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Fea being curious:

All quotes from the phantom:

Now, keeping that in mind, the primary suspects appear to be Fea and Anguirel. However, it is a known fact that werewolves kill their own families and dearest friends first, so that puts Fea in the clear since I, her very dear friend, am still alive.
My first qualm with this is that, as tp says, we've got the very dear friend thing going, and I know him well. Why would tp say something as obviously unfactual as that wolves prey on their families? He's brilliant. He knows better, or at least, should. Although he seems to be saying this to clear my name, I'm just having trouble seeing the phantom so blatantly wrong. It just doesn't happen. Which leads me to think that maybe it was a Freudian slip.

What's this, Fea? I tried to shift some guilt off of you onto Anguirel and then you poke a hole in my reasoning? It seems you are willing to protect Anguirel, even if it puts you at greater risk.
Take that thinking a little bit farther: it seems, my friend, that your willingness to protect me puts you at the most risk, given that I am currently at the top of the list of those under suspicion. Why would you be willing to protect me, although it may be for the simple reason of friendship? Given your intellect, I would think more that you would well know the danger this puts you in.

And for you people who are suspecting me... you big sillies. You know me better than that. The victim (Shelob) was mangled beyond recognition. That is not my style. If Shelob would've been found with absolutely no marks on her and with a taunting letter in her pocket, then I would be the primary suspect, but a messy bloody killing- uhg, definitely not me. I hate it when one of my cloaks gets stained.
Of course we know you better than that. That's why nobody in their right mind would suspect you. And, like I've said, you of all people would know that. Why in the world would your M.O. for a brutal crime be something that could be immediately traced to you?

This is all horrible evidence, and I admit that freely. But I still have this lurking suspicion. I'm am not accusing anybody... all I wanted to put in the open is that the phantom is not being his usual annoyingly accurate and makes-you-want-to-slap-him self. He usually thinks this sort of thing through.

I believe that Anguirel and Fea are both werewolves.
I believe that either the phantom honestly believes that I'm a werewolf, or he's trying to deflect the blame onto me when he knows perfectly well that he is the one we should lynch.

Just thoughts...
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