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Okay, here's my version of Thuringwethil...I am completely open to any suggestions for changes, and I do hope everything sounds plausible (and the is correct). Also, I apologize it's rather long...particularly sorry about the appearance dragging on like that...


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Durelin's character

Name: Thuringwethil, or Jord as she is known to the Ulfings who must know her
Age: NA
Race: Maia
Gender: Female (typical form/association)

Weapons: Her cunning, her persuasiveness, the being whom she answers to, and more primitive ones when need be: a slender, straight bladed dagger, easily concealed; and poison.

Appearance: Always bent on her purpose – whatever it may be, as ordered by Sauron or now, Morgoth himself – and seeing it as an opportunity to start anew, Thuringwethil was glad to take on a new form with the help of her master. He shaped it for her with the beauty of Luthien in mind, most likely in an attempt to painfully remind her of the failure Sauron met at Tol-in-Gaurhoth. She was gifted with smooth skin of creamy colour, with a hint of soft brown; dark brown hair, naturally in soft, neat curls; and deep olive eyes – also almost brown, but with enough of a hint of green to keep one from describing it as simply brown. Standing at about five feet, four inches, she is short and slightly willowy, with long legs, particularly for her height. She has prominent yet soft feminine curves that she never intends to hide or try to disguise in the least, long eyelashes, thin but not short eyebrows, a small, pretty and well-proportioned but slightly pointed nose, full lips normally in a tight smirk, high but not rigid cheekbones, and a well-defined but not large chin. Overall, her face is an ageless one, which looks young at first glance, much older at second, and sometime unknown at third. Her hair hangs almost to her elbows. She normally wears long dresses of sober colours: dark greens, reds, blues, and blacks, and made of thin, clinging materials, with a small train. She will sometimes wear a black shawl of semi-transparent material.

Personality: With innumerable years of experience and wisdom, and an ability to exist separate of the body she has taken the form of, the Woman of the Secret Shadow is a million things at once. She is unpredictable in her behavior, and a master at wearing as many masks as she pleases. When she wishes to maintain a certain type of appearance, she will do so with nearest perfection. At times she can be careless because of a natural arrogance, something servants of Melkor struggle with possibly even more so than any simple mortal ruler. She is the ultimate manipulator, in touch with the desire of men down to their darkest, most basic and animalistic selves, but also full of thousands of years of insight into the mind of beings of Middle-earth, having an idea of what each of their creators’ minds are like. Thuringwethil enjoys her work, and takes pleasure in tormenting minds even more than tormenting bodies. With her newest form, she has found a new way to do so, using the shell as one fully aware of how beings mortal and immortal alike find it attractive. She can work with the patience that only a Maiar or Valar or an Ent could ever hope to have, but can also find herself rushing with anticipation and eagerness. Rarely does she cease to be meticulous in her work, though. Everything she does has layers upon layers of motives, and she greatly dislikes feeling that she has wasted even a moment of her time.

Her love of manipulation and duplicity made her a fine servant to Sauron the Deceiver, and she has perfected her treacherous ways thanks to him, and she was and still is fiercely loyal to him. Her loyalty to Sauron always made her fairly closely connected to Melkor, as her master’s master is her master, but now she is even more attached to the Dark Lord. She will do anything for her masters, and their goal is her goal. Thuringwethil is especially glad to perform her current duties, as she can enjoy her work, relishing in playing multiple personalities, and is exuberant that she has been given another chance. She finds her human body to be amusing, and so experiments with using it to her advantage. Her dresses, though they seem to be of similar cut, all hang differently, accentuating different parts of her body. At the same time, she both loves and hates the body: she is overjoyed that Melkor has enabled her to regain a physical form and thus a real presence in the world, but she despises its resemblance to the Elven beauties that both Elves and Men swoon over and write poetry about. As with most with power, and really most beings in general, she desires to be known. She prefers to be a much greater presence than any normal being would even be able to fathom, and this also tends to contribute to the ferocity with which she performs and indulges in her duties.

History: Formed among many of the spirit of Ilúvatar, Thuringwethil is a Maia, a lesser power, though still powerful, that chose to dwell in Arda, normally taking on the appearance of either a woman, a bat, or some mix of the two. She was one of those tempted by Melkor’s dreams of personal power, and wanted a share for herself. They were powerful things, mortal Men even mistaking them for ‘gods.’ Why shouldn’t they have power? Even among the Maiar, the Woman of the Secret Shadow is lesser, and so became a servant to a more powerful Maia, Sauron, who is considered the most powerful of Melkor’s servants. At first she was unhappy to find herself under the command of another Maia, but she quickly came to respect her master where others came to fear him. Morgoth quickly became an extremely powerful force in Middle-earth, and he and his servants were constantly on the move. But when Sauron’s fortress of Tol-in-Gaurhoth was destroyed, and Thuringwethil herself by mischance became the source of Luthien’s disguise, she was devastated, and all but destroyed along with the tower. She lost her physical form, and lost the ability for a time to take on a form. But Melkor found both her and her master, and though they feared the Vala’s wrath, they were both glad that he did not abandon his loyal servants. Morgoth formed Thuringwethil a new body in which she could do his bidding, and he began other plans with Sauron, which she does not know of and would never think of inquiring about. With most of her strength regained, she is able to take multiple forms again, though it is a little more difficult and she may not be as fickle about her choices as she once was.

