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NAME: Reagonn (Ree-a-gonn) Ex-slave

AGE: In his twenties.

RACE: Human


WEAPONS: An old dagger, and a knife he keeps in his belt at all times.

APPEARANCE: Reagonn is skinny and slim, which gives the impression that he is taller than he really is. He is weak and pale, due to the hard work at the plantation for several years. Reagonn looks far older than he actually is because if his grey eyes which are filled with the horrors and cruelty he has experienced in his life thus far. Reagonn wears an old dirty shirt with several holes and rips, and pants that are too short for him. His boots will no longer stay dry when exposed to water, a clear sign that they are worn-out and in need of replacement. His shabby looking appearance dominated by the scars in his face, and the long busy dark hair, might seem intimidating to some.

PERSONALITY: Reagonn is a quite intelligent and when rested and well he is not easily distracted. Under the cruel circumstances in which he has spent most of his life, he has learned to be observant, a skill proven very advantageous to him in the past. Reagonn does not easily trust people, nor does he feel any loyalty to anyone but himself. He cannot help feeling betrayed, or abandoned by his parents, (although it was never confirmed that they actually did abandon him), thus he cannot let go of the bitterness inside of him. Reagonn is a good speaker and can easily get his ideas across to others.

Reagonn gets frustrated in situations where one ought to keep one’s head cool however, which makes him vulnerable and sometimes even weak.

HISTORY: Reagonn has no memory whatsoever about his origins. He knows that he was taken into slavery as a young child. He does not know anything about his parents, whether they are still alive, living on a plantation, dead or whether they joined the forces of Mordor when Sauron still ruled. Nor does he care. He has always felt this sense of being abandoned by them, yet it cannot be confirmed that they actually did abandon him.

Throughout the years of slavery, he lost track of time, which explains he fact that he does not know his exact age.

Shortly after the fall of Sauron, Reagonn and a younger lad planned their escape from slavery. They managed to flee from the plantation in haste, but to their great despair, they were recaptured shortly after. The younger boy, also called Bornir, had been a close friend of Reagon for several years. However, upon their return to the plantation they were both punished severely – which explains the two scars in Reagan’s face, and several on his back. Although their punishments were considered mild compared with others who for instance had their tongue removed, Bornir passed away due to the infections in his wounds and the blood loss. Of course, Reagonn found it difficult to cope with, as it had been his only and closest friend, thus pledged to revenge his death.

Reagonn had started to plan another escape and the revenge of Bornir’s death, but then just a week later a fire broke out on the plantation. The fire spread quickly to the shelters where the slave slept during the night, and full chaos broke out. Many slaves died due to the heavy smoke, but a handful of slaves decided to take advantage of the situation and managed to sneak out and escape from the plantation. Reagonn of course, was one of them. Being preoccupied by the fire, no one noticed the few slaves that escaped and none of them were caught. They parted however, deciding that it was wisest to go different ways in case they were being followed.

A couple of days later Reagonn met Khamir and a small group of other ex-slaves “hiding” in caves. Reagonn was allowed join them and together they struggle to survive.

Reagonn has not fulfilled the pledge he made after Bornir’s death, yet there is still time…


Orofaniel's post - Reagonn

There was a blaze of heat. Reagonn awoke in his shelter discovering that it was filled with thick, dark grey smoke. He quickly noticed the wave of panic that spread among the slaves and soon cries of agony and horror filled Reagon’s ears. Still half-asleep, he managed to get up and at this point, his instincts were quite clear: he felt the urge, or moreover the necessity, to escape from this place. Nevertheless, as he got up he could feel the years of labour finally sink in, and he became utterly disorientated and confused. The legs beneath his crippled body now seemed to fail to support him, and he fell slowly to the ground with a short thud.

The blaze was now spreading rapidly, and he could feel his senses weakening as he inhaled the poisonous smoke. Feeling suffocated, he witnessed the masses of slaves running past him as they hurried to get out, he tried to cry out for help, but his voice failed to cut through the loud voices and the sounds of cracking building material. The ceiling in the left corner of the shelter now started collapsing, and Reagonn could see two slaves running as fast as they could to avoid being trapped beneath the burning wood – all in vain. They cried out as the heavy material hit them, and although chaos surrounded him and the air was filled with voices, Reagonn could somehow feel the vibrating silence from the left corner of the shelter. As he crawled further towards the exit, he knew his last minutes had come. Feeling trapped, Reagonn felt helpless and utterly alone. Yet, the situation did not distress him, like it might have distressed others. On the contrary Reagonn now felt somewhat relieved; finally, he was to be realised from the pain…the suffering…the agony in which he had lived for years. Reagonn had waited for this moment.

Nevertheless, the fright that suddenly struck him was not at all unexpected.

“Get up,” someone cried.

Alarmed by this command, he came to his senses, and trying to regain his balance, he stood up. Walking more steadily now, he felt that things were clearer. Almost all the slaves had evacuated by now, yet he could still hear cries, although he could not conclude whether they came from inside the shelter or outside. Reagonn turned and watched the flames surround him and the lifeless bodies on the ground; They were victims of this ruthless fire... In the life-threatening situation, Reagonn did not have much time to think, yet he could not help feeling sorry for these slaves. He had laboured with for many years and now he was witnessing the miserable fate they had faced.

Would this be his destiny as well?

Witnessing this he realised that it was time for his second attempt to escape. Not only from the fire, but from the plantation.


The palm of his hand felt sweaty against the pale skin of his face. He was half-asleep, half awake. This dream, which he had dreamt so many times before would not leave him. These shadows, these nightmares, from the plantation tormented him, and continued to confuse him. And always, near fully awaking, he saw the same face…the same smile and the very same expression in front of him – in the redish monstrous flames. A younger self started back at him, almost identical, yet some of his features shared no resemblance with his own, whatsoever. He was around Bornir’s age, his only friend in life whom had been brutally punished by the plantation’s master - yet it wasn’t him. Thinking about Bornir he could felt enraged, yet this time he felt a wave of pure hatred and rage build up inside of him like never before. After that was just the bitterness...The bitterness he was used to.

Who was he? There was no answer, just a blur of confusion, a foggy maze with no beginning or end. More questions rose, only to be forgotten again while silently awaking from this horror of a nightmare. Like so many times before he awoke while clutching his knife and gasping for air. His eyes were wide open filled with dread as he felt the pearls of sweat running down from his forehead.


Minor Character - Slave escapee

NAME: Liviol (Lii-vi-ol)

AGE: Almost twenty



WEAPONS:He has his wit, his creativity and his fists if needed.

APPEARANCE: His skin is rather dark, yet after having laboured at the plantation for so long, he has grown paler and weaker. He is not as skinny as most of the other slaves though, but he is quite tall. His dark hair reaches his shoulders. Some of his more prominent facial features: high cheekbones and a large chin. He wears an old greyish shirt, and some old pants. In his belt, he used to carry a knife, but it was stolen from him.

PERSONALITY: Liviol is creative, and quite imaginative. However, he likes to keep to himself, having had the experience that this is the only way to keep out of trouble. He is not very well spoken, nor is he very social. He is quite egocentric, as he has learned that it is necessary if he wishes to survive. At times, he might seem paranoid, and ill tempered. Yet, overall, Liviol is not an arrogant person, nor is he evil. He has just spent his life on a plantation and has therefore learned that the only way he will survive is to take care of oneself.



I hope it's Ok. Please do tell me if it needs editing.

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