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Here goes nothing.


Kuric Spearhead


77 years old


Dwarf of Dale




Kuric makes a one handed mace his weapon of choice, though he is proficient at many blunt weapons and battle axes. He wields these implements of war with his left hand. He carries with him, as a matter of habit, some rather small and generally ineffective throwing axes. His garb is that of a fine mithril chain mail and is always wearing it, even during his sleep. On his right arm he employs a medium size buckler as a means of defense and occasionally using the spike as an offensive weapon. His left hand is now covered with spiked gloves.


Kuric is tall by Dwarvish standards, standing at a respectful 5'2" and nearly as broad as he is tall. He is barrel chested and his muscles are taut and well honed for combat. Kuric is not attractive even by dwarf standards and has many scars on his face and body and is missing a piece of his right ear. In addition to being unusual due to his height, Kuric also has fiery red hair and beard. Kuric's beard is getting quite long and due to his apathy concerning hygiene, his beard is unkempt, wiry and scraggily. His nose is crooked and large due to many breaks along with a noticeably unsymmetrical face. He has a large pronounced forehead with deep set eyes usually covered in their own shadow, if they are seen; however, they appear to be a deep blue hue. There is a depth to those eyes not easily forgotten by those few who have witnessed them.


Kuric first and foremost loves adventure and wealth. He is neither a miner nor blacksmith, though he is capable at both as most dwarves are. This passion for adventure has led him over large portions of Middle-earth and is known in many different lands. He is strong, sturdy and hard. Socializing and building friendships have never come easy and he is generally viewed as discourteous, gruff, and rude. While he doesn't make friends easily he is as fine a traveling companion as can be had, unless he is crossed and then he will carry that grudge with him for decades or until the offender is dead. If a friendship is made, he is devoutly loyal and extremely giving, by his standards as he tends to be rather selfish and self-serving otherwise. Kuric has only a small amount of individuals whom he would consider friends; generally they are fellow adventures and have proven to be strong in battle. He is generally distrustful of elves though he has made a friend with one in the past. Of other races he prefers dwarves, for obvious reasons, and men.

He is strong as an ox and with his mace or other blunt weapons he usually inflicts massive amounts of damage to a foe, when they connect. He is a veteran warrior and has a great sense of battle tactics and maneuvers however, he is rather dim-witted otherwise. While his battle tactics are sound if he is sufficiently roused he will go into a rage and looses all sense of thought. He has been known to have others take advantage of him due to his less than optimal mental prowess.

A strange quirk of Kuricís is that he utterly refuses to ever wear a traveling cloak. He will wear a pack but otherwise refuses to cover his mail, which he displays proudly.


Kuric is originally one of Dain Ironfoot's people and has taken up residence in Dale, if his existence could be considered as taking up residence. His true home is on the road of adventure.

He derives his last name not from birth but from a certain battle. He had been disarmed and backed into a wall by a troll and without much hope of victory he propelled himself off the wall directly in the stomach of the troll, hoping to knock the troll down and simply get away. The force was so great that it caused sufficient internal damage so as to kill the troll.

Notably, he is a relation to Dain Ironfoot, though he is far enough removed that his claim to any future leadership is too distant to be probable.
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