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Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Well, here is mine. As Celuien said, tell me if anything needs changing. I may be editing it before the game starts, I was somewhat distracted as I wrote it and this character will be a new type for me to play. We'll see how it goes.

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Folwren's character - Uldor

Name: Uldor son of Ulfang
Age: 46
Race: Southron Man, an Ulfing
Gender: Male

Weapons: Uldor carries no weapons visibly. Hidden about his person, however, he has a number of small, very sharp daggers within easy reach. In open battle he uses a two-handed, long broad sword.

Appearance: Uldor does not stand extremely tall, no more than an average Ulfing, but his slender form and his straight carriage seems to make him taller. He has a handsome, clean-shaven face, high, prominent cheekbones, small dark brown eyes, and shoulder length, black hair.

He generally wears only dark clothing, a simple tunic and vest with a belt, dark breeches, and high boots.

Personalities with strengths and weaknesses all mingled in: Uldor has no real morals of his own. He is a weak man, thirsty for power and already corrupted by the knowledge that someday, he will inevitably have it. His soul purpose in life is to gain more and more authority. In his past, he has been too hasty with his assumptions of power, and his pride and lack of self-control have gotten him into trouble, eventually getting him banished from his home and thrown out of the inheritance.

At the time of the game, he realizes that it doesn’t pay off to be hasty. He still craves for leadership, but he doesn’t hunt for it so openly now. He goes about things in a round about manner. He twists words and ideas and feeds them to his aging father. He finds with passing time that he can put more and more of his own thoughts and dreams into his father’s mind and through the aging Ulfang, he can put his hand on the ruling of the kingdom of Southrons.

His relationship with his brothers is poor, and he knows it. He knows they hate him, and he knows he is sorry that they do, but he hates to admit it, and so he hates them in return. They confront him with charges of his crimes, they show him he is guilty, they tell him with their looks he doesn’t deserve – he has no right – to be there. They call his own conscience onto him and he can not face that. So he discourages it, he puts it down until he hardly knows right from wrong, and when he stifles his own conscience, he feeds his hate and his lust and everything else evil inside him.

History: Uldor is the oldest son of Ulfang, but he fills the part very poorly. He neither set a good example for his two younger brothers nor tried to. He spent all of his younger days pretending to be king over the country, and did his utmost to lord it over whomever he could (and that included his two siblings).

As he grew older, he only became worse. Few people liked him, and more hated him. He fell into bad ways around his twentieth year, enjoying the company of young, pretty women a little too much. He acted as no honorable person should. Then, in his twenty-fifth year, things came to a peak, when he killed a woman’s husband, because the man found his wife and Uldor together. When his case was brought to trial, he claimed that the husband had become angry and he had had to kill the man in self-defense. The woman claimed that she was being assaulted and made love to against her will and her husband had acted as any true man would. Uldor claimed that what had happened had not been against her will. However, it mattered little if she had consented or not. She was the wife of another man and he had committed murder.

His father banished him from the city and country. He left, torn between furious anger and regret. For a long time he wandered with no home and in an aimless manner. After two years, some spies of Morgoth managed to meet up with him. They talked little, getting to know each other (it seemed to Uldor) only the barest amount, before the spies withdrew. But not long after that, he was again found and again spoken to. For some time, these small meetings occurred and he had no other contact with Morgoth or his followers. But after a year, the visits grew more common. Uldor was allowed to discover more of what befriending Morgoth would gain him. He was offered power and riches, men to command to come or go at his will – if he could go back and bring the Ulfings and Borrim under Morgoth. . .

Uldor did return, but not for another ten years. Not until he was thirty-seven did he go back to his home and his father, asking for forgiveness and swearing that he had changed. His father welcomed him, but did not immediately set the inheritance upon him. Uldor was smart enough not to show that this rankled his pride a great amount. He kept it hidden, for three years he kept in hidden, and all that time he acted as perfectly as he knew how. He helped his father, he spoke with him often, he held close council with him, he learned his secrets, everything. And, finally, he won him over to himself completely and Ulfang set the inheritance once more upon his oldest son.


Folwren's post

The day was uncommon fine, and Uldor realized it. The wind felt warm on his face, unlike the usual, brisk, cold breeze that had been coming down the past month. The cape on his back was almost unnecessary. Yet, somehow, he liked the way it blew up in the wind as he paced the foot of the wall. He reached the gate and stepped out of the shadow of the wall. The guards leaped to their feet and to attention. He cast them a sharp look.

