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This is my main character's profile. I'll work on the other profile and post as soon as I can.

Should I put the other profile and the beginning post in this same box?

Tevildo's Main Character:

NAME: Dorran

AGE: 39

RACE: Human


WEAPONS: As one of the Riders of Rohan, Dorran bears a sturdy broadsword that was given to him by Eomer, whom he served under during the War of the Ring. He also cherishes a hand carved bow and a jambiya, a dagger with a dual-edged curved blade that is seemingly of eastern origin. The latter were passed down to him by his long deceased father.

APPEARANCE: Tall and slender as a youth, Dorran has blossomed into a man with considerable physical gifts. He has a shock of brown curly hair, skin that is darker than most of his fellow Rohirrim, and earnest brown eyes. He still has the same serious expression and somber demeanor that he did in his teens. Although fairly good looking, he rarely thinks about his physical appearance. Even while serving the King at court, Dorran prefers to dress in simple servicable fashion, wearing a plain doublet over his tunic, along with high boots and breeches. In battle he adds a leather vest reinforced with chain mail.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Dorran's personality seemingly matches his quiet and unassuming outer appearance. He has more confidence than he did as a youth but still feels no need to push himself forward in front of others. He is patient and has considerable physical courage, having faced many foes on the field of battle. Yet it is still difficult for him to talk about his own past: the death of most of his family at the hands of Orcs and the years he and his sister spent as slaves in Mordor.

There are three people whom he feels deeply about: his wife Athwen, his sister Creide, and an elderly healer named Leod, who has been almost like a father to Dorran since the age of sixteen. He would give his own life for any of them. His love for his wife means everything to him, but sometimes he has trouble expressing that affection in words. He tends to keep some of his worries to himself and finds it difficult to talk about personal problems. Despite his silence, he is a loyal and concerned husband whose affections run deep.

Dorran has many skills that are of potential use in the Fellowship. He is a trained fighter and excellent rider who has spent much time caring for and training horses. Perhaps most importantly, he knows a great deal about the slave plantations and geography of Mordor.

HISTORY: Dorran and his sister Creide came to the village of Wulfham when they were tiny children, brought there from some identified place that lay towards the east by Raven, an elderly maiden aunt. Neither of the trio ever spoke of what had become of the childrens' parents. Whatever difficulties had befallen the family, they kept the story to themselves.

The aunt was a poor seamstress, barely holding body and soul together. Both Dorran and Creide had to be sent out in service at a very young age. After helping out in the households of several farmers in the region, the children found their way into the employ of Lord Aldwulf: Creide as a scullery maid and Dorran in the stables. With the passing of their elderly aunt, the march-warden and his lady had taken pity on the two and let them bed down in a tiny cellar room that faced onto the courtyard. The children were well behaved and generally accepted by the other villagers, though some wondered where they had come from. The Lord of Wulfham was a kind and honorable man and treated Dorran and his sister with much kindness.

When just sixteen years old, Dorran repaid his lord's generosity by volunteering for a dangerous mission: to ride to Edoras for help after a threatened Orc attack on the village of Wulfham. See Outracing the Flames RPG in the Shire. In the company of other volunteers, Dorran exhibited considerable courage and resourcefulness. This dangerous trek was also where he met his bride-to-be. Athwen's village had been attacked and destroyed by Orcs. She and the elderly healer Leod were the only two villagers surviving. Dorran eventually volunteered to join the Riders and serve under Eomer during the War of the Ring, but he returned to marry his beloved Athwen in the sixth year of the Fourth Age. Gradually, over the years, Dorran confided to his wife his experiences as a slave in Mordor and the death of his parents and brother.

He has also risen in favor with the King, initially taking care of the mearas at the royal household in Edoras. These steeds would even allow Dorran to ride and exercise them, which is most unusual. In recent year, the King has used Dorran as an emissary to the court of Minas Tirith when imporant matters had to be discussed.

Dorran and Athwen have been married thirteen years. While their union has been a happy one, it is marked by one sadness. Dorran had hoped for a son--a boy whom he could teach to ride and hunt, but their marriage has not yet been blessed with children.


Tevildo's minor character

NAME: Azhar

AGE: 12 years old

RACE: Slave girl originally from the east

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: Her hands and nails and whatever she can manage to defend herself. She also carries a slingshot and rocks in her pocket. However, her best defense has always been her ability to charm her way into the most unlikely hearts.

APPEARANCE: Azhar has a mass of curly black ringlets falling down her back, but these are usually tangled and matted. She is so scrawny that her ribs stick out and her clothes hang limply from her frame. Although her tanned olive face is dirty and her shift torn, she is an extraordinarily attractive girl. Her warm brown eyes attest to her lively mind and stubborn determination.


