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I was suspicious (especially in the beginning) because a lot of the things mormegil said struck me as a bit of a stretch.
That is what made me suspect that he might be a seer trying desperately to make a good case against a known werewolf.
I, quite frankly, was at a complete loss to explain her behavior. The only way it made any sense in my mind was that Feanor was a werewolf.
As you can see by my attacks on her, I was thinking the same thing as you.
As a matter of fact, now that I think she's innocent, I'm even more puzzled than I was before...oh well.
Ha ha! Me and you both.

Just to reach a more certain conclusion about Fea, I'm going to repost everything Morm said about Fea yesterday.
While not fool proof I think we can see that Anguirel supported Firefoot and Feanor. Could it be that she tried to calm our suspicions and throw us off their tracks?
Currently my heart pities poor Feanor and her pleas seem to be that of an innocent. Seem mind you, I'm not certain, but unless I get a good alibi from Firefoot my heart directs me to her being the werewolf among us.
My attitude toward Fea has lessened, but I don't think she is clear. One might still hold suspicions of somebody but set that aside to single out somebody he has much more suspicion of so as to more fully focus his attention.
Feanor, I never said I thought you to be innocent. I did say that I didn't view you as suspicious. I currently feel that we have a much stronger case, based on the evidence I presented, against Firefoot than we do on you. It is interesting to me though that in your list the only one, besides yourself, that you don't have any suspicions of is Firefoot.
I am not ignoring the Fea arguement I merely think that the evidence more fully implicates Firefoot. I still have suspicion on Feanor and it is growing with each post, however I feel much more strongly that Firefoot is the one we need to hang. I will not say please reconsider your vote because if Fea is hung and she is a wolf it will implicate me. But, as I have said I do have suspicion on her but not as much as I do to Firefoot.
There is some suspicion of Feanor, which I uphold but that phantom is spearheading. There has been this suspicion since the first day but doesn't seem to be founded on much evidence albeit there is some and she appears to be somebody to watch.
Is Fea truly "as pure and innocent as the wind driven snow"?

What if Morm did not dream of Fea. If he knew her to be innocent, I doubt he would have mentioned her as many times as he did. He could have just put forth his second quote about her pleas "seeming to be that of an innocent", and stopped there, but he continually brought up Fea and said that she was not excused.

Or was he doing this because going after Firefoot and ignoring the obvious day 1 suspect (Fea) would absolutely for sure mark him as the seer? That certainly makes sense.

Perhaps he figured that Fea would get lynched anyway and so he did not dream about her, and picked someone else to dream about just in case they were the third werewolf.

But since he already knew about Ang and Firefoot, why would he go searching for the third if he already suspected that Fea was the third? If Morm was certain about Firefoot already, you'd think he would have dreamed about Fea, which means that his attempts to move our votes from Fea to Firefoot prove Fea's innocence. After all, if he knew that both were wolves, why would he care which one got killed first?

But, it is still possible that he, instead of attempting to prove his suspicions about Fea, dreamed about someone entirely different, such as Primrose or I. That way Morm could finger the hidden third werewolf if Fea turned out not to be a wolf after we hung her on day 2, which the night before, seemed to be a certainty since there was a "hang Ang, hang Fea" plan.

Do you see the logic behind that? Morm thought "Yes, Fea might be the wolf, but since I already know the villagers are going to lynch her tomorrow I'm going to dream about someone else just in case it isn't Fea."

But once day two started rolling, Fea's hanging was up in the air (pun ), and so Morm, who had failed to identify a new wolf during the night, saw that there was a very real opportunity to hang a for sure werewolf- Firefoot, rather than a maybe wolf- Fea.

This makes perfect sense, though it is not, of course, necessarily what happened.

But I think that I have proved, Kuru, that Fea is not "as pure and innocent as the wind driven snow".

(and yes I know- I shouldn't apologize- but sorry Fea)
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