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A new character?

Greetings from the Grim Shores of Real Life. I been away from the Downs for a long time, and continue to be busy, but I think I have a character who could drop into the Perch from time to time.

NAME: Periwinkle Greenhand of Tuckborough

AGE: 34

RACE: Hobbit

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: Unused to weapons other than stones, but when angered has been known to wield various at-hand items such as skillets, rakes, or parasols with great accuracy.

APPEARANCE: Young, plump and pretty: Wavy chestnut brown hair with lighter highlights from the sun, fair-skinned with rosy cheeks, lively blue eyes. She usually wears sensible skirts in grays, tans or browns, with colorful bodices and white blouses. For festive occasions, she favors colorful dresses. Peri loves to play with her hair and seldom wears it the same way two days in a row, holding it in place with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of hair ribbons.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Generally cheerful, Periwinkle does have her mother’s quick temper, which she tries hard to keep under control. She has also inherited a Tookish sense of adventure from her mother's family, which makes the prospect of settling down unappealing at this time. While unable to play an instrument or sing on key, she adores dancing, drinking and a good story (to her parents' despair). She’s reasonably well organized, literate and willing to work hard, provided she gets breaks for the six meals all hobbits require in a day. Her independent nature can irritate others and get her into trouble. While somewhat spoiled she is almost never deliberately unkind or rude. (But if she loses her temper, watch out!) Also, Periwinkle did have chores on the farm, so she learned some useful skills. Her strong points are gardening and bookkeeping (and like all hobbits, she’s an excellent cook). She’s fond of animals and can usually coax them to do what she wants.

HISTORY: Daughter of Saradoc Greenhand and Agatha Took, who is second cousin to the fabulous daughters of the Old Took. Her father is a prosperous farmer near Tuckborough, usually under the thumb of her domineering mother. Peri loves both her parents, as well as her two younger sisters, Bluebelle and Hyacinth. Peri has arrived unexpectedly in Stock, supposedly on her way to visit her oldest friend, who married last year, but in fact trying to escape the marital machinations of her mother. Because of her position as one of her father’s heirs, her Took connections, and a comfortable sum of money she inherited from her Greenhand grandfather, Peri has a privileged background compared to most hobbits, and has enjoyed a stream of suitors since her tweens. However, much as she enjoys the attention, Peri would rather find a small cottage and settle down to be her own mistress.

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