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NAME: Ulfang
AGE: 71
RACE: Men, of the Ulfing People

WEAPONS: Ulfang bears a long, curved scimitar-like weapon on his belt. The sword is rather plain in appearance, save a single gemstone placed in the center of the blade’s hilt.

APPEARANCE: The Ulfing chief is often adorned in a variety of garment types, usually in color combinations of subtle reds and deep browns. However, as a status symbol he always wears a great brown bear pelt draped over his shoulders. Ulfang, despite the effects of time, is still quite large in frame. His face is pot-marked from diseases and battles that span his lifetime. Many of those crags now lie hidden, as a great beard speckled with whites and the lingering splotches of his younger years now sprawls across his proud features.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Ulfang, despite his age, remains defiant and arrogant. He firmly believes he is still quite capable of leading his people, although he recognizes several of his duties have been usurped by his sons, and especially Uldor. But the truth of Ulfang is that his rule has become that of the fangless wolf. While some might think that age would temper the warlord, he has instead become ever more nasty and spiteful. But that terrible anger he displays is often misplaced. Ulfang’s mind is failing him, although his other senses are not in such a decline. Threats are often misinterpreted by the aging man, and he at times acts against his confederates from this mental impairment. As such, his sons have been able to manipulate him more than he realizes.

HISTORY: When the Easterlings crossed into Lothlann and Beleriand in FA 463, there were two houses. Ulfang, lord of the Ulfing peoples, led one of those two. He had come at the urging of Morgoth, who sought to use the race of Men to aid him in the defeat of the Elves. Having come into Beleriand, the Ulfings made a pact with Caranthir. Under the watchful eyes of the Elves the House of Ulfang settled in Beleriand. Yet, while Ulfang ‘leads’ the Ulfing peoples, however, it is his sons, and especially Uldor, who truly rule. In his pride and arrogance, the leader of the Ulfings is not happy with the Elves acting as if they are the ones in control, even with what little control he really has over his people.

When the time finally came for Ulfang and his sons to march to war with the Elves and Edain against the darkness of Morgoth, they betrayed them in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.

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