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Crystal Heart’s character

NAME: Arianna

AGE: 70


GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: A typical Elf bow and arrows and a traditional Elf sword.

APPEARANCE: Pale white skin and long near black hair. She has silver-grey eyes.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Arianna is a very odd Elf. She is happy, bouncy, and somehow just completely different then her elven relatives. She loves being outdoors. Strength: Loyalty and skill with her sword. Weakness: Family.

HISTORY: She was born in Lorien. Her father didn't want her getting hurt so he sent her older brother on the quests and kept her at home to become a lady of the house instead.


Crystal Heart’s post

She watched the elf from beneath her hood of soft blue as she approached the in. She smiled. He hadn't changed since the last time she had saw him. Well, she had to take back that thought. He was grown into an elven man now. The last time she saw him he had been just an elven lad, running along the river with her. He had found something that had led him away from Lorien and from her.

She had missed him. He had been her good friend. Since their lives had changed it was so hard not to look at him and remember a simpler time. She had never imagined that she would find him here. Especially not in Rohan.

She was only in Rohan because her father had finally allowed her to go on a quest. She had finally finished and she had wanted to take a break before she headed back. She never dreamed she would have ran into him.

“Good day to you stranger! And who might you be?” She asked him with a bright smile, pulling back her hood to reveal herself. She wondered if he would remember her.
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