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Glirdan’s character

NAME: Glirdingo

AGE: 72



WEAPONS: An oak walking stick, a bow with a quiver full of arrows and a short sword.

APPEARANCE: Very fair skin with long blond hair and deep, grey-blue eyes

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Caring, sensitive, easygoing and pretty much carefree is his personality. His Elven eyesight has always been a great strength and his shot with a bow is uneasily matched. His greatest weakness is his ability to trust which gets him into a lot of trouble.

HISTORY: Was born and raised in Lorien. He found a bottle in the river Nimrodel which first led him on his quest in the Great Golden Hoard adventure.



The Elf sat with his back against the side of the cold, hard wall, re-reading the letter he had received. His long blonde hair fell straight back, glistening in the sunlight that was shining on him from the East. For the sun had just risen and Glirdingo had just arrived in Rohan.

He sighed and looked up from the parchment. The letter was an important one. The Dwarf Thin-Gloomy, (“The one who beat me in a race!”) had been kidnapped and a message was sent (or so he assumed) to the other contestants.

He shook his head and started thinking. “Why did I even come? I don’t even like Dwarves! I just hope that Galadster or Kafkalina show up for this…” For he had gone on an expedition with them shortly after the Great Golden Hoard race to Fangorn. He had seen many interesting things on that expedition. But he vowed to himself never to repeat them. “For people would be frightened if I did,” he thought sadly.

He got up and started pacing back and forth, debating whether or not to enter the Inn. For the letter had said to meet the caretaker inside. But he felt wary. For he did not know the land of Rohan to well for the only time he had ventured forth from his home in Lorien was on the quest for the Great Golden Hoard and his expedition with Galadster and Kafkalina.

He continued pacing back and forth, sometimes stopping and looking at the Inn, sometimes to look East. But most often, he looked North East to where his home lay. He was just about to decide to go in when his eyes looked out and saw a figure approaching. He couldn’t tell who it was for they had their head bowed.

He continued to watch the stranger until he (or she) had come straight up to him. “Good day to you stranger! And who might you be?”

--- Glirdan
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