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Here's my character description. Let me know if anything needs changing.


Celuien's character

NAME: Ulfast, son of Ulfang

AGE: 43

RACE: Easterling - Ulfing

GENDER: male

WEAPONS: Ulfast carries two gold-handled curved daggers on his belt (like this). He also keeps a curved sword with a black handle at his right hip.

APPEARANCE: Ulfast stands approximately 5í5Ē, average height for an Easterling, but is still intimidating in bearing. He is of average build, but well-muscled and agile. His eyes are deep brown, a color that would imply warmth if not for the hard glint in their expression. His black hair is shoulder length, unkempt and matted to conceal a left ear split from the upper curve to the lobe during a raid. He has a black beard in which a few graying strands can be seen. All of his features are large and coarse, and his lips often seem curled in a sneer. His skin is deeply tanned and weathered except for a small area on the index finger of his right hand, where he once wore a golden ring that was his symbol of authority as his fatherís heir during his older brotherís periods of exile.

Ulfast wears black boots that reach to just below the knee. His breeches are of the same color. Tunics are either red, brown, or black. He wears a gold medallion on a heavy gold chain. On formal occasions, he is seen in red robes.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Ulfast is quick to hold a grudge, and once his resentment is stirred, he does not forgive those who have angered him. He tends to be sullen and reserved, but his silence conceals the cunning mind of a master plotter. Those against whom his plans are raised rarely know of his plans until he is ready to strike. He stands by alliances, though less from a sense of honor or loyalty than the knowledge that it is unwise to make enemies.

HISTORY: Ulfast is the second son of Ulfang, and as such was given considerable power and influence during the periods of his elder brotherís exiles. When in control, he often behaved ruthlessly, exerting his power to settle old grudges and consolidate his influence over the Ulfings both through fear and through gifts to his friends. After Uldorís return, Ulfang returned power to his oldest son, leaving Ulfast angry and embittered toward his brother. Though not bold enough to attempt open rebellion, he secretly maintained such alliances as he could Ė meaning those not known to Uldor Ė with the hope of eventually overthrowing his brother and regaining power. On some level, he holds himself in contempt for not rising against his brother, but feels that he would not be successful in an attempt to regain power by force since his brother still holds their fatherís support.

Ulfast is married to the daughter of a lesser Easterling chieftain and has three children (two daughters and a youngest son) by her, but she and the children are rarely seen due to Ulfastís distaste for his wife and family.


Celuien's post

The night before the Envoy's arrival

Stars gleamed brightly in the midnight sky over the Ulfings' settlement. A warm breeze mingled with the new-budding branches, stirring them to a gentle whisper that played behind the song of the night birds. Peace reigned over all, save in one house, where even at the late hour, a light still moved in the windows.

Ulfast knew no rest. For hours he had lain awake in bed, staring ahead as though he could will his sight beyond the wooden beams to gaze beyond the ceiling of his chamber to the still darkness of the night. His spirit was troubled, though he could not say why. Time dragged by and sleep yet failed him until, at last, he lit a lamp and stirred uneasily in the room, changing his nightshirt for a brown tunic and breeches with a black cloak and boots. Perhaps a walk in the open air would settle his spirits.

Concealing a dagger on his belt, Ulfast stole out into the night. He walked in the dark, savoring the odors of loam and cut wood that filled the air, but ever alert and with one hand on the dagger handle. No enemy would catch him unaware.

A turn near the town's gate brought him to the standards of the Claw and Star. Though the symbols could not be seen under the dim moonlight, Ulfast heard the standards flapping in the breeze, and the images were clear as day in his mind. The Star of FŽanor. Not long ago, the Ulfings had been alone, allied only to themselves and a few other tribes in the east. The Dark Lord who held sway from the north was far away, a name to be feared, but not a presence in the daily lives of the people of Ulfang. But now they had thrown their lots in with the Elves. Ulfast had spoken in favor of that choice. The Dark Lord was slipping. The Elves were in open rebellion against him, and were ever seeking new allies for their cause. A new power was rising. Not today, or for a year of tomorrows, or even for long winters after that, but it was rising, and the Ulfings would rise with it to new power beyond their wildest imaginings in the old days.

Ulfast walked on, still lost in his thought, until the sun peered over the horizon. He then turned back to his house to rest before the business of the day began.
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