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Not a very nice fellow, is Jack!

NAME: Jack Greymoss

AGE: somewhere in his mid thirties

RACE: Man (of Breeland)

GENDER: male

WEAPONS: A blackthorn walking stick with a big knot at the upper end. An oak handled knife with a much sharpened five inch blade, worn in an old leather sheath at his belt. A sling with a pouch of sharp stones also hangs on his belt. A set of pick-locks secreted in the top of his boot.

APPEARANCE: Tall, thin. Spends much of his time hunched over, hiding in shadows. Thinning sandy hair, sallow complexion, a jagged, ill-healed scar on his left cheek gotten in a fight with local farmer and his boys. Dirty appearing – from his scuffed, run down at the heels boots, to his raggedy brown stained breeches, to his once white tunic, now bearing the history of many scrapes, scuffles, and nefarious deeds.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Always on the lookout for easy takings. Would cheat his own dear mother, save for the fact she is more crafty and wicked than he. A cowardly sneak-thief and rumor monger. The sort who likes to ally himself with those who can protect him. But if cornered is a nasty, no holds barred, fighter.

HISTORY: Born and raised in Breeland on a hardscrabble little farm, just outside The Chetwood Forest, near the Midgewater Marshes. In his early twenties he left home looking to make his own way. And that “way” has proved neither easy nor profitable. Still it is better in his opinion than being chained to the life of a farmer or any other such drudging employ. Jack picks up whatever ‘odd’ jobs he can for a hot meal and a hay-pile to sleep in . . . that, and of course, the occasional bits of nefarious pursuit to line his pocket with what coin he can.


And here is 'one of them Rangers' . . .

NAME: Hithadan

AGE: 50

RACE: Men – Northern Dúnedain


WEAPONS: Long-sword, yew longbow, hunting knife; short iron mail shirt, plain iron helm, plain boiled leather vambraces

APPEARANCE: 6’1”(1.5m); 175 lbs(79kg); well muscled, lean; Black, straight hair; grey eyes; tanned skin. Dresses for working in: grey leggings and tunic; brown leather belt with a brass buckle; soft leather, well worn, knee high boots; grey cloak flecked with black and dark green. For more formal occasions: black tunic, breeches, and boots, black cloak with a small, old silver brooch with six-pointed star engraved on it.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: A reserved man with a dry sense of humor. Careful in his consideration of problems, he prefers to assess them from all sides. If need be he can make any necessary quick decisions as needed.

Considered a fair man, who expects others to accept the consequences of their actions. He is a realist, and not a romantic. So said, he does lack a certain sense of compassion for those who rail against what life has dealt them.

HISTORY: Born 2909 TA. Grew up in the Dunedain’s hidden fastness in the Angle. He is not married or promised at this time. He does have a younger brother, Orogil – to whose 2 young daughters, Almiel and Núneth, he is a devoted uncle.

Descended through his father from Estelmo, the squire to Elendur, Isildur’s oldest son. As far back as his family history is remembered, all the males have served as Rangers under the command of the Chieftains. Hithadan has served under Arador, Arathorn II, and now under Aragorn II, who has recently entered the service of Thengel of Rohan under the alias of Thorongil.

One of his areas of charge is the southeastern Bounds of the Shire, extending north toward the Greenhill country and east along the Brandywine. Other Rangers travels often overlapped with his, providing the sharing of recent happenings in Eriador.

The inn in Stock is one of his best sources for information in that area. A quiet way, keen ears, and the willingness to buy the next pint often brought him invaluable bits and pieces of news.
‘Many are the strange chances of the world,’ said Mithrandir, ‘and help oft shall come from the hands of the weak when the Wise falter.’
– Gandalf in: The Silmarillion, 'Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age'

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