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Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 12-27-2002 11:00 AM

Yep that's correct!

Beren87 12-27-2002 02:05 PM


Who was Esmeralds Took's great-grandfather's grandfather's brother?

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 12-27-2002 05:29 PM

Umm...father's or mother's side?

Beren87 12-27-2002 05:31 PM

Fathers side.

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 12-27-2002 05:33 PM

Would that be Bandobras Took?

Beren87 12-27-2002 05:36 PM

Yep! Bullroarer it is!

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 12-27-2002 05:46 PM

Who are Celebrian's great-grandfathers on her mother's side?

busybee 12-28-2002 05:09 AM

Hello people! OK I think i have the answer

Olwe of Alqualonde & Elwe are her great Grandfathers

[ December 28, 2002: Message edited by: busybee ]

[ December 28, 2002: Message edited by: busybee ]

Beren87 01-08-2003 12:16 AM

Is she correct Thengise? *bumps to top*

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 01-08-2003 08:31 AM

Oops sorry! I had forgotten that I had the last question here. That is partially correct Busybee, but I had said on her mother's side, which doesn't mean it had to be traced through only females. So you have 2 out of the 3 great-grandparents. I need one more grandfather.

zacattack 01-08-2003 06:38 PM

Finwe Olwe
| |

That's all the Great Grandfathers I got Thengise because Elwe can't be her Great Grandfather because he is Olwe's brother so he'd be here Great Great Uncle

[ January 08, 2003: Message edited by: zacattack ]

lathspell 01-10-2003 09:32 AM

Finwë - Indis the Fair = greatgrandparents
Finarfin - Earwën = grandparents
Galadriel = mother

This is it, I guess.

lathspell 01-10-2003 09:34 AM

Oops... my mistake, you asked for greatgrandfathers. In that case zacattack has already answered your question correctly, I believe.

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 01-10-2003 06:32 PM

Yes, zacattack is correct! The third great-grandfather is Finwe. Unfortunately Busybee got two of them, so I believe it would rightfully be her turn. Right?

zacattack 01-11-2003 01:48 AM

Hey I got two of them aswell so I'll list all 3 of them


I am the first person to have all 3 so am I right

Beren87 01-11-2003 01:59 AM

Just interjecting my two and a half cents. It would now be zacattack's turn as he was the one to come up with the final and complete answer. (Still wait for Thengise to confirm your answrees though)

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 01-11-2003 12:51 PM

LoL! Yes zaccattack you are the first to state them all. And Beren87 thanks for telling me, I didn't know that's how it went. I'm deeply sorry. So yep zacattack it's your go!

Lyra Greenleaf 03-30-2003 03:01 PM

10 days are officially up, so who is Pippin's older sister's aunt's grandfather's youngest sister's youngest daughter's husband's father?

elven maiden Earwen 03-30-2003 04:55 PM


Eruanna 03-30-2003 05:22 PM

Fosco Baggins??
I think it goes: Esmerelda>> Hildegrim>>Mirabella>> Primula>>Drogo>>Fosco.

Primula and Drogo being Frodo's parents.

[ March 30, 2003: Message edited by: Eruanna ]

Lyra Greenleaf 03-31-2003 12:16 PM

Eruanna is correct. Your turn!

Eruanna 03-31-2003 03:03 PM

Ok, here's mine;

Find the name of Elrond's Great-Great Grandfather's (on his father's side)eldest son's son.

[ March 31, 2003: Message edited by: Eruanna ]

Beren87 03-31-2003 04:44 PM

Elrond's father was Earendil, who's father (his granfather) was Tuor, who's father (his great-grandfather) was Hour who's eldest son was...Tuor, Tuor's son was Earendil.

So is the answer Earendil?

Eruanna 03-31-2003 05:00 PM

Nope.... I'm looking for the Great-great grandfather's eldest son's son.

Beren87 03-31-2003 05:04 PM

Huor only had one son didn't he?

Eruanna 03-31-2003 05:13 PM

Tuor was Huor's only son, but Huor was Elrond's Great-Grandfather. You need to go back another generation... Or to another relation of Huor. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

the real findorfin 03-31-2003 05:13 PM



Eruanna 03-31-2003 05:17 PM

Yes!...Your turn. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

the real findorfin 04-01-2003 10:39 AM

Elros' youngest grandson's youngest great grandson's son's son.

Eruanna 04-01-2003 02:29 PM

I'll have a guess....Aragorn?

the real findorfin 04-01-2003 02:32 PM


Eruanna 04-01-2003 03:07 PM

Is this it:

Elros > Nolondil > Hallatan > Hallacar > Anárion?

the real findorfin 04-04-2003 08:28 AM

Yes, Tar-Anarion it is.

Eruanna 04-04-2003 01:13 PM

OK. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Who was Pippin's sister's Great-Grandfather's oldest brother's son's son?

Faenaduial 04-04-2003 03:42 PM

Ferumbras III?

Eruanna 04-04-2003 03:51 PM

That's right! [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img] [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Faenaduial 04-06-2003 09:10 AM


Elrond's Great-Great-Grandmother on his father's side. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Lyra Greenleaf 04-06-2003 10:20 AM

There are lots of possibilities, in fact 4, although the only named one I could find is Hareth

Faenaduial 04-06-2003 03:55 PM

That was the person I was looking for Lyra.

Your turn.

symestreem 01-01-2004 03:49 PM

Elrond's uncle's cousin's sister's roommate's... just kidding. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]
How about: Aragorn's foster father's maternal grandmother's aunt's son? (Aunt by blood, not marriage)

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