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Tam Lin has just left Hobbiton.
Looking forward to gaming on the Barrow-Downs.

Will bring Tavaro to The Golden Perch soon -

NAME: Tavrobelion, his original name (or at least one of them); Most often called Tavaro now

AGE: Quite old

RACE: Elven

GENDER: male

WEAPONS: None, save for the small knife he uses to sharpen his quills

APPEARANCE: 1.7m (6’7”); 95kg (210lbs); medium frame; finely chiseled facial features; sea-grey eyes; hair dark as a raven’s wing, worn in a long plait down his back. Soft grey green tunic worn over brown breeches and belted with a twice wrapped belt of plain brown leather secured with a worn brass clasp. Knee high boots, brown, scuffed, comfortably worn. Long, hooded grey cloak flecked with browns, blacks, and greens; the clasp is worked in silver and set with mother-of-pearl on its face.

Carries a large brown leather satchel of soft leather filled with pages of parchment and vellum and a small pouch within, holding pens and inkstones and fine sand. Slung over his other shoulder is a larger leather pouch his traveling needs within and a small harp, wrapped in a soft, sea blue, finely woven stole. Uses a tall hawthorn staff as he walks along.

PERSONALITY: An inviting personality; enjoys engaging people in conversation. Thoughtful; given to periods of quiet retreat when he is writing, though he will gladly lay aside his task and call for wine should someone want to talk.

History: Well traveled. Given to collecting tales from whatever local population he finds himself in – prose, verse, song all happily recorded. Has most recently spent time in the Old Forest, east of Buckland, visiting old friends.
And pleasant is the faerie land / But an eerie tale to tell, / Ay at the end of seven years / We pay a tithe to Hell; / I am sae fair and fu’ o’ flesh, / I'm fea’rd it be mysel’…

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