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Sting The Big Fight

On Day 6, the delegates awoke to a dreadful commotion in the village square. Venturing forth from their huts, they witnessed the closing stages of a desperate battle. A great Bear was locked in mortal combat with a huge black Wolf. The Bear, his fur matted with blood, had the Wolf gripped between his powerful arms. The Wolf, battered and bruised, was struggling and howling and attempting to twist his great head round to lock his jaws onto the Bear. Eventually, just as the last of his life was being squeezed from his body, the Wolf succeeded in sinking his cruel black fangs deep into the Bear’s throat. Both beasts were mortally wounded, yet still they struggled on. Finally, exhausted and near death, both collapsed entangled in a deadly embrace. They lay there for a while, panting hoarsely, before each breathed his last and one more assumed his human form.

Boromir88 had not come from Laketown and his geography had actually been pretty good. He had been a Shapeshifter, a descendant of Beorn, and had been sent to Woodgard by Radagast to aid the delegates in their struggle against the Wolves.

Nogrod, a fierce black-fanged Werewolf, had assumed the identity of the delegate from the Witch-burner’s village, though he had nevertheless remained ready and willing to form a theory to suit his feelings whatever the facts.

Both, however, now lay dead.

The dead:

The Saucepan Man - Slaughtered and boiled up in a spicy ghoulash on Night zero.
xyzzy - Got bored of the role-based banter and hung himself quietly on Day 1 (Ordinary Innocent)
Meneltarmacil - Fatally wounded in sooth he was and crawled awaye to find ye deathe in ye woodes on Nighte 1 (Werewolfe)
Rune Son of Bjarne - Hunted and added to his own trophy collection on Night 1 (Ordinary Innocent)
Durelin - Spied on things which should not be seen and got hung for it on Night 1 (Thief)
Kath - Burned at the stake and spurned by her Lord on Day 2 (Priestess of Sauron)
Rikae - Tickled mercilessly and died with a smile on her face on Night 2 (Oridnary Innocent)
Legate of Amon Lanc - Underwent radical optical surgery and lost his life and his foresight on Night 2 (Druid)
Isabellkya - Mometarily caught off guard by a darting fox and set upon by the angry mob on Day 3 (Werewolf)
Shastanis Althreduin - Had the life squeezed from his Half human, half equine form on Night 3 (Oridnary Innocent)
the guy who be short - Consumed and reduced to nothing but bare bones on Night 3 (Ordinary Innocent)
Feanor of the Peredhil - Brutally attacked yet lived long enough to write her bloody epitaph on Night 3 (Ordinary Innocent).
Mithalwen - Went down fighting in a dubious pastiche of British classic comedy and was summarily dismembered by a unanimous motion of the general assembly on Day 4 (Werewolf).
Aganzir - Battered, bruised and bloodied and left to die on Night 4 (Werewolf)
Thinlómien - Fulfilled the criteria and met the conditions whereby she could be hung until she be dead on Day 5 (Ordinary Innocent)
Boromir88 - Fought bravely with a Werewolf, but died in the struggle on Night 5 (Shapeshifter)
Nogrod - Squeezed to death in a deadly embrace, but took the Beorning down with him on Night 5 (Werewolf)

The living:

Volo - the very hairy delegate from as far as it gets
The Sixth Wizard

Day 6 has begun and the game continues. Time to start talking again.
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