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Elizabethan Insults


Canon Expletives/Swear Words:

a ss - (referring to donkey/mule = a stupid, foolish, or stubborn person - not the body part) if you try to put this into your post correctly, the Barrow-Downs' program will asterisk it: ***

Canon reference:

The Return of the King

‘The Houses of Healing’

As Aragorn takes leave of the Houses of Healing:

Originally Posted by Tolkien

'I know that well, or I would not deal with you in the same way ' said Aragorn. 'May the Shire live for ever unwithered!' And kissing Merry he went out, and Gandalf went with him.

Pippin remained behind. 'Was there ever any one like him?' he said. 'Except Gandalf, of course. I think they must be related. My dear a ss, your pack is lying by your bed, and you had it on your back when I met you. He saw it all the time, of course. And anyway I have some stuff of my own. Come on now! Longbottom Leaf it is. Fill up while I run and see about some food. And then let's be easy for a bit. Dear me! We Tooks and Brandybucks, we can't live long on the heights.'

from Mnemosyne


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