In a small world that alternates between terrible cruelty and complete indifference, Azhar is a tiny spot of brightness. Orphaned at a young age, the girl simply refuses to lay down and die. She is bright and resourceful and has managed to survive through the generosity of other slaves, her own intelligence, and her ability to manipulate others. She seemingly does not harbor the deep anger or bitterness characteristic of so many other slaves. Her duties are comparatively easy. She conveys buckets of water to the slaves in the field and runs other small errands for the guards. Her name means "flower" in one of the eastern tongues, although she does not even know this. She is truly a tough cactus flower blooming in an arid desert.

Yet this tale of rugged endurance does have a darker underside. Although Azhar does not possess a mean bone in her body, she does what she must to survive. She would never betray a close friend, yet she lies and steals with cold calculation. Even as a little child, she was aware of her good looks and charm and exploited these for all they were worth. With her extraordinary ability to soften even the coldest heart simply by walking into a room, Azhar has even been known to secure treats and special privileges from guards. Moreover, she has seen horrors that no twelve-year old should have witnessed and understands what will happen if she fails to curry favor. If she remains on the plantation until adulthood, she will likely lose all sense of right and wrong and turn into a hard hearted manipulator willing to use any means at her disposal to better her situation. Dreaming of a better life, she is determined to escape or die in the trying.


She has none, at least if she remains on the plantation. Azhar is a child without a real future or a past.


Tevildo's post - Dorran

Dorran carefully threaded his way through the crowded streets and byways, reining in his mount so as not to collide with any of the citizens of Minas Tirith who were going about their business. The slow pace did not suit him. He was anxious to get home to his wife and discuss with her what had happened at court. He glanced down at his side to make sure the message from Elessar still sat securely in his pouch.

Dorran and his wife were supposed to be returning home in a few days. He had come to Minas Tirith as a messenger of the King of Rohan. Eomer had asked him to present four prized stallions as a gift of friendship to the people of Gondor as well as to convey a personal letter to Elessar. Dorran had made sure the horses were settled in the stables and that the king's servants understood how to train and care for them. This afternoon, Dorran had been formally received at court. He expected to deliver his message and be courteously dismissed to travel back to Edoras. He had been totally unprepared for what happened next.

The King had invited him to join a special band leaving the next day on a matter of supreme importance to both Gondor and Rohan. Dorran was not surprised that Gondor had enlisted his aid. There was a personal understanding between Eomer and Elessar that messengers to either court could be called upon to help when urgent needs arose during their stay.

What surprised Dorran was the nature of Elessar's request. The King had asked him to join a mission to Mordor, helping a band of slaves who had escaped from a plantation found a new community on the Plateau of Gorgoroth. Even more alarming was the fact that his wife was also invited to join the Fellowship. Although Athwen had amazing gifts as a healer and would be an asset on any mission of mercy, his wife lacked skill with weapons and often shrank back when he described to her some minor skirmish in battle from which he had escaped unscathed.

It was not only fear for Athwen's safety that made Dorran hesitent. More than any other member of the Fellowship, the Rider of Rohan knew just how dangerous it was to try and cross the Ash Plain and establish a settlement on Gorgorth. He had spent his youth as a slave in Nurn and made the treacherous journey out of Mordor in company with his sister. Once before, in the years immediately after the fall of Sauron, Dorran had returned to the Plains of Gorgoroth to try and clean out some of the vilest of the Orc gangs. His knowlege of Mordor, its twisted hills and lava-filled plains, had been one of the chief reasons that Elessar had included him in the new mission.

Dorran found it difficult to sort out his own feelings. Part of him feared a return to Mordor. The physical dangers of the trek were considerable but even those paled beside his own dark dreams of childhood. If those dreams afflicted him in Rohan after so many years, how much more likely were they to claim him if he journeyed deep into Mordor? Sauron might be dead and gone, but not for one moment did Dorran believe that the land had been cured of all its ills. Too much darkness remained.

Still, he could not turn his back on this mission and the possibility of helping slaves find a new life. He had sworn once that he would do all within his power to free others from the bondage that he and his family had endured. What better occasion than this? Nor could be deny his wife the chance to accept the king's commission. She might be uncertain at first, but Dorran was convinced that Athwen would never forgive herself if she passed up this chance to lend a hand of healing. It was up to him to help her believe in herself enough to accept this new challenge. There was no question what he must do.

With these thoughts reverberating through his mind, Dorran raced down the street and bounded into the house, running forward to sweep up Athwen within his arms. He leaned down and kissed her on top of the head; his words came tumbling out in excitement, "You have heard the news? The Fellowship of the Fourth Age..... It will not be easy, but how can we say no? There is so much need. Great need, and you and I will face it together just as we did long ago when we travelled the road to Edoras to secure help for the villagers who were threatened by orcs. Come over by the fire, and sit with me. We will talk."

Dorran gently led his wife over to the fireplace. They sat down near each other on the floor and spoke at length, sharing their hopes and fears. By the time the flames in the pit had dwindled to silver ash, their bargain had been made and sealed. Both Athwen and Dorran had agreed to give their consent to the king and journey to the distant land of Mordor in hopes of bringing help to the slaves.

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