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NAME: Tolman (Tollers) Burrows

AGE: 33

RACE: Hobbit


WEAPONS/EQUIPMENT: Tolman has never wielded a real "weapon" in his life. He did use a slingshot as a boy to chase after small animals.

His true love is fishing. In fact, given half a chance, he would much rather fish than work. He makes sure to stuff a line and hook into his right pocket just in case he gets a chance to run off to the Baranduin.

His proudest possession is his small boat.

APPEARANCE: Tolman has a mop of curly brown hair and large brown eyes. He generally has a mischievous look on his face. He is Stoor in origin, which means that he has a broader and heavier build than is customary for most hobbits his age. His stoutness may also be attributable to the fact that he has a real weakness for sweets and pastries. He generally keeps a bit of food in his left pocket to make sure he doesn't get caught in a jam without a snack.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Tolman, nicknamed Tollers, is an affable young hobbit. He can put in a day of hard work at the Inn. On occasion, however, he sneaks off down to the Baranduin, which is the place in the world he loves best. Here, he spends endless hours swimming, daydreaming, fishing, or rowing a small boat downstream.

FAMILY: Tolman's family, who are farmers, thinks that his obsession with the river is odd. They are of the opinion that, since he has recently turned 33, he should take a bride and settle down on the family farm. Tollers would rather work at the Inn, where he can escape his father's watchful eye. At the Inn, he loves to meet and talk with the various travellers, and occasionally to slip off on his own to the river.

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