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Here are my characters - 3 Dwarves from The Lonely Mountain:

NAME: Bívor

AGE: 75

RACE: Dwarf – House of Durin/Longbeard clan

GENDER: male

WEAPONS: stout pick axe and a large oaken club

APPEARANCE: @ 5’ and very broad statured; masses of dark brown hair pulled back in a short pony tail at the nape of his neck; full beard worn in 2 braids; dark eyes; black breeches, grey tunic, dark brown leather boots, brown vest. Has the standard iron helm, short mail shirt, small round shield. Hooded, purple cape.

PERSONALITY: Outgoing for a Dwarf. Plays the flute. Loves to eat, is very strong.

HISTORY: Bávor’s older brother. Nephew of Nori, one of Thorin II Oakenshield’s companions. Comes from The Lonely Mountain


NAME: Bávor

AGE: 74

RACE: Dwarf – House of Durin

GENDER: male

WEAPONS: short sword and pick axe

APPEARANCE: @5’ 1”; nearly as thick as his brother in stature; dark brown hair, long beard braided in a single braid; dark eyed; ruddy cheeks. Dresses much like his brother. Purple cape.

PERSONALITY: Loves a good joke, laughs easily. Enjoys ale and is very fond of pipeweed. Does not play an instrument, but loves to sing

HISTORY: Same as his brother, Bívor


NAME: Skirvir, Skjald's son

AGE: 70

RACE: Dwarf – House of Durin

GENDER: male

WEAPONS: mattock and a long knife

APPEARANCE: @4’ 10”, built like a barrel; reddish brown hair, wild and curly, barely restrained by a thick leather thong at the back of his neck. Bushy red-brown beard worn long and unbraided. Icy blue eyes. Dark brown breeches, light green tunic, black leather boots. Russet colored leather vest. Iron helm, small round shield, thick, boiled leather vest used for battle. Wears a grey, hooded cape with a long dark blue tassel hanging from the point of the hood.

PERSONALITY: A bit of a dandy; fancies himself a ladies’ man and laments the fact there are not more eligible Dwarven women to admire his finer traits. Fond of Dwarven spirits and ale. Hard worker, but when the work is done, loves a good party with singing and music and dancing. Plays the flute, as does his cousin Bívor. Is known to recite impromptu poems when the spirit and the spirits take hold of him.

HISTORY: cousin to Bívor and Bávor; nephew of Ori, one of Thorin II Oakenshield’s companions. Comes from The Lonely Mountain.

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