His true love is music, and he often plays his harp. He never sings, but is happy to play while others do. He does compose his own tunes, normally only pieces at a time, in addition to knowing some traditional melodies. He makes an appearance of being reluctant to play in front of others, but he truly enjoys any opportunity to do so. And often Kór will simply pull out his harp and play to himself. Kór is not one to share his opinions and certainly not his feelings – not even anger most of the time, though if he feels someone has slighted him he will seethe over it and bear a grudge forever. His confidence in anything other than his ability with the harp is lacking, and he often is overshadowed by his sister’s personality. Like all dwarves, he is not lacking on the battlefield, though he is nowhere near the quickest to the fight. He is slow to make decisions in general, though he rarely regrets those he makes.


NAME: Kórin

AGE: 92

RACE: Dwarf, Longbeard from the Iron Hills

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: On her belt she carries a one-handed mace on her left side and a knife on her right.

APPEARANCE: Kórin is a little shorter than her brother, but more muscular. Her hair is the same fiery orange as her brother’s and is even longer with five braided sections amidst the loose, thick hair. She has a very prominent nose – her father’s nose. She also has dark brown eyes. She wears a dark brown studded leather hauberk, and thick black leather leggings, boots, and gloves. She also wears a dark grey cloak.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Kórin is a very boisterous dwarf. She loves good ale, good food, good pipeweed, games, gambling, tricks, jokes, and a good laugh. She shows affection largely through insults. She especially gives her brother a hard time, though she wishes he would dish back the same more often. She actually has a very nice singing voice (she is a contralto). She will sometimes sing while her bother plays the harp, but not often, for she is fonder of livelier music with fiddles and the like. Kórin is as quick to anger as most dwarves, though she also happens to be as quick to forgive or at least to forget. She has more of a fighter’s nature in her than her brother, but she does not act rashly. She can be very calculating and cunning when she wants to be.

COMBINED HISTORY: Kór and Kórin’s father, Grundin, came from the Iron Hills to aid in the War of the Dwarves and Orcs in 2799. Though he afterward returned to his home in the Iron Hills with his wife, Grundin followed Dain II to Erebor for the Battle of the Five Armies. He decided to settle at Erebor, where his wife and two young children later joined him. While their father protested he was much too old (and certainly the two do not expect to see their father again should they return to the Lonely Mountain, even soon), Kórin was most enthusiastic about following Balin to truly re-conquer Khazad-dűm. Kór, who was always quietly protective of Kórin though she is his elder, would not let her go without him.

Thanks very much for reading and considering my bios!




Thinlómien 11-10-2008 11:51 AM

<- Dwarven beer since there's no axe icon
Yes, indeed - welcome everybody, don't be afraid to approach this thread: this will be a marvellous RPG. :D

Durelin - I've said this already, but your bios are great. :)

Oh, and I thought I'd mention - I'm going to take up a secondary character as well, but I don't want to decide anything before I know what kind of party we're going to have.

Other than that, I have little to say right now. All kinds of comments, questions and character bios are warmly welcome.

Lilly 11-10-2008 12:32 PM

Here are my characters for your consideration. :) Arry will be bringing his character (Vitr) in soon.

We'll both play the child characters as secondaries.


Lilly’s characters:


NAME: Lys Silverfist

AGE: 87

RACE: Dwarf - Firebeard House

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: Her quick wit. Does have a knife she uses for skinning. Wields a big marble rolling pin when she bakes – a good, stout clout from it could put a healthy dent in a foe’s skull or hobble him if aimed at the kneecaps

APPEARANCE: About 4 ft tall, sturdy build, coppery red hair worn in two long plaits down her back. Round, pleasant face; brown eyes. Favors dark blue, woolen dresses, mid-calf length. Soft, dark brown leather knee-high boots. Supple leather knee-length apron with three spacious pockets – worn for cooking and working on her little enameled jewelry pieces.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Even tempered for the most part; does have a spark of the well-known fiery temper of the Firebeards when pushed too hard. Good sense of humor; loves to sing. Good cook; deft hand working precious metals into intricate pieces of jewelry. Her strength is rooted in her family; they are also her greatest weakness as she would do anything to keep them safe.

