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The Cook – Firefoot

NAME: Celandine (Cela) Brandybuck

AGE: 56

RACE: Hobbit

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: None, except maybe a rolling pin…

APPEARANCE: Around average height, somewhat plump. Brown wavy hair often pulled out of her face, brown mischievous eyes.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Celandine is rather eccentric; some might even say slightly touched in the head. For example, she has a habit of periodically rearranging certain items in the kitchen, either for her own amusement or sometimes to confuse the assistant cook. The bustling cook can be absent-minded with things she considers unimportant and is often thinking of several things at once. However, she usually reaches the right conclusions eventually and beneath her exterior has a heart of gold.

She is never, however, absent-minded about her cooking and always knows what is going on in the kitchen. She does like to experiment and sometimes comes up with odd (but usually tasty) concoctions.

HISTORY: Born and raised in Brandy Hall, Celandine has always had an affinity for the unconventional or unusual. She learned how to swim at an early age, thoroughly appalling her mother. As she grew older, she found great enjoyment in scaring off potential suitors that her parents selected. After a few brief relationships (with lads her parents definitely would not have approved of) she decided marriage was not for her and found a job instead as the assistant cook at the Golden Perch. When the head cook died a few years later, Celandine naturally stepped up into the position.

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