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A character from me...

I had a brief period playing with a Hobbit at the Dragon, Artifondo Dwellover, who was in fact my first character here. My Golden Percher-who will drop in, I fear, only occasionally-is his grandfather.

NAME: Mister Gandrio Dwellover

AGE: 38

RACE: Hobbit


APPEARANCE: Gandrio is stocky and of normal Hobbit height, but moves with determined grace. Wiry brown hair in some abundance covers his hair and feet. His green eyes look rather wary, but his smile is reassuring. He dresses neatly but in plain enough clothes, dirtied often by the toils of the field.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: A proud and upright Hobbit, Gandrio is strictly truthful and can sometimes seem priggish and stern. He has rarely been heard to laugh. He has an exceedingly good ear, though, and can play the flute and viol well enough; singing he finds slightly disreputable, though he appreciates it in others. Young Mr Dwellover is known everywhere for a hard worker, a reliable hand and a credit to his mother Romilia, but perhaps slightly dull company. He has few close friends outside his family. Gandrio is known for very good taste in wine and cheese, though he does not overindulge in either.

HISTORY: Gandrio is the only child of Ernifondo and Romilia Dwellover, due to the early death of his father, who married late. He has been brought up strictly and correctly by his mother Romilia to look after the Dwellover farm with conscientiousness. His main companions are his cousins, older married men; he is unused, it must be said, to the company of Hobbit lasses. After coming of age five years ago, he has been seen at the Golden Perch more often, but more because it is the sort of thing a fully-grown Hobbit should do than because he actually enjoys it.
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