HISTORY: Lys’ family, the Forgefires, were part of a small bevy of Firebeards who affiliated themselves with the Longbeards in Erebor. She married Vitr Silverfist of the Longbeard House when she was 70 years old. Their first child, a daughter, died in infancy. She had little hope of having another, it seemed, as the years passed without a child blossoming in her belly. At the age of 80, by the grace of Mahal, she and Vitr became the parents of a lively pair of twins - Tív and Tíva When the children were 2 years old, she and Vitr moved south with those of the Longbeard House who were seeking to reclaim Khazad-dum. Tales of gems and vast veins of true-silver made them hopeful that they could build up a bit of wealth for their family.



NAME: Tív Silverfist

AGE: 7

RACE: Dwarf – Longbeard House


WEAPONS: slingshot; stout wood short sword

APPEARANCE: Wiry build, about 2 ˝ ft tall; dark chestnut hair worn short, above his collar, usually tousled. Brown eyed. Wears tunics and short leg breeches – old and tattered, comfortable, if not directed otherwise by his mother.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Bright, cheerful personality; inquisitive. Energetic; likes to go on ‘adventures’. Sometimes exceeds the limits of his abilities and winds up getting hurt. Loves sweets. His sister is his best friend and confidante.

HISTORY: Does not recall much of his first two years or the travel from Erebor to Khazad-dűm. These five years since his family’s arrival at the halls beneath the three great peaks have been filled with adventure and delight.



NAME: Tíva Silverfist

AGE: 7

RACE: Dwarf – Longbeard House

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: Quick on her feet; an expert at hide-and-seek; slingshot and a bag of rounded pebbles of various sizes.

APPEARANCE: Same build as her brother – wiry, about 2 ˝ feet tall. Her hair is chestnut, also, but with a few more fiery highlights than her brother’s. She wears it long, in two thick braids. Prefers the same tunics and short-leg breeches as her brother. Will, with some coaxing, put on a dress for special occasions.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: She is for the most part a sunny-dispositioned child, but one who is more reticent than her brother. A cautious person. Willing to go on adventures, but likes to have something of a ‘plan’ in place. She has a wicked sense of humor at times and loves to pull practical jokes on her family. She finds her brother an especially gullible target.

HISTORY: Does not differ much from her brother’s. She loves her brother fiercely and will defend him with words, and fists if need be.


Legate of Amon Lanc 11-10-2008 12:45 PM

Wow, it indeed seems great and like an interesting party (need to read the biographies deeper, though. Just skimmed through them). This rp looks really promising!

And seeing that everybody takes two characters, I am thinking of taking one more, too. After all, Óin dies already before the final encounter. I was thinking about Lóni or Náli if nobody takes them, but that would be the last resort - really just if nobody wants them. But like Lommy, I will probably see what kind of folks we have around here, and according to that pick some second.

Arry 11-10-2008 01:33 PM

So, I hope you find this Dwarf will be acceptable for the game. Looking forward to playing!

Arry’s character

NAME: Vitr Silverfist

AGE: 101

RACE: Dwarf – Longbeard House


WEAPONS: Mattock; for battles in larger, more open spaces, he bears an oak hafted pole axe with a razor sharp edged steel head. Iron helm embossed with runes; long chain mail; thick boiled leather vest; plated arm and leg guards

APPEARANCE: 4’ 6”; 155 lbs, thickset build. Weathered face; merry dark blue eyes with a great tangle of eyebrow above each; an easy smile. Brown hair worn in one long plait down his back and bound with a leather thong. Thick brown beard, worn in two braids on either side of his chin, when working, he tucks the ends under his belt. Dark brown breeches, tan tunic. Thick brown leather belt with loops hanging from it – he carries some of his hammers and other tools in it. Black leather knee high boots, well worn, thick soled. Granite grey, hooded cape.

PERSONALITY: Vitr’s family is at the center of his life, the most precious jewels in the setting of his sense of self. He cannot imagine a life without them.

He is for the most part a calm, thoughtful man – not one quick to anger, save where his family is threatened. And then he can become a fierce and savage foe of any who threaten harm to them.

