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The Innkeeper -- Folwren

NAME: Seredic Boffin (Dick)

AGE: 52

RACE: Hobbit



APPEARANCE: About average height, 3'4". Merry, round face, twinkling brown eyes, brown curly hair. Wears a green, embroidered (though not terribly expensive) waste coat, a white, cotton shirt.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Dick is a merry hobbit, quick to laugh and easy going with most everybody. Loves a big crowd at his inn because it invariably means a lot of orders, and that's good business. He's an honest fellow, however, and generous, too. He's willing to help people in trouble when he possibly can, and when he can't really help them, he does his best to anyway. He loves his wife and children and is protective of them as is his rightful duty to be.

HISTORY – Mainly to do with his Family: Seredic grew up in Hardbottle until he was about 24. At that time he and his older brother (just come of age) moved to Stock, his brother because that’s where the girl he wanted to marry wanted to live (it was near home) and he because he wanted to do something. He fell in love with Lily Goodbody, the old innkeeper’s daughter, and when he was 36, married her. She was the old hobbit’s only child, as well, and he was very pleased with her choice of husband. Dick’s father-in-law taught him everything about the inn and Dick worked by his side faithfully to learn what he needed to know - understanding that when the elderly hobbit retired, he would take his place as owner and innkeeper. At the beginning of the year 1356, when Lilly’s father was 80, he told Dick that it was time that Dick would take over.

In the sixteen years between their marriage and when Dick took possession of the Inn, Dick and Lily had not been childless. They had seven children, three girls and four boys. Their two youngest are twins, a girl and a boy. They do their best with raising them, but seven kids is a lot to look after, and I highly doubt their Mum knows about all of their escapades.

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