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NAME: Éomeléo

AGE: 24.

RACE: Man (Gondorian).


WEAPONS: Sword and crossbow.

APPEARANCE: Tall and proud; wavy, brown hair and clean-shaven (to start with anyway). Wears royal blue clothes including a cloak and feathered-hat. Has a golden ocarina on a chain around his neck.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Self-important, but good-natured. Sometimes brave, but fairly easily frightened. Good physical strength and decent wits about him; but unable to see the wider picture and also lazy.

HISTORY: Éomeléo abandoned his sheltered life in the Gondorian nobility to participate in the race for the Great Golden Hoard. He had enjoyed a special relationship with another competitor, named Valesseka, but they had parted with several loose ends left very much untied. He led an unstable life since then, unwilling to return openly to Gondor. He relished the chance to get involved in another adventure.


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Éomeléo sauntered up the path whistling cheerily, some would say obnoxiously, considering the circumstances. He could not possibly comprehend such a viewpoint, though. At the moment he was caught up with the question of why some clouds were pink. He hadn't the faintest idea, but it amused and puzzled him no end. The suffering of others was as locked in a cage. Very prepared was he not to look inside.

He had been staying in Rohan for a few months now. He thought it pleasant, far less stuffy than Gondor. He was only slightly worried that his whereabouts would be revealed. His contacts in Rohan were all well-off and settled. It was unlikely that any of them were going to betray him to his family (especially since his family were notoriously resentful of the Rohirrim). Yes, Rohan was good.

When he got the communiqué detailing the plight of Thin-Gloomy, he was more than happy to help. The lure of a great reward was obviously pressing, but Éomeléo did honestly feel a degree of empathy with the Dwarf. He realised that he would have suffered the same misfortune had he been skillful enough to claim the treasure. Also, he had nothing better to do with his time. His best friend Holaert had gone off for a few weeks on business and so the opportunity for great fun in Rohan was diminished.

There was also the Valesseka issue but Éomeléo couldn't quite clarify that yet.


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