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Reading through the last fifty or so posts of the Perch I've decided that... I want in!
I felt the same.

Name: Edric Gulwine ('Eddie' to his closest friends and family)

Age: 53

Race: Human - Rohan

Gender: Male

Appearance: Edric is taller than your average man from Rohan with light brown hair (that is starting to get grey roots). However, his face fits his jolly personality as there are barely any signs of aging, and he has a radiant youthful appearance. He has a dark skin tone and bright blue eyes that still contain that 'glimmer' of hope.

Personality/Strength/Weaknesses: Edric is a jolly man, always trying to make conversation and meet new people. Sometimes once you get into a conversation with Eddie it's hard to get him to stop, as people don't want to be rude and cut him off. However, with Eddie around it's hard to get in a word. No one wants to stop him, as he is such a nice and sweet man always looking for conversation. However, sometimes his constant chatter and a need to talk gets annoying. Especially when Edric starts forcing his own opinion and starts interrupting everyone else.

History: Edric is the oldest of four other siblings (all of whom are sisters). At the age of 15 his father, Elric, passed away leaving him as the only male in the family. After the death of his mother (Freda), when Edric was 40, he decided there was no reason to stay in Rohan anymore. As he soon got tired of King Fengel and all of his sisters now had families of their own. That's when Eddie decided to go to Minas Tirith, as many of his friends had gone to Gondor to get away from Fengel. But not too long after, the grave and grim people of Gondor was not right for his personality. He felt unhappy and that he was growing tired and worse...bored. So, Edric decided to pack up what he could carry again, and this time set out West to find the place that was right for him.

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