Vitr is a patient craftsman in all his avenues of endeavor, from stone masonry to gemwork to the crafting of truesilver. The last is his most favorite sort of work, be it finely spun jewelry or the more substantial, protective pieces of mail.

He takes great pride in the fact that he is one of Durin’s Folk, a Longbeard. He has a great sense of responsibility with respect to his clan and feels a definite sense of duty toward his Lord, Balin.

HISTORY: Shortly after Erebor was reclaimed by Thorin II Oakenshield in III 2941, Vitr’s father moved his family from the Iron Hills to the Kingdom under the Mountain. Vitr was a young man of 48 years at that time. Under his father’s steady hand, he learned the skills that helped him to become the craftsman he is today. At the age of 84, he met and married Lys. And ten years later he became the father of twins – a boy, Tív and a girl, Tíva.

Vitr was glad to follow Balin southwards from Erebor to the old stronghold of the Longbeards, Khazad-dűm. He had felt then it would be a good place for him to establish his stature as craftsman and would be a fine, secure home for his family. And it has been, for the most part. But now he is not as sure about that security as reports of Orc intrusions into the area about the East-gate are increasing.


Secondary child characters - Tív & Tíva with Lilly


Thinlómien 11-10-2008 01:51 PM

Welcome onboard, Lilly and Arry! Your characters look great. :)

Lilly 11-10-2008 01:58 PM


Thanks! Looking forward to playing with you all!

Groin Redbeard 11-10-2008 02:19 PM

Great character bio Arry and Lilly, that was really smart to combine characters like that.:D Durelin, glad to have you on board, love your bio!:D

When more people start coming in I'll give some general information on how the game will begin so that you will have a better idea of how to write your post.

Gwathagor 11-10-2008 07:24 PM

NAME: Frar

AGE: 175

RACE: Dwarf


WEAPONS: Large double-edged ax

APPEARANCE: Massively built: tall, broad, and strong. An imposing figure. He is of great girth, but not at all fat or flabby; he is almost exclusively bone, muscle, and beard. Very long and thick black hair, pulled back behind his shoulders, but un-braided. Thick graying black beard, also very long. FRAR DOES NOT LOOK LIKE HAGRID. Expel that particular mental image immediately! Green eyes. Thoughtful facial features. In battle, wears a shirt of heavy chain mail, a blue tunic, and no helmet.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: A noble and jovial spirit: courageous, expansive, selfless, generous, and determined. Kingly in nature. Incapable of admitting defeat. Loves conversation, but dislikes small talk. A booming laugh. Can out-eat or drink anyone.

HISTORY: A renowned warrior. Distinguished himself in The Battle of Five Armies. Following the restoration of the King under the Mountain, he continued to roam the countryside as part of the King's patrols, pursuing the enemies of the Mountain: goblins, wargs, bandits, etc. These have increased in number in recent years. Frar has fought in many battles, and received many scars. Old, but showing no signs of weakening.





AGE: 85

APPEARANCE: Dark-brown hair, blue eyes, dark green cloak and hood, sturdy leather belt and boots, heavy brown tunic.

WEAPONS: Only the spear and short sword given him at the beginning of the expedition.

PERSONALITY: A cheerful, friendly dwarf, relatively inexperienced, with a lack of confidence about anything that does not pertain to his smith-work. He takes great pride in his work. Very practical and plain-spoken. Generally quiet.

HISTORY: Not a warrior - a smith. His family travelled from the Iron Hills to Erebor following The Battle of Five Armies. He learned the smith trade from his father, and is moderately skilled at his work. Was recruited by one of the members of the expedition to help maintain tools, arms, and armor on the expeditin to Khazad-dum. This will be only the second time in his life that he has left home.



Gwathagor 11-10-2008 07:25 PM

piosenniel 11-10-2008 08:09 PM


Thanks for the preceding link on where Tolkien got his Dwarf-names from.

I put it on the Shire Thread "Resources for RPG's" as well as in the Links post (#5) for this RPG.

