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Description of the Inn:

The Golden Perch is the main inn at the village of Stock, located at the intersection of Stock Road and The Causeway. It is very near the Stockbrook and just across the Brandywine River and a little north from Brandy Hall in Bucklebury. It is a well known inn, famous for its beer which was sometimes described as 'the best beer in the Eastfarthing.'

The inn is built against the edge of a hill, the building part with a tall enough ceiling to welcome men and elves, but the door is round, and rather low. Upon entering the building, the character walks into the large Common Room. Directly opposite him is a wide, stone fireplace. To his right is the counter, or bar, behind which, the casks of ale are mounted. Behind the counter, also, is a door leading into the large kitchen.

On the wall with the fireplace in it is a door leading into a hallway that winds into the hill with rooms branching off on either side. Here are located the rooms in which hobbits sleep, also the pantries, wine cellars, and other rooms necessary for the upkeep of the inn are down that way.

On the opposite side that the kitchen is located is another wing that has several rooms for bigger folk to lodge.

The kitchen is large. It has its own door leading outside. Beneath it is a cellar where in are stored apples, potatoes, and other roots and vegetables. There is also a large, walk in pantry attached to the kitchen. Outside the kitchen is a large vegetable and herb garden, easily and quickly accessible.

The stables are located on the side of the yard that the kitchen is on, at right angles with the Inn. Attached to the stables is a large yard that horses can be exercised or let loose in. Hitching posts are also available outside the barn for visitors who will not be long and do not want the horses to be unsaddled and put away.

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