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alatar is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.alatar is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Mansun, as seemingly as airtight as your argument appears, I would have to respectfully disagree. I have information that I was not to divulge, but in order to clear the Witch-King's good name, I am forced to come clean.

Tom Bombadil is none other than Starship Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

That should be obvious to everyone, but for those that require additional proof:
  • You never see Bombadil and Kirk together, even at various science fiction/fantasy conventions.
  • "...I was waiting for you. We heard news of you, and learned that you were wandering... But Tom had an errand there, that he dared not hinder"- Kirk's tricorder probably picked up the approaching Hobbits as 'life forms,' and Kirk was disappointed that he could not blast them with his phaser. And Kirk would pick lilies from a stream if it would get him closer to a woman.
  • "there was a glint in his eyes when he heard of the Riders." Kirk was notorious for getting into fights, and these so-called Riders might fight the bill. Plus, Kirk liked horses, and sometimes horses and/or bad guys on horses meant 'damsel in distress,' a pheromone that Kirk could not resist.
  • Kirk was not affected by the Ring as his ego is of galactic proportions; some critics have suggested that the Captain has "delusions of godhood." Battling supernatural and godlike beings in a contest of wills (not wits, mind you) was a daily experience for Kirk. To think that the Ring could do anything to him...ha. And Kirk was such an egomaniac prima donna that nothing, absolutely nothing could make him leave center stage, let alone make him become invisible.
  • And Kirk's power over the Barrow wights is easily explained. Anyone familiar with the Captain knows that he is prone to monologuing - making grandiose speechs that left his enemies in tears and his fellow crewpersons ready to sacrifice themselves just so that they wouldn't have to hear anymore. The death scream of the wight is proof of Kirk's speaking abilities. And note that he lifted a necklace from the pile on the hill to, yet again, get in good with Goldberry.
  • And the yellow boots are a dead giveaway - the Captain's uniform is gold/yellow.

And just who do you think that the Blue Wizards, Pallando and I , were sent to retrieve?

This is Spock...I mean uhh...alatar... out.
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