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Here are two new visitors to the Inn - from Sarn Ford.

NAME: Rhys Hafgen

AGE: 37



WEAPONS: A thick oaken walking stick; an old, but serviceable sword, plain bladed, which he keeps wrapped in a piece of oilskin beneath the seat of the cart.

APPEARANCE: 5’7”; burly build; Dark auburn hair; dark, icy blue eyes.

PERSONALITY: A plain, good-hearted fellow who enjoys the company of others. Easy to be around; even-tempered. Loves his sister dearly. Plays the fiddle; has a lovely tenor voice.


NAME: Tanwen (Tanni) Hafgen

AGE: 34


GENDER: Female


APPEARANCE: 5’4”; well proportioned, shapely, comely. Fiery, ginger colored hair; fair skin, with a sprinkling of small sandy freckles across her nose; blue eyes the color of a summer sky.

PERSONALITY: Approachable, friendly. Always a quick smile or laugh and a kind word given at need. Loves to dance; has a rich contralto voice that harmonizes well with her brother’s.


COMBINED HISTORY: Brother and sister from one of the small villages clustered about Sarn Ford. Their father, Aeddan, is a tradesman and the family runs a small mercantile establishment near the ford. Many of their goods come down the Brandywine, from the Shire and from Bree.

Rhys and Tanwen have been sent out to scout out new sources of goods and to make arrangement for the shipment of the goods to Sarn Ford either by cart or flatboat. Traveling in a covered cart drawn by two grey dappled mares – Nia and Olwen
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