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Here’s my character. Hope she's satisfactory.

I’ve upped her age so that she can be contemporary with piosenniel’s character’s (Kata’s) mother. Piosenniel has kindly agreed my character can be attached to her family group.

Linked ~*~ Pio

Noinkling's character

NAME: Dulaan

AGE: 58

RACE: Ulfanger

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: None, really. Does have a larch heartwood walking stick with an iron tip on one end and a fist sized ball of petrified wood from the mountains round her birth area; iron shears she uses for taking the wool from her sheep; several pairs of pine wood knitting needles. She always has a pair of these along with a ball of yarn tucked in the thick cloth pouch she has always at hand.

APPEARANCE: In a nutshell: crone-like.

In her prime she was most likely about 5 ft tall. Now shrunken with age and a bit bent over she’s about 4 ft 9 inches. Thin, with the sort of loose skin typical of an elderly female who’s lost muscle mass and body fat. What was once dark hair is now turned quite grey and worn in a thin plait to her waist. Wizened round face, prominent chin as she’s lost many of her teeth and her mouth tends to fall in against her gums. Dark eyes, a bit cloudy, rheumy from age. Ears are sharp enough, but she likes to pretend she is slightly hard of hearing. Wears mid thigh wool dresses in dark colors – usually blue. Scuffed up, softened by age, leather boots. Woolen leg wrappings. Has a thick, dark blue with dark red borders cloak she usually wears.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: She has seen a lot of good and bad times in her long life and has learned to let events roll off her as does water from a duck’s back. Basically happy person, laughs easily, smiles readily Does tend to have certain ideas about how ‘things’ should be done and will voice her opinion as she sees fit. Likes to stay close to the home-fire and keep her old bones warm.

HISTORY: She is a cousin of Kata’s mother. (Kata is piosenniel’s main character’s wife)

Dulaan’s immediate family are all dead. Husband and two sons killed in skirmishes long ago in the far Eastern lands. She had no daughters and considers herself a sort of second-mother to Kata. She has been taken in by Grimr and Kata as a part of their family. And is called Granny Dulaan by their children. Her tiny little flock of sheep and two goats run with theirs.


Noinkling's post

‘Kata! Kata, are you there?’ Dulaan stood blinking in the dimmer light of Kata’s house. She stepped further in, letting thick wool blankets which covered the entry way to fall back into place behind her. The old women thumped her walking stick a few times on the rug covered floor of the dwelling, a muffled sound at best. ‘I let the goats and sheep out into the side pasture. Is there something hot to drink, something to warm an old woman’s bones?’

The room was coming more into view as her rheumy eyes adjusted to the small light of the fire and the shadows which it threw about the homey interior. She tapped her stick lightly against one of the carved wood benches and smiled down at the child who sat there.

‘Slide over, won’t you sweeting? Let Granny rest a bit by the fire.’


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