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Updated General Absence List, or the Joys of Summer Gaming

Brinniel: July 16-28
Nogrod: July 18-22
Firefoot: July 20-29
Novnarwen: July 23-29
Nogrod: July 17-22; July 28- August 4
Child: July 30 - August 4 (should have access); August 23-28
Hilde: August 4-7
Durelin: August 8-16 (will have some access)
Folwren: August 13-28 (will have some access)
Regin: August 23-30
Tevildo: roughly the last week in August

Thinlomien: joining the game in August

If anyone has any extra dates that need to be added to this list, please let me know.
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