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How time movement and the weather will be handled at the Inn:

The Time at the Inn will be directed as the Innkeeper sees fit. Time will not be moved forward abruptly by the Innkeeper and without being mentioned (and, if necessary, discussed) before hand on the Discussion Thread.

Depending on what is happening at the Inn, some days will be played out in full, others may start in the morning but end up skipping to the evening if nothing is happening and it doesn't cut out any important part of the story line. Then there will be times when the time will be moved forward several days.

If a player has a character who will only realistically be at the inn for a night or two (a passing traveler elf, dwarf, man), we will try to direct time so that this player gets his or her chance to play in the Inn as much as possible.

This being the case, if you want to join in with a character who will soon be passing on, it may be a good idea to ask on the Discussion Thread how long this particular day is going to be played out, in case time is about to be moved ahead.


Weather will for the most part be directed by the Innkeeper and can be discussed, too, by the players on the Discussion Thread.

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