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BIO for Rusty Smallburrow

Here is the BIO for Rusty Smallburrow:

name: Rufus "Rusty" Smallburrow

age: middle age for a hobbit, say around 50

race: hobbit

gender: male

weapons: utility knife, like a hunting knife, and a stout walking stick/staff, a bow when needed

appearance: typical middle age hobbit male, about 3 1/2 feet tall, a bit of a belly, dark brown curly hair, brown eyes, wears knee length breeches, shirt, vest, jacket, no shoes, pointy ears, neither handsome nor ugly (as hobbits go)

personality: generally good natured but can be a bit officious and self important when it comes to his role as shiriff. likes to wander around the area and gossip, flirt with the female hobbit servers at the various inns, likes nothing better than to spend an evening chatting, drinking good beer and singing. Is suspicious of strangers somewhat, at least those not of the hobbit variety

history: born and raised on a farm near Stock. Applied to become a shiriif seven or eight years ago. Single, no children, lives by himself at the local holding place (ie hobbit jail) which, as it never gets used as such, he lives in the one "cell" which he has decorated and made very cosy for himself. He hopes he will never have to detain anyone for then he'd have no place to sleep.
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