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CaptainofDespair’s Character

NAME: Brodda
AGE: 45
RACE: Men, of the Ulfing People

WEAPONS: Brodda carries numerous weapons, based on his expectations. Under most circumstances, he carries a scimitar of plain design. When needed, he will sometimes resort to a long-bladed dagger or a hand axe. In addition to these, he also bears a knife, for defense, on his belt.

APPEARANCE: Beneath a cloak of black wolf fur, Brodda wears a grey shirt and black pants. His boots are a muddy brown, stained somewhat with a few smatterings of dried blood. He never strays from this garb, except when taking up his battle attire. On his right hand, he wears a silver ring inlaid with gold –taken in highwayman fashion from an unlucky Easterling.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Brodda is a schemer, and to some he is cowardly. But like Uldor, who considers him a servant, he is ruthless. He throws his weight with Uldor around quite a bit amongst his people, showing his brutal side. This piece of his personality, however, only shows itself when it is to his benefit. With the current struggles for power in the Ulfing House, Brodda has positioned himself well should something go awry.

HISTORY: Brodda was born around the time of Uldor, although just a year younger. His youth was much like any other Ulfing, smeared with battles amongst his peers for ‘honor’ and glory, when no outside target presented itself. As he progressed in age, he became an accomplice of Ulfang’s sons, particularly Ulwarth. When it became apparent that Uldor was the one to side with, however, the conniving Brodda switched allegiances. Since that time, he has served Uldor as a glorified henchman, performing the eldest of Ulfang’s dirtier work. However, he does maintain a few connections with Ulwarth, as a safety net.

As the coming conflict begins to rear its head, Brodda sees the potential for a disaster, especially as Uldor’s plans are presented to him. Worried he might be left with nothing, the unscrupulous Ulfing has begun to make plans, whatever they may be, to secure his survival.


If there need to be any changes to dear Brodda, please let me know.

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