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Wonderful! I've wanted a chance to play a hobbit again for a while now...

NAME: Griffo Tunnelly

AGE: 91

RACE: Hobbit


WEAPONS: Naught but his shepherd’s crook.

APPEARANCE: Standing at only about 3’1”, Griffo swears he has shrunken in his old age. The hair on his head and his feet has gone completely white, and though it was once very curly, it now simply wavy. He lets it go pretty wild most of the time, so it forms a rather large mess on his head, with many untidy strands and cowlicks sticking up, out, or down. His face is quite rosy, and of course clear of facial hair, thick with wrinkles and creases, some making his face look drawn and as if he is perpetually frowning. Overall, though, it is only a worn look. His eyes are a misty hazel, but are always clear and sharp; his wits are still all about him, and he has a sharp mind. He wears a loose white shirt, normally not quite completely spotless, with a green vest and dark brown pants, and he always carries hid shepherd’s crook with him (though he puts it down and out of the way when he enters the Inn).

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: He’s rather a typical old ‘gaffer,’ except for the small twist being a Took adds to him. He is to a certain extent the ‘strange old man’ type: those who know him find any strangeness to be lovable quirks, those who don’t tend to be wary of him, some even declaring him not all there in the head. But many have been called that, especially in their old age. Griffo can also be labeled as a ‘grumpy’ or ‘crotchety’ old hobbit, and he can be harsh toward strangers. He is not all that quick to trust, but he is kind and normally very civil, though his straightforward tendencies can get in the way of the latter. Griffo says what is on his mind if he feels at all free to do so, but he knows he is not so free when what he wants to say will only make a situation worse, or is will cause unnecessary pain to anyone. His judgment is somewhat loosened when he’s been drinking, though.

HISTORY: Born and raised in Tuckburrow, Griffo consented to moving to the village of Stock with his wife shortly after the two were first married, and continued working in the field he had been raised in: shepherding. His wife, Melilot Underhill, wanted to be closer to her family in Woodhall, and he was not too averse to moving away from his home, being the more adventurous one, and a very loving husband. The two had five children together: three girls and two boys. None of them are more than a few years apart, and all but one have married. His beloved Melilot has now been deceased for a little over six years. It was rather devastating for him; he had always expected to out live her. His children try to see him as often as they can, but they have their hands full with their own families, and only one of Griffo’s sons still lives in Stock. Two of his daughters have tried to talk him into living closer to them or with them, but he refuses. He stays in Stock for his wife, and would never want to be a responsibility for anyone, anyway. He spends most of his time in the Golden Perch Inn – he is either there or tending to the four sheep he still has – having held a love for its beer practically since it was first established. While at the Inn, he loves sharing stories, and sharing words of wisdom from his deceased wife. He is not necessarily trying to ‘drown his sorrows’ through all of his drinking and his time at the Inn, but simply trying to enjoy life in his way, though he can get pretty gloomy at times. And by the evening, a mix of nostalgia and alcohol make it sometimes very difficult to get Griffo to leave the Inn.
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