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Here is the profile for my main character. Thank you Undomie for your advice. I will station my character as an advanced gaurd for the party.

- Regin

NAME: Ishkur

AGE: Does not know




Ishkur has a curved steel scimitar that he keeps in a sheath by his side. He wears an iron helmet, slightly rusted, with a visor that conceals most of his face when it is down as well as a suit of chain mail and an old iron shield emblazoned with the eye of Sauron.

His weapon of choice, however, is his large yew bow, which he is very skilled in using. He also has a quiver made of marsh reeds and arrows that he made himself from the precious few trees that he could find in Nurn. He does not remember where he got the bow, though he has used the weapon his whole life. The bow has intricate and unusual carvings and is unlike anything that other Orcs possess.

APPEARANCE: Ishkur is unusually tall for a traditional orc, around six feet in height. He is strong and muscular, although not as bulky as some of his companions. He has dark brown eyes with large black pupils that constantly dart around to spot trouble. His hair is a wild, thick, dark black mess on the top of his head that looks like an overgrown shrubbery. His teeth have fared fairly well given their age, most of them still hanging in his mouth, sharp and stained a pale shade of yellow. Like most orcs, he detests baths. His ears are large and curiously shaped, causing others to make occasional jokes, which he cannot stand. He wears a faded black cloth shirt, frayed and torn at the edges, long brown wool hose, and a pair of leather boots he scavenged from one of his human victims in battle.


Ishkur feels very strongly that he must take control of his own fate and not let others lead him around. He dislikes many orcs and often assumes that they are trying to take advantage of him. As a result, he does not have too many friends and sometimes feel antagonistic toward any who try and help him. He reserves special scorn, however, for his Uruk-Hai commander whom he sees as arrogant and conceited. Ishkur despises taking orders from him and is planning to desert and set out on his own. He hates the Uruk-Hai in particular because, during the late Third Age, these orcs were given the most desirable assignments, yet Ishkur always knew that he was smarter and just as fierce a fighter as any Uruk.

Ishkur never flinches from a confrontation. He is incredibly independent and often completes the task at hand while others delay because they are fooling around. Ishkur is unusually articulate for an orc and even uses words to trick his dim witted competitors. In the course of thousands of years he has indulged in many vices including pillaging villages, eating human flesh, and killing any elf or man that gets in his way.

He does not like that there are so many females in the group that he will be escaping with, but he is willing to travel with them as long as they don’t drag the group down


Ishkur does not like thinking about his past because he can not remember anything from early in his life. He tries to block out these questions whenever they come to mind. Although Orcs do not have families, most of them can name their mother or father, but Ishkur is totally in the dark. He has seen generations of orcs die from illness and battle wounds, and he does not understand why he still remains alive. Ishkur remains quite secretive about his long lifespan and has never talked about it with anyone.

Ishkur’s earliest memories are of serving Morgoth in the Iron Prison of Angband during the time of the great wars with the elves. Ishkur survived the slaughter in Beleriand and, following Morgoth’s imprisonment, enlisted in Sauron’s service. After Sauron established himself in the black land of Mordor, Ishkur went with him, continuing to battle against Elves and men for many centuries.

For the past hundred years he has not seen much fighting since Sauron stationed him to guard over the slaves of a large plantation in Nurn. After the War of the Ring, when the Easterling landlords took over, many of the Orc guards fled the plantations. At this point Ishkur signed on with a local Orc chieftain. Now he has become frustrated with the stupidity of his group leader and decided to join the rebel faction. In this way, he hopes to stop others from boxing him in and have the chance to chart his own path.


Profile for Minor Character

NAME: Ungolt

AGE: 28


GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: Like most orc women, Ungolt has never been trained to fight with weapons. She has a large oaken club fashioned out of a fallen tree that she uses to kill game. Although Ungolt has not told anyone, she longs to fight with real weapons and wield a sword or spear of her own. She knows that in orc society those who are the best fighters earn the most respect. But she also sees that orcs frown upon teaching women combat and do not allow them to fight in battle so that it is very unlikely she will ever realize her dream.