“Anything new?” he asked, merely to make one of the guards take that ridiculous grimace off his face.

“No, sir.”

Uldor grunted, cast one more critical glance at the men, and passed on. He wandered back towards the great house. He bound up the stairs onto the broad porch and pushed through the great, heavy, wood doors.

“Where’ve you been all this time?” a voice demanded at once. He turned sharply, to find his brother at his elbow. He sighed.

“My dear Ulwarth,” he said, placing his hand on his poor, half-witted brother’s shoulder. “I’ve just been out walking. Surely you did not miss me? I have not been gone long, and you don’t usually notice my absence,” he added with a sneer.

Ulwarth pushed Uldor’s hand away with surprising speed and impatience for a man supposed to be slow. “Our father has been waiting for you this past half hour. Two elven ambassadors have arrived and father wanted to wait for all of us to be there before receiving the message that they bring.”

“Elven? Elves?” Uldor repeated. His black eyes sharpened significantly and nearly flashed under his lowering brows. “Who are they? Who are they from?”

“No questions, no questions, brother, hurry, hurry. . .” Ulwarth grasped Uldor’s hand and led him forward quickly. He reached closed door and laid his hand on the handle. Uldor pulled his hand back abruptly. He cleared his throat, straightened the cape at his shoulders, ran a quick hand through his hair, laying it nicely, and nodded to Ulwarth.

Ulwarth turned, rolling his eyes as his face turned away from his brother, and opened the door. He led the way in.

The room that they entered was a considerable size. A window on the wall opposite the door allowed broad beams of sunlight to stream in. His third brother and his father sat within, as did two strangers. All of them, save his father, rose as the Uldor and Ulwarth entered. Ulfang made the introduction.

“Uldor, this is Lachrandir, of the house of Feanor, messenger from Caranthir, our overlord.”


Folwren's character - Ulwarth - CARRY-ALONG CHARACTER/NO POST NEEDED

Name: Ulwarth son of Ulfang
Age: 41
Race: Man
Gender: Male

Weapons: He always carries a long, slightly curved dagger at his side. In battle, he wields a great, two-handed broad sword.

Appearance: Ulwarth is short and rather stout, standing 4 foot 10 inches and very muscularly built. His skin is dark, as most Easterlings, his eyes black, his hair, shoulder length, is black, and usually pulled back away from his face, and his beard is short and also black. He almost constantly has a half smile, half smirk on his face. He rarely truly smiles, but often gives an inane, fake, mocking chuckle.

His clothing usually consists of a long, over tunic, dyed in rich, royal colors of true red, dark purple, or green. About his waist is a long, wide belt, attached to which is his dagger. His breeches are dark brown or black, and he wears tall boots. He loves long, fur lined capes, though they actually make him appear shorter than he is, and wider, on account of their bulkiness.

Personalities: Ulwarth generally has the appearance of nonchalance and carelessness on account of his almost constant smile (usually a fake smile) and slow, quiet way of moving and talking. He is neither nonchalant nor careless, though. When he is alone or with some few who he trusts entirely (his nearest brother for one), his smirk is wiped from his face and he is stern and hard, sly as a fox, cunning, and cruel. He is deliberate and thorough in his plans and ideas.

Strengths: An excellent actor, and an ingenious schemer, he is a dangerous man – the fact that he is over looked for something much like a halfwit helps with that. He is loyal only to his father and his nearest brother. He hates his oldest brother for what he calls baseness. He would never stoop so low as to kill a man himself (except in open battle) or touch a woman, and it infuriates him that Uldor has done both and after being banished has come back into the inheritance.

Weaknesses: Though he might not kill someone himself, he has no scruples against having someone assassinated. He is loyal to no one, save Ulfang and Ulfast as mentioned earlier. He is a betrayer, as his name so truly suggests.
On a rather lighter note – his jests and puns are horrible, though he tries to make many of them (and he may do them lamely on purpose to add to his facade of dullness) and he rarely makes anyone really laugh.

History: Ulwarth is the youngest son of Ulfang the Black. All his life, he lurked in the shadows of his older brothers, going mostly unnoticed by people outside the family. His father spoiled him, and his older brothers gave him bad examples (especially his older brother). He quickly learned many tricks of deceitfulness, trickery, and lying.

He is not married; no woman in her right mind would have him. Besides that fact, he didn’t want to marry. A wife and children, he thought, would only get in his way and would make life less enjoyable.


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