Sent to the East to sow further seeds of darkness, from which new allegiances would grow, and sent also for a treacherous purpose which would insure the destruction of one of the dark powers’ greatest enemies: the Children of Ilúvatar, Elves as they were known in Middle-earth. Men were weaker in some respects, and Morgoth knew that the peoples of the East would be quite susceptible to his persuasion, considering their greed, and the arrogance with which the Elves tended to approach them. He knew that there was already plenty of unrest that could be used to his advantage, particularly among the Ulfang tribe, though already certain of his plans and that he had already all but received the Easterlings’ allegiance, Thuringwethil was sent to execute his plans, and work from among the Ulfings to bring his treachery to fruition. Luckily for she and her master, they had only an old king to deal with, and a son with a heart near black enough to fit Melkor himself to help them.


Durelin's post

Passing in front of a mirror in her temporary bedchamber, which the King Ulfang had so “graciously” presented to her for her services (services he had never received but which his son had, who might as well be seated in the old man’s throne), Thuringwethil, Women of the Secret Shadow, shuddered, she herself a mirror to her soul as a ripple of disgust passed through it. What was this horrible body?

Her bones themselves dripped with a deep hatred for the creatures called ‘Men,’ but even more so for the Children of Ilúvatar: silly children who could not even play nicely with their friends, which had made it all too easy for Morgoth to bring the little Ulfing king to his knees. Thankfully the dark powers which she served would use these beings and then dispose of them. Thuringwethil felt she might just have to hang around long enough to see that disposal, but not if it meant remaining in this body for any longer than was necessary. To think that now she, Woman of the Secret Shadow and faithful servant to Sauron, acting often as his voice itself, was now something Men low and base could admire with hungry eyes that say prey within read. She had not been the one to fail! O, but her poor master…

She had to endure one man in particular, though his simple ways could sometimes amuse her. Uldor really though he had power, that he was manipulating, that he was triumphing and would show everyone, even the Dark Lord himself, what he was made of. But Thuringwethil already knew, which her master knew even better – he was but flesh and bone and warm, thin blood. As soon as that blood went cold, he would pass into the dirt, and men to come would leave their bold footprints in him, forgetting that they too would join him sooner rather than later. For beings like her, these lives were blinked away, if they could be called ‘lives.’

War was coming, and she shook with excitement because of it. She would be the one to secure the victory, and Morgoth would not be able to forget it. When Sauron rose again she would undoubtedly be allowed to join her Lord again, and she would have the strength to be rid of this body forever. Then she could take on forms that were more pleasing to her master as well as to her. Maybe she would be rid of this mocking body that locked her in a fleshy prison before the battle began, and she would finally be able to feel the blood of those Elves – those pitiful fools who mourned the loss of that harlot, Luthien, who would bind herself to a being of an even lower race – on a skin she chose.

But alas, she knew her work would not be done until well into the bloodshed, for the treachery ran deep, and the Woman of the Secret Shadow would not dream of abandoning her work. Once the lies had seeped in, and as long as the boy who played with being puppet master danced to her tune, the Dark One’s victory was secure. Doubtless Uldor would see it her way without too much trouble: planting ideas in a mind so malleable in tainted hands was too simple.

Who Thuringwethil had to step more lightly around, though, were the men not mired in a sickness of the mind like their leaders were, and that was many of the Ulfing people, so clueless and innocent. If they ever did catch some sort of clue, they could be a risk. Such things as war and alliances were beyond those simple folk, left for the hearts of lords and kings, predisposed to disease and corruption. Rumours, even whispers, spreading fear and doubt were pleasing to her as long as they did not involve her. Remaining in the shadows was the way it had to be done, and it was the way in which she was accustomed to working.

She knew how the minds of men worked – deceit was not something done in the light of day: it was done in the dark when the eyes could not see what the hands were doing. That was the beauty of it, and what made it the sweetest perfection of a business for Thuringwethil to use to her liking. There was no way she could fail: the treachery of men was on her side.


A note on her alias - I was going to go with Tyra, but I might change it because Dimturiel's 'Tora' is a bit too close... Not that it matters, I suppose, but I wasn't completely sold on Tyra anyway...



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Edit by Durelin: I changed her alias to "Jord." (Means "Daughter of Night," seems fitting.)

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