~*~ Pio

Folwren 11-10-2008 09:04 PM

Right-ho, well, I'm definitely playing now that I see both Arry and Durelin are on board and those two were both in my first game and both launched me into my roleplaying days.

I have not thought at all on my character...maybe characterS, but I kind of doubt it. I will get a bio up hopefully within the next couple of days.

-- Folwren

Durelin 11-11-2008 09:47 AM

Woo, definitely looking forward to playing with all of you!! It's always a pleasure to RP with you, Folwren, and I'm very glad to see you again, Arry! :D And hey, you're dwarves again. ;)


Originally Posted by Groin
When more people start coming in I'll give some general information on how the game will begin so that you will have a better idea of how to write your post.

So we will be writing first posts? I have no objection to this at all, (I mean, I'm used to them), but it does say in the game info above:


NOTE: First Posts for your characters are NOT required for this game – just your Character Descriptions
Doesn't matter to me which it is, but just want to know what I need to start thinking about.


Thinlómien 11-11-2008 09:59 AM

There are no official first posts, like this thread states. I think Groin was merely referring to first game posts or the point we're starting from...

And welcome, Folwren! Great to be writing with you once again. :)

Dimturiel 11-11-2008 10:15 AM

Well, here I am and here's my character bio. I've been working on it since last night only I did not have time to post it until now.

NAME: Bain

AGE: 80

RACE: Dwarf


WEAPONS: A short axe, although he can be handy with a knife as well.

APPEARANCE: He is of average height and well built. He has long brown hair which tends to get tangled very easily. His eyes are clear dark blue.

PERSONALITY/ STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: He is usually of a quiet disposition-unless he is drinking with his friends, a thing he is most fond of doing. He is not very much of a practical thinker and gives no thoughts to the consequences of his actions. Actually, he thinks it is the here and now that matter and that no one should bother with what the future will bring. He is a craftsman and he likes making things and spends most of his time thinking what he should forge next. He is loyal, but he claims he gives his loyalty only to those who are truly worth it.

HISTORY: Bain was born in a family of craftsmen and he had always been very fond of this trade. A year or two after the Battle of Five Armies, his entire family moved from the Iron Hills to Erebor, and that is the place that he considers home. However, when Balin had asked him to come to Moria as his skills would be needed there and he would have the chance to make much more wonderful things, he felt pleased and did not refuse. He did not once think that things in Moria could ever go wrong and he followed Balin to Erebor without a worry.

Well, this is my character. Let me know if you want me to add/remove/change anything. Thanks again for inviting me-I can't wait for the game to start:D


Kath 11-11-2008 03:32 PM

Alright Lommy, I haven't stopped thinking about this since you mentioned it so here I am! I'm still thinking on characters but just wanted to say that I would love to play. I will probably have two characters, Dwarf and wife, if that's alright. Will try to get bio's up within the next couple of days.

Thinlómien 11-11-2008 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by Kath (Post 572915)
Alright Lommy, I haven't stopped thinking about this since you mentioned it so here I am! I'm still thinking on characters but just wanted to say that I would love to play. I will probably have two characters, Dwarf and wife, if that's alright. Will try to get bio's up within the next couple of days.

Oh, that's lovely, Kath. :D

And Dimturiel too - so great to have you both here, and Dimtury's* bio looks very good. :)

*Do you have a proper nickname? :D

Oh, and lastly, I think our female quota is about full after Kath's characters...

Kath 11-11-2008 03:43 PM


Do you have a proper nickname?
You mean we can't just call her Dim? :p

Thinlómien 11-11-2008 04:02 PM


Originally Posted by Kath (Post 572919)
You mean we can't just call her Dim? :p

Well, I figured it could be a little offensive unless she herself says it's a valid nickname for her... :D;)

Gwathagor 11-11-2008 06:07 PM

Wow. This is a lot of dwarves.

Legate of Amon Lanc 11-11-2008 06:26 PM

"The more, the merrier," said the Orc and sharpened his scimitar.

Folwren 11-11-2008 08:21 PM

I've got a question and I'm not sure where to find the answer in the books. How old do dwarve's get? If they're considered on the young side until they're 100, when are they considered old?

-- Foley

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