APPEARANCE: Ungolt stands about 5”2 inches tall with dark grey skin and clear dark blue eyes. Once in a while she will even take a swim in a river and emerge relatively clean. . Her dark brown hair is straight and long, filled with tangles and tight knots. She does not have large muscles, but is extremely quick on her feet and dexterous with her hands. By orc standards she is good looking and sometimes attracts the attention of male orcs, in whom she has no interest.

Being confined to orc breeding colonies all her life, Ungolt was forced to toughen up and find a way to survive. Over the years she has become increasingly numb and lost the ambitions she once had. She acts meekly and defers to authority because she was powerless in the hands of the males who controlled her life. Even after her escape, she continues to defer to the male orcs, both out of necessity and habit. She keeps her true feelings and wishes to herself.

All her life, she was forced to steal and lie in order to stay alive. She has no concept of morality and does not realize how her actions affect others. Ungolt always takes the easiest way out of a situation instead of the one that may benefit her in the long run. She has questions about her abilities and potential, yet these remain buried deep inside. Her anger against male orcs has always stayed hidden, but there is some indication that it may surface and explode if she’s forced to work with the men in a small and close knit band.

HISTORY: Ungolt does not know where she was born and does not remember who her birthmother was. From an early age she was working in the fields tilling the soil. Ungolt slowly began to increase her knowledge of crop farming and remember useful details from one harvest to the next. She saw which plants to put where, what kind of food was best for what crop, and what time of year each plant was ready for harvest. She learned these things almost unconsciously at the time, but it is possible they will be of great use later. She was sent to work in the breeding grounds at an early age because of her desirable appearance. Every day she would go to work and come back tired with little memory of what had transpired. The one thing she really missed was working on the land. After the fall of the great eye, she escaped from her farm and settled in a nearby community in Nurn. When she heard that the Easterlings were about to make war with the orcs she decided to join the rebels because she did not want to be hurt.


Regin Hardhammer's post - Ishkur

Ishkur glared angrily at the small rock that he had been kicking around the dirt path. He was beginning to regret requesting advance guard duty. Ishkur hated waiting for others particularly when he had absolutely nothing to do. His mission as he vaguely recalled was to scout out the best path of leaving the orc encampment and guide others along it until they were safely out of range. A few hours ago, Ishkur had quietly slipped away and found a trail hidden by the cover of a grove of small trees not far from the southern edge of camp. He had told the others and now waited impatiently for the exodus of rebellious orcs to begin.

The minutes and hours dragged on. It was the women, he thought in exasperation. They always took a long time to move anywhere. Most of them were slow and weak and only served to drag down the group. It had been better when they were kept on separate breeding farms. The longer he waited, the greater the chance that their plot would be detected, and they would all be killed. A group of fifteen orcs fleeing the encampment was ample cause for suspicion by even the most inept captain in a bunch of dim witted misfits. Ishkur would have preferred simply leaving with a small group of male warriors, a much faster and safer plan, but such a dream was not to be. Even Ishkur grudgingly recognized that if their group had any hope of surviving on their own they would need more than a few male warriors. Numbers meant strength and safety. Individual orcs had always been regarded with disdain.

In all his years on Middle-earth, Ishkur had never before been part of a group that ran away from the orc band to which they were assigned. Of course, Ishkur was not participating in this little experiment just to be noble. No, he simply could not stand being lorded over by the pathetic Uruk-hai, the arrogant and overbearing leaders that controlled every facet of life within camp. The idiots thought because they could tolerate the harsh rays of the sun for hours on end they held some sort of superiority over the other orcs. His commander barked orders to his men with an air of marked contempt. He treated Ishkur as inferior, a class below him in intelligence, strength, and capability. The plain fact was that Ishkur was probably a match in fighting with any Uruk-hai and definitely had more brains.

Ishkur had tolerated such vile treatment far too long until he had finally decided to act. He would go with this new group, and they would stake out a territory far to the north of Nurn. From the moment he heard whispers about the expedition in the late hours of drinking around the campfire, he knew that he must join them. They would have the opportunity to go hunting and raiding on their own and would have no need for anyone to approve of what they did. He volunteered to be an advanced guard because he did not want to stay behind and help the weaker ones escape, but he found waiting ahead of the group agonizing. Ishkur returned to kicking the rock, hoping that it would be more interesting than staring in the direction of the orc encampment and wondering how quickly the others would come.


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