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Rhun charioteer 04-16-2018 06:38 PM

Dunedain colonization of the new lands
So we know that after Valinor was removed from the circles of the world that new lands replaced them-these lands disappointed the Dunedain mariners as they were mortal and mundane in nature.

My question is during the third age were these lands settled by the Dunedain?

Or perhaps the easterlings?


Zigûr 04-17-2018 03:06 AM

See what I posted in this thread:
The Dúnedain found the New Lands, but we have no evidence that they colonised them. However, as Arda is Earth, historically they were eventually.

The Easterlings always seemed more interested in conquering Western Middle-earth than anywhere else. Despite their allegiance to the technologically-minded Sauron, I also question whether they would have had the maritime resources or skill for the kind of seafaring accomplished by the Dúnedain. In any case, there's no information about it whatsoever as far